Your lighting suggestions please (my pic attached).

Discussion in 'Lighting Equipment' started by michael foy, Nov 11, 2007.

  1. Hi, Any suggestions on how I could improve the lighting for this yearbook pic are appreciated. All the details on the shot and some of my notes on it can be found here: (details section). Do you think a background light would help? Outdoor location? Maybe different lighting ratio? Would you place the lights different or use less or more? I want to know so please comment. Tell me the details. What went wrong? I am not real happy with the lighting. I think it makes the pic look grainy and out of focus even pre focused at f13 68mm on a tripod. Thanks, Michael
  2. michael - it looks okay to me as far as grain. graininess can be reduced by lowering the ISO on your camera.

    the classic yearbook shot would have your dramatic sidelight moved UP, BACK and to the LEFT (from the photographer's perspective) to become a hairlight.

    I think the lighting is fine, but could be made a bit more dramatic. I would change the lighting ratio - take your main light on the left (looking from the photographer) and moving it to the left more to get a deeper shadow on the right side of your face.

    I would prefer an outdoor shot, however. that's just my preference...
  3. The lighting as it stands is OK. I don't understand your comment re the graininess and focus. It looks sharp and can't see any grain on the online image. I think a background light would have helped separate him, although the accent/rim light does that too.

    However, the main thing about the lighting is, and especially for senior photography, it doesn't support the image, other than it is OK lighting. Usually for senior pics, you are playing up the subject's personality, with or without props. This shows up in the choice of background, clothes, pose, and the lighting. I can see the use of accent lighting, and even split lighting, a la Clint Eastwood, if you are trying to show how cool this kid is, in that urban, casual style (hence the gray splatter type background). Even so, the pose kind of doesn't go with that--it is too open and friendly, and the main light pattern ratio on him is too open as well. Maybe a more focused main light and a slightly harder ratio would help convey that feeling. He doesn't look like that type anyway, so maybe a different background or pose, or outdoor might have helped--depends on your goal in showing him and his personality.
  4. Define "improve"? Improve in what way?
  5. I think the lighting is fine... the pose and composition of the photo don't look like yearbook photos though.

    Most yearbooks require a bust shot... and the crop of this guy's bust would leave a rather unattractive picture.

    I would do something a little more creative in the posing area.
  6. Good advise all. Appreciate the critiques.

    Nadine I guess it really isn't grainy. You are right. I think it's that I don't like all the dark blue and grey in the pic.



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