Your Minimal Kit...

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  1. No matter how small or big they may be. Care to share your?
    d200 + d700
    Tokina 12-24mm f4
    Sigma 24mm f1.8
    Nikon 85mm f1.4
  2. Good question!
    Sigma 24mm f1.8 (Zeiss 35mm f2)
    Nikon 50mm f1.2 AIS
    Nikon 85mm f1.4
    Nikon 180mm f2.8
  3. Nikon-wise:
    • F3HP + MD4 + MR3
    • 50mm f/1.2 AIS Nikkor
    • Y48 yellow filter
    • Pocketful of Tri-X
  4. D80+D300+D700
    Nikon 70-200mmVR1
    85mm 1.4, 50mm 1.4, 12-24mmf4, 18-200mm vr
    70-300mmvr, 10.5 fisheye.
  5. D2H, 18-70/3.5-4.5 DX or 35-70/2.8D AF Nikkor, depending on what I anticipate encountering. Outdoors and daylight, I'll go for the handy DX Nikkor. I'll usually grab the faster zoom for nighttime and indoor stuff. I like tight framing so the 52.5-105mm equivalent focal range suits my preferences for photographing people.
    If I don't want to carry a bag I'll stick an extra CF card in a pocket. Sometimes I'll wear cargo jeans and carry an extra card, battery, lens wipes, etc., in the pockets.
    Ideally, I'd rather have the lighter, smaller D90 and a fast midrange zoom, preferably a lighter one like a Tamron f/2.8 rather than the heavier Nikkor 17-55/2.8. I'm considering swapping/selling a bunch of stuff I'm not using for just that sort of combo.
    And my truly minimal kit is either an Olympus 35 RC or XA-3 stuffed with Tri-X or Ilford XP2 Super.
  6. D300s, 12-24mm, 105mm Micro, 300mm, 1.7X, tripod (for nature photography), and I can sacrifice the 300mm in certain situations, though almost always with a touch of regret.
  7. D700, empty card, fresh battery, and one lens. Which lens will vary based on where I'm going, usually a prime between 35 and 105mm. It would have to be a specialized trip to take something wider or longer. Sometimes it'll be a Lensbaby Composer or the 50-135/3.5 AIS. No bag, just the camera over the shoulder.
    Or, occasionally, it's a Zero Image pinhole camera with a tripod or other support device, plus film and meter. (There will be a bag in this case.)
    I'm surprised there are "minimal" kits involving a bag full of gear. Don't you ever leave home with just a camera and one lens?
  8. D80, Nikons 18-55mm VR & 55-200mm VR, polarizer, Canon 500D macro, spare battery. WIll add SB-800 flash if going out at night. Now also have Benro Travel Angel A-269 tripod which folds up to 15 inches.
    Kent in SD
  9. Lowepro CompuTrekker AW backpack...with...
    Nikon D700 + MB-10
    Nikon D60
    AF 50mm f/1.8D
    AF-S Nikkor 105mm f/2.8G IF-ED VRII Mikro
    AF-S Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8G ED VRII
    AF-S Nikkor 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6G IF-ED
    AF Nikkor 70-300mm f/4-5.6G
    Nikon SB-900
    SanDisk 2GB SD , and 2GB, 2GB and 8GB CF cards
    Cokin Graduated ND, standard ND8, and CP filter...
  10. Gee, all you guys have minimal kits bigger than my full kit.
    My minimal kit is a Samsung P/S, and it's even got built-in MP3!
  11. Nikon D40 with Nikkor 16-85mm f3.5-5.6 VR.
  12. Nikon D300 with 16-85mm ED DX AF-S VR zoom and Nikon 10-24mm ED DX AF-S zoom with 10 4gb Sandisk Ultra II CF cards.
    Nikon F100 with Tamron 17-35mm SP Aspherical zoom, and Nikon 70-300mm AF-D ED zoom.
    Nikon F3HP with Nikon 55mm f2.8 AIS Micro-Nikkor, and Nikon 180mm f2.8 AIS ED.
    Nikon P6000 with extra battery and 2 Sandisk Ultra II 8gb SDHC cards.
  13. My iPhone.
    After that, either a D60 or D300 and a 35mm f/2.8 lens.
  14. F3HP, 24/2.8, 50/1.8, 105/2.5 (all AI-s)
    OM-4T, 28/2.8, 50/1.4, 85/2.0 (all Zuiko)
    Canon F-1 original, 24/2.8, 50/1.4, 100/2.8 (all SSC)
    Dave Wyman - that's a great shot.
  15. If I can't bring my camera bag or backpack with me, I'll be happy with:
    Nikon D80 (until it was stolen yesterday, anyway...)
    AF Nikkor 50mm f/1.4D or 85mm f/1.8D
    If I do have a bag with me, I'll often carry a Sigma 10-20mm f/4-5.6 (also stolen...), a AF Nikkor 180mm f/2.8D, and a SB-800.
    I've come to feel that no matter what combination of focal lengths I have with me, I'll never be able to take every picture I wish I could capture; the light changes, people move and their expressions shift. It's more important to anticipate the possibilities I'll have with what I have close at hand.
  16. My walk around kit..
    F3 ,24f/2.8 ,35f/2 ,55f/3.5Micro ,105f/2.5
    20mm ,2x converter ,small flash
    8 rolls B&W film ,yellow & pola filters
  17. D300, Nikkor 24mm f2.8 AF, SB-400 flash. Could travel the world with that list. I'd throw in my Nikkor 20mm f2.8 AF as a back up lens and my D200 if travelling the world!
    Or a Fm2, 35mm f2 AIS, SB22s flash and a bunch of tri-x if using film...
  18. Nikon L35AF
  19. Canon G11.
  20. Minimal? Just my D90 and 18-200 zoom, maybe a flash, too.
    What I carry around in my bag (laptop and camera travel with me to work and home always)
    11-16 f2.8 Tokina
    35mm f1.8 Nikkor
    50mm f1.8 Nikkor
    55mm f3.5 Nikkor
    The 18-200 lives at home on my wife's D50 if she wants it. But when I go out to shoot it often comes with me.
  21. It depends upon what you mean by "minimal"
    Absolute minimal - my cell phone - a Samsung Solstice. It take remarkably good images for what it is.
    Next step up - a Canon PowerShot Pro1 - my only digital (other than the phone). It is capable of very good images, but is one of the most frustrating cameras I have used - including the box cameras I had as a boy. Pre-focusing helps with this camera.
    My choice - my F100 with Nikkor 35-70 f/2.8D, 50mm f/1.4D, SB-28 flash. Add a 105mm f/2.5 lens for informal portraits. Add a 24mm f/2.8 manual focus if I need wide angle. Of course add film.
    If I want a challenge, a Bronica s2a with Nikkor 75mm f/2.8 lens, a Vivitar 285 flash, and film.
  22. D700 + 35-105mm + 24mm/2.8
  23. bmm


    35/2 AF-D
    85/1.4 AF-D
    Spare card and battery
    SB-400 flash (sometimes)
    Gorillapod Focus (sometimes)
  24. Coolpix L19
    extra AA batteries
  25. Still building mine but for what i like shooting:
    tokina 50-135 f2.8 (just received today, yay!)
    future acquistions for 'minimal' kit:
    choice of sigma 10-20 or tokina 12-24
    *maybe* a nikon 35 f1.8
  26. Either my D700 or F100 and my 20mm f/2.8.
    If I'm climbing or know I'm going to be away for more than a day I also throw in a 50mm and a spare battery + memory card or spare AAs and a couple of rolls of film.
    Sometimes my minimal kit is a Hasselblad 500CM + either my 80mm or 50mm and a spare roll of whatever film I feel like shooting.
  27. Minimal everyday walk around kit...D300 with the 17-55mm f2.8 & Polarizer in my pocket. Most of the time it's all I need.
  28. My walk-around includes my D700 with a 28-105 Nikkor. If I want to go even lighter, I'd trade in the zoom for a 24 mm f/2.8 and an 85 mm f/1.8. If I had someone to carry the bag, I'd throw in my 20-35 mm f/2.8, my Tokina 28-85 f/2.8, my 80-200 f/2.8, and my 180 f/2.8.
    Oh, and I'm John W. Wall's evil twin (see above) Nikon shooter.
  29. Canon S90
    Nikon D700 w/50mm 1.4
  30. D60 + 50/1.8 (yeah, manual focus)
    Or just the Sigma DP1s.
  31. Minimal? When I travel for business I carry my GF1 and the 20mm f/1.7 with the occasional 45mm f/2.8 macro.
    DSLR? Canon 50D & either 24-70mm L or the 50 f/1.4.
  32. My minimal kit at the moment is...
    D90 + 12-24,f4 + flash + batteries.
    My Canon Ixus broke lolx.
  33. When I go out for a stroll, usually I'll take my D50 and one lens. Usually either my 24/2.8, 55/3.5 micro, 50/1.8, 135/3.5 or my 28-80 G zoom if I'm feeling a little lazy. If I take more than one, I usually end up taking a bag full because I can't decide which ones to take and which to leave, so I'll try to cover pretty much every focal length from 19mm to 300mm with primes and zooms.
  34. D700 and 24-70mm for all digital/color.
    ZI and CV 35/1.2 and Tri-X for all film/B&W
  35. Nikon N80 with a prime lens and usually a filter of some sort. An extra roll of film sometimes.
  36. Minimal kit/
    Nokia N95 5 megapixel or Zorky 4K
    Lowepro CompuTrekker AW backpack with
    F100 w/ 50mm f/1.4
    D300+ MB10
    35mm f/2 AI
    CF cards
  37. D700 w/ RRS L-bracket
    24-70 f/2.8
    77 mm Singh-Ray polarizer
    Singh-Ray Galen Rowell 1-stop and 2-stop hard-edge ND grads
    Lee holder and 77 mm adapter ring
    16 GB Sandisk or Lexar CF cards
    Lens cleaning cloth
    Extra batteries (camera and flash)
    optional: Nikon cable release, Gitzo tripod, and Kirk or RRS head
  38. I donated my point and shoot camera to my girlfriend's daughter, since she is interested in beginner photography, so I guess now I can either take pictures with my cell phone or
    Canon Xti
    55-250 IS zoom lense
    Tamron backpack.
  39. I never use my cell phone camera. In fact, I'm not even sure how to use it...I just wanted a phone to make and receive calls. For 35mm I have just one body (Nikon F2) one lens (35mm f2 Zeiss Distagon-T) and a cable release just in case I want a really slow shutter speed and can brace the camera on something. That's it. Some of my gear head friends started talking to me of zooms and other lenses to get but I'll have none of that. One body and a prime lens is all I need. Oh yeah and I do carry my Sekonic L-508 for exposure readings. My F2 has the non metered DE-1 prism finder. My medium format kit is a bit more expansive.
  40. Great thread!
    Minimal Kit:
    - Nikon D700
    - AF-Nikkor 28mm f/1.4
    - AF-Nikkor 85mm f/1.4
    When I'm travelling for a more extended period of time, I'll usually take a 60mm or a 105mm Macro lens, and a tripod and ballhead. Depending on what I expect, I might also pack a Zenitar 16mm f/2.8 fisheye or an Ai-S Nikkor 300mm f/4.5 ED-IF, although usually they both get left at home.
    Sometimes I'll mix it up and just carry the D700 with an Olympus OM-Zukio 50mm f/1.2 (converted to F-mount) or the Noct-Nikkor 58mm f/1.2, although I find the 28 and 85 to be much more useful than just carrying around a 50.
  41. Before I had my D80 stolen (may the theifs soul rest in hell) I only ever had:
    18-70mm with a polarizer for special occasions.
    Now its my partners D80 with the nifty-fifty f1.8 and somtimes the 55-200mm just incase.
    I aslo have a 12-24mm, 70-300mm, standard nikon twin lens kit and a 60mm macro. Thats my travlers kit.
  42. After trying a couple different combinations, I've settled on a D70s and Nikon 18-135 f/4.5-5.6 (nice and sharp), SB600 flash, 4 gig 266x CF card (holds 1100 Fine JPG) and Lowepro TLZ-1 holster.
  43. If I know exactly what I am going to shoot: Crown Graphic, Schneider 135 f/5.6, Sekonic 758 meter, and 16 sheets of T-Max 100 4x5.
    If I am wandering around looking for stuff to shoot: Either my D700 with 24mm f/2.8D and 50mm f1.8, or If I feel like some B/W: Mamiya 645 AFDII, 80mm f/2.8 AF and 45mm f/2.8N MF.
    I am however getting more into taking out just my "new" Nikon F100 with the 50mm lens with T-Max 400 and Tri-X 400 if I want B/W with real grain to it.
  44. D80+ Tamrom 28-75 2.8 or FM2 + 35mm 2.5 or Yashica D TLR.
  45. Nikon FM3a, 45mm P and Fuji Reala. Really, that is all the camera I truly need - the rest is just for fun.
  46. Depends a bit; absolute minimal: D300, 16-85VR and most likely SB600; only when I "just" want to make some photos.
    A bit more, when I'm really out to take photos: D300, with 24, 35 and 105 primes.
  47. if i'm really going minimal:
  48. D70 & Tokina AT-X PRO 28-80mm/2.8
    or just...
    Canon Powershot S5IS & Flash
  49. Minimal: D700 + 50AFS
    Minimal pro: D700 + 24-70AFS
    Minimal extended pro: Minimal pro + flash
    First blood kit: D700 + 24-85AFS
    Expedition kit: FM2 + 45P
    Fashion kit: F3HP + 501.4AiS
    Connoisseur fashion kit: F3HP + 24/2.8Ai
    BTW; I wonder what "minimal" means... two cameras + more than two lenses doesn`t seem minimal to me at all (... some mention up to five lenses!)
  50. Any one of my film bodies (a choice of 8!) or a D700 + 35mm f2 ZF prime or possibly Nikon 50mm f1.4G if I need autofocus. That is a bare minimum.
    If I am only shooting negative film then I boil that down to a Contax T3 that has the most brutally brilliant little lens I know. Or just an S90 sometimes.
  51. Holga + 12 rolls T Max 100
  52. Nikon F4s
    AF 50 f1.4
    AF 80 -200 f2.8 and heaps of Velvia
  53. When travelling abroad:
    - D3
    - Nikkor 14-24 f/2.8
    - Nikkor 24-70 f/2.8
    - Nikkor 70-200 f/2.8 VRII
    - Nikkor 105 f/2.8 VR Macro
    - SB800
    When I'm simply walking around:
    - D3
    - Nikkor 24-70 f/2.8
    - Nikkor 70-200 f/2.8
    When going out:
    - iPhone
  54. Nikon F3 with 105 f/2.5
    Olympus XA
  55. Contemplating just such a kit for an upcoming quick trip to NZ to see old friends.
    Most probably: FM2N, 20/3.5 AIS or 24/2.8 AI, 35-70/3.3-4.5 AIS, 105/2.5 AIS or 75-150/3.5 E, all with caps, hoods and UV filters; and with Rollei flash, Velbon mini tripod, Cullman ball head, Nikon Panorama Head, AR-3, Sekonic L188, Kodak 400 Ultramax (4 x 3 packs), all in a Billingham bag.
    And a 10mm socket spanner packed separately to adjust the Culman ball head.
  56. D90, 18-55 VR (ultra-light & sharp) and/or 24/2.8, Fuji 200 EXR for back-up
    With film: FM2n, 35-70/2.8, small ancient flash w/cord, and Olympus XA for back-up.
  57. Club shooting/street shooting
    D200 + 24/2.8 AF-D + 50/1.8AF-D
    D200 + 16-85 + SB600
    Long distance travel
    D200 + 16-85 + 70-300VR + SB600
    Serious studio work
    D300 + 16-85
    Wildlife for fun
    D300 + 70-300 + Sb600
    Serious Wildlife
    D300 + D200 + 70-200VR + 16-85 + 300/4 AF-S + TC14EII + SB600 + Flash extender.
  58. minimal kit.....
    Leica MP, 1.4/35mm, Tri-X 400, B+W yellow filter
  59. Canon G11, it stays with me most all the time. Next up, D80 with 50 1.8 and SB400 flash.
  60. Olympus OM-1 & OM-2, 35mm, 135mm Zuiko and a bag of Tri-X
  61. For Nikon it would be:
    In bright light - Nikkormat FT2, 35/3.8 'K', 55/3.5 Micro Nikkor PC, 105/2.5 P (all black)
    In poor light - Nikkormat FT2, 35/2 Nikkor O, 50/1.4 'K' (1st version), 85/2 AI
    For macro - Nikon FE w/E screen, 55/3.5 Micro Nikkor PC w/AI conversion, 90/2.8 Panagor
    Hiking 1 lens - Nikon FE w/E screen or Nikkormat FT3, 55/2.8 AIS
  62. D80 with either 35f2afd or 50f1.8afd will go a long way for me
  63. My minimal kit is a D700 with one lense, anywhere from 20mm to 500mm and maybe a tripod or flash depending on what I want to do. For a trip I might take 3 or 4 lenses extra batteries and cards and or car charger. In the past it has been a Leica M3, 50mm and meter or a Mamiya 7 with a 65mm.
  64. Nikon D50
    Tokina 50-135 f2.8
  65. my 8x10 self built pinhole camera. It doesn't get anymore minimal than that and great fun to boot.
  66. Hexar AF with medium yellow filter loaded w/Tri-X rated @ISO800.
  67. everyday-carry to work: D60 with 18-70mm (sometimes the 35mm f/1.8); if i have the week of carrying loads of binders to read, it's the olympus C-5060
  68. Franka Solida Jr - old 6x6 folder, only two speeds 1/30 and 1/100 and f6,3 and f11. Wonderful simplicity :)
    If in a digital mood, Im taking my Panasonic LX3. Mmm... those raw-files underexposed about 1,5 stops is beautiful!
  69. Canon Powershot S590,spare batteries.Always.
    Film camera,Nikon-F Photomic,28mm,50mm,105mm or 135mm.
    If absolute mininum, Leica M3,50mm Summicron f2.o collapsible.
  70. Absolute minimum would be my Nikon Coolpix S600. Great little camera in good light. My minimum SLR kit would be a D70 and a 35mm f2.0.
  71. D700, Zeiss ZF 35/2, Nikon AFD 85/1.4, maybe Nikon AIS 28/2.8
    currently; Mamiya 7II, with 80 and 43mm lens.
  72. Minimal Kit? A Rollie 35 and a few rolls of Tri-X, or any old fixed lens rangefinder camera and a few rolls of Tri-X. Nice to have, but not always easy to carry around? An older mechanical SLR with three lenses (24, 50, 85) and a few rolls of Tri-X. Maybe you want to add a yellow filter.
  73. Minimal kit for days where photography is not the main point:
    Pentax K20D
    Sigma 24 2.8 Super Wide (AF)
    Minimal kit for photo days:
    Pentax K20D
    or Pentax MZ-S or PZ1p, loaded with E100VS or Ektar 100
    Sigma 24-135 Aspherical IF
    Sigma 15-30 EX DG
  74. Minimal = Full:
    Nikon D90
    Nikon 50mm AF 1.8f
    Tamrac 3375 Aero Speed pack 75
    Hoya 52mm UV Filter
    Opteka Colse up filter set (+1,2,4,10)
  75. Minimal minimal. Nikon P6000 P&S. Better than its bad reputation if you shoot RAW, under iso 400 and pp in NX2. I hate camera phones.
    Minimal. D700, 24-70 2.8, spare battery, spare cf card, CPL.
  76. Nikon F100
    Nikon D300
    Nikkor 24mm F/1.4
    Nikkor 35mm 1.8
    Nikkor 50mm 1.4
    Nikkor 50mm 1.8
    Nikkor 24-70mm 2.8
    Nikkor 70-200mm 2.8
    Nikon SB-900
  77. Hey Shamsaldin. You forgot the pack mule you'll need to cart all that stuff around!
  78. I'm almost afraid to ask Shamsaldin what his maximum kit looks like.
  79. D300s
    Nikkor 17-55mm f/2.8 w/ B+W UV filter
    Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8 w/Nikon NC filter
    Nikon SB600
    Spare battery
    Two 8 GB Extreme III cards
    Monfretto monopod with Bogen head
  80. My Nikon D80 and a Nikkor 35/1.8
    G9 for non-photo specific days.
  81. Or, an other time, my beautiful and very good Nikon D40+18-55 ED kit lens. SB-400 in the pocket. Just in case.
  82. Absolute minimal: D50 or Fuji s3 with Nikkor 35mm 1.8 or 50mm 1.8
    Minimal: Fuji S5 or Nikon F5 with Tamron 28-75mm 2.8
    Abundant minimal (what I had in my Lowepro Sligshot 200 last weekend): Fuji S5 and Nikon F5 with Tamron 28-75mm 2.8, Tokina 11-16mm 2.8, Nikkor 50mm 1.8, Nikkor 105mm 2.5 AIS, Nikkor 55-200mm VR, Tamron 90mm 2.5 Macro + extra cards, few rolls of of film & pile of batteries.
  83. I"m real minimal. Either a Fed 1 or a Zorki 3M with an Industar 50 collapsible. Kodak Tri-x film, of course.
  84. I have a thinktank urban disguise 35 bag with the following in it:
    nikon f6 (with rrs L bracket)
    nikon 50 1.4 AFS
    tramron 90 macro
    polarizer and red filters, cable release, grey card
    in my free hand, I carry my gitzo 3541ls
  85. F and small 35 & pod
  86. D3, 35f2, 85f14, 180f2.8 or 300 f4 sb800 and four sb600
  87. Minimal? N8008, 50mm 1.8, Tri-x or T-Max 400.
  88. Minimal? There is nothing minimal about this kit, I need an assistant to carry it around (not that I have an assistant, but anyway).
    Nikon D700 Nikon F5
    SB-800 (two)
    Sekonic 358
    and of course spare CF cards, batteries, flash diffusers etc. etc.
    Now, if we talk medium kit, it's my Nikon F2A with 16mm/3.5, 20mm/2.8, 24mm/2.8, 28mm/2.8, 35mm/2, 50mm/1.4, 105mm/2.5 (all AI) and Sigma 70-300mm
    Minimal? Nikon D40X (hopefully to be replaced by a D90) and 18-135mm lens.
  89. Panasonic FX-500
  90. D200 with manual focus 28mm AI series E "pancake lens". Makes the DSLR small enough to sometimes carry in pockets of cargo pants and sneak into places where photography isn't allowed ;)
  91. D3
    17-35mm f2.8 AFS
    50 mm f1.4 ZF
    100mm f2 ZF
    (180mm f2.8 AF)
  92. Leica M4P & Voigtlander 35/2.5
    Nikon D300, 20/3.5, 24-85/2.8-4, 80-200/4.5-5.6
  93. Well,my walk with camera k-7,14mm f2.8 and red filter A-25
  94. Leslie, I'm getting old, so I try to be as light as possible to be kind to my bad knees and hip. I carry my little G11 with me always, just in case I run into something interesting when I least expect it. When I have something in mind to shoot, that's when I break out the big gear -- usually my 5D + 24-105 and my tiny Zenitar 16 fisheye when I shooting a place and my 5D + 70-200/4IS when I'm shooting people. (Both rigs fit in the same holster bag.)
    Incidentally, I've spent the past couple of days in Yosemite National Park. I carried quite a lot of gear with me in the truck (5D, 40D, Zenitar 16, Sigma 12-24, 17-40L, 24-105L, 100/2, 70-200/4ISL, 1.4x TC), but was surprised/impressed that EVERYTHING there was to be shot (at least that I came across in Yosemite Valley) could be framed up very nicely on my 5D between 24 and 105mm! Unbelievable! It's like they designed the place for that one lens. ;-)
  95. Minimally my kit is a Canon 7D, 16-35 2.8L, and 85 1.8. 8GB card. Spare battery. Minimally that covers a lot.
    Maximally I'll add another body or two and two heavier lenses along with cable releases and flash + tripod.
    (after reading this Nikon seems about 70% prevalent [or super proud?]; though around here, I see Canon 75% of the time - in S.F.)
  96. Gee, it really depends, but this will give you an idea:
    Casual Walk Around - D200 w/ old flat 50mm 1.8 Ais usually ISO 400, JPEG Fine Large
    Low Light Clubs - D200(x2) w/ 50 1.4 AF-D and/or 85 1.8 AF, ISO 800 RAW NR on
    1st Candid Rig - D200 w/ old 28-80 3.5-4.2 Tamron SP and SB25 on auto, ISO 125 RAW
    2nd Candid Rig - D200 w/ 50mm 1.4 and Cokin holder/ SB600 TTL, ISO 400 RAW
    Serious Assignment - D200 (x2), all above, 2 tripods, Lumedynes, Laptop, add 180 & 300, 5T and 6T Diopters, filters, Hasselblads for B&W and wide angle w/ 50, 80, 100, 180, hand meters, filters, ext tubes, radio slaves, assistant
    There it is....
  97. Konica C35 EF3. in belt pouch.
    Nikon L35AF (like John Tran, above0, in belt pouch.
    Olympus Stylus Epic, in shirt pocket.

    In any case, loaded with Elite Chrome.
  98. My minimal kit really is minimal.
    Contax IIIa with a Biogon 35, maybe a 85 Sonnar or 21 4,5 Biogon.
    No batteries. Anything in b+w and maybe some E6 or C-41.
    3 condoms.
  99. My Canon Powershot A650IS. That is my take everywhere camera, including an 8 day river cruise on the Danube, when I left the high price spread at home.
    When I am driving, I will take the heavier stuff, like a Nikon D300 and a variety of lenses plus heavy tripod.
  100. Small format body and a 35mm, 50mm, and a 200mm Takumars in 49mm diameter.
  101. M6 + 35mm summicron+ Hp5+.
  102. Sony A700
    Tamron 20-40
    Minolta 70-210
    Minimal, to me, means not packing everything you own.
  103. 5DII + Zeiss 35 f/2
  104. A Yashica FX-3 Super 2000, and a Contax 50 1.4, and some TMY-2 or Rolleiflex 3.5 and a spot meter, also with TMY-2.
  105. 5DII, 50/1.4 !
  106. Nikon D3
    Nikkor 14-24mm f/2.8
    Tokina 28-70mm f/2.8
    Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8 VR
    Tokina 300mm f/2.8
    Leatherman Wave Tool
    Cigar Punch
    Pocket Cigar Case
    Church Key
  107. Cricket
    40D, 300/4 IS +/-1.4x
    40D, 100-400/4-5.6
    Show jumping
    40D, 70-200/2.8 IS
    Horse/carriage show
    40D, 70-200/2.8 IS and 5D, 24-105/4
    Can get away with 5D, 24-105/4 + EX580 II
    I'd like to replace the 40D with a 1D at some point.
  108. Hmm. I thought this was a Nikon discussion. If I'm feeling Canonesque, my minimal kit is.
    24-105 f/4 IS
    70-200 f/4 IS
    24mm f/3.5 TS-E II
    Same accessories as in my minimal Nikon kit above except replace the 16GB cards with 32GB cards for more capacity.
  109. Leica MP, 50/2.8 Elmar, Elite Chrome 100, small Vivitar flash.
    Michael J Hoffman
  110. Minimal Daily Kit D700 + 50/1.4D
    Minimal Travel kit D700, AF 35/2 & 105/2.8VR (or 70-300VR)
    Minimal Wedding Kit D700, AFS 24-70, 105VR & Flash
    My wife always bring Lumix LX3 where ever we go
  111. Sheesh! If those are minimal kits, then I'd hate to see what you'd bring on vacation or to a gig...
    Anyway - absolute minimum is my Blackberry...takes reasonably OK images.
    Then for everyday, 'throw-it-in-the-car-just-in-case' kit - D40 & 18-200VR, extra card, extra battery
    Absolute minimum shoot-for-hire rig - D3, D300, 12-24, 28-70, 70-200, 60mm micro, SB800 + extra cards, batteries, business cards, reflectors, tape, etc.
  112. A700 & homemade lens ;)
  113. Rolliflex 2.8 plannar lens hood and filters. Modified Holga. Pinholga. Diana F+. Lots of film!
  114. rjf


    D300 +
    Any one lens and take what it gives me.
  115. Absolute minimum: the Canon G9.
    Walkaround: Canon 5DM2 and 24-105 L IS.
    Trip: G9, one DSLR body, SWA zoom, mid-range zoom, 50 f1.4, Polarizer filter, tele zoom (sometimes a prime tele) and a laptop and all the bits of cables, cords and chargers to keep it all running.
  116. Minmal for me is...
    Canon 7D, 24-105L, 430 flash, assorted CF cards.
  117. Pen F
    20mm f3.5 Zuiko
    38mm f1.8 Zuiko
    100mm f3.5 Zuiko
    43mm yellow and red filters, close up lens set.
    5~10 rolls of B&W film
    Yeah, I like half-frame.
  118. Contax RX
    Zeiss 28-85mm
  119. Pentax K-x
    DA 15mm f4
    SMC A 50mm f1.7
    DA L 18-55mm f3.5-5.6
    Usually not all three but one or two of those lenses depending on what I hope to shoot. I really like just having the camera in a Zing neoprene cover just around my neck with no bag. If I'm hiking or mountain biking, I'll put it and an extra lens in my pack when it needs some protection.
  120. This does it for me ...
    Canon G11
    D300 body plus two 8GB cards
    16-85 afs vr zoom
    80-200/2.8 afd zoom
    SB-800 & Nikon iTTL coiled flash cord (also works manual on G11)
    2 Ball bungee cords
    Collapsible 32" reflector kit

    This kit covers a multitude of situations. I could add 12-24 Tokina or Micro 55mm/2.8 but I'm trying to stay minimal and as I don't shoot low light action I have no need for a superfast prime. Crank up the ISO....
  121. @Rich Evans.
    for holidays, almost everything I own, 4 cameras and ~8 lenses, couple of flashes, tripod etc
  122. Canon 7D
    Canon 24-105
    Canon 100 macro
    Sigma 10-20
    580 EX II flash
    Spare battery/memory card
    Lens cleaning kit
    Small reflector
  123. Ralph, good call on the Church Key.
  124. stp


    Absolute minimum: Digital, 1DsMk3 + 24-70 or 70-200 f/4 IS. Film: Pentax 645 + 45-85 AF or 80-160. Just one camera and one zoom lens selected on whether I anticipate wide or slightly long shots. However, I very seldom take just the bare minimum. If I did, the shot of a lifetime would be just beyond the reach of my lens. Guaranteed.
  125. For now, Kiev 4a+J8. In a few weeks, Rollei 35 LED.
  126. Absolute minimum - M-6TTL, 35mm lens.
    Usual minimum - Rolleiflex E-2, Xenotar 3.5, prism, Gossen digital meter, tripod.
  127. Pentax MX with 40mm pancake in one jacket pocket. Pentax SMC 135mm f3.5 in other jacket pocket. 28mm f3.5 in center pocket.
  128. Canon S90 PS
  129. Out of the equipment I have, if I could only have one camera and lens it would be my
    Olympus OM-4
    Vivitar Series 1 35-85mm f2.8
    But if I could have several small lenses then I'd have the following with me
    Olympus OM-4
    Zuiko 28mm f2.8
    Zuiko 50mm Macro f3.5
    Zuiko 135mm f3.5
  130. Two Nikon FE's and two lenses. Either 35mm f/2 and 85mm f/2, or 55mm f/2.8 Micro and 105mm f/4 Micro.
    Plus Yellow Y2 and polarizer.
  131. An absolute minimal kit of mine contains a camera with a fast fixed focal length lens with Most of the days (but all cloudy days) & all nights, I take ...
    • Sony A700
    • lens mounting flash diffuser
    • ... currently mounted with ...
      • Minolta 80-200 mm f/2.8 HS
      • ... as am practicing to pan, support it by hand, & just plain strength training. ;-) Sometimes I complement above lens, when taking Lowpro Fastpack 250 daypack, (or flat out replace when going light or 5 ft of MFD would be too much) with ...
        • Minolta 35 mm f/2 OR 50 mm f/1.7 OR Tamron 90 mm f/2.8.
        Add ...
        • Minolta 5600 HS D flash
        • a radio Rx-TX pair
        • negative film cover for pop up flash
        • ... when expected use could be non-zero and/or taking above mentioned backpack.
          During the day, in a small non-camera backpack ...
          • Minolta XTsi Super
          • Minolta 35 mm f/2 OR 50 mm f/1.7 OR Tamron 90 mm f/2.8
          • lens mounting flash diffuser (if remember)
          • Bogen table tripod (if remember & won't make space tight)
          • ... replaces the Sony kit. Need to finish my film after all.
  132. Some of you carry a lot of gear!
    For really, really minimalist activites: my phone
    When I can't bring a knapsack or courier bag: Canon SD450
    When I can bring a knapsack or courier bag: Pentax K20D + smc PENTAX DA 40mm F2.8 Limited
  133. Pen + Paper

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