Your insight on the value of an F3HP, please.

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by bob_champoux, Sep 19, 2004.

  1. I'm wanting to sell my F3 that is in Mint- condition. I bought it
    several years ago for $500, thinking that it would retain much of
    its value but looking at what this camera has been selling for on
    eBay, I'm bummed. It's going for $300, it seems. Since it is one of
    the better manual cameras in the Nikon line, I thought it would hold
    it's value more.

    What's your thoughts as to the value of this camera. Does the value
    of pro cameras continue to drop after their prime or do they level
    out after awhile. Would it make sense for me to hang on to this
    camera for a couple of more years?

  2. For a lot of folks in this market, the value of that camera in KEH excellent condition is $449. Your challenge is to convince folks that you're as trustworthy as KEH (including a short warranty) to command that price.

    Might you get more money in a few years? Perhaps. Really mint F2 bodies sell for more than mint (used) F3 bodies. I doubt (personally) that from an investment standpoint it will pay off to stand pat. I have a fair amount of F2/F3 bodies and lenses in inventory. I hang onto them because I like them; not because I think they'll outperform the S&P 500.
  3. I hang onto them because I like them; not because I think they'll outperform the S&P 500. Todd Peach
    Exactly. One should think of it in terms of the value of use or enjoyment you have got out of the camera. Surely that was worth $200? If not, you should have used it more! :) Alternatively, hang onto it now and get that use out of it.
  4. EricM

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    If you're hanging onto it merely for investment, I'd let go of it as soon as possible. Unfortunately, it's not rare nor desired by collectors. It's a great user camera for ambient light and that's about it. I have one, but I think more will be on the market soon with the F6 coming. I'll be selling my remaining film bodies soon for this very reason too.
  5. Put some film in it and use it. Keep it and you lose nothing. Sell it and you stand to lose $100-200, unless you have a steller eBay sales record and a first rate presentation.
    Most SLR's are a lousy investment.
  6. I got there F3's they are all loosing value - > but I am using them for their intended purpose.

    If you bought it to use and like it keep the F3. If you bought it as an camera thinking that the value would remaind steady , my question is then -> how many photos didnt you take for fear of putting a scratch or dent or blemish oin the camera, and was it worth it?
  7. To paraphrase musician Ry Cooder's lament about the collector-inflated prices of classic guitars, making it difficult for serious musicians to afford serious instruments: A good camera isn't worth money. It's worth using. Or not.
  8. I usually figure maybe 3/4 of whatever KEH is charging would be a fair price if you're honest about the description, fair about taking a return, and not in a hurry. 2/3 to 1/2 if you want to unload some steaming pile, ASAP.

    There's really no reason an F3 should be an investment. There are lots of them out there and production ran until very recently.

    I would speculate that they would be slightly more valuable than they are right now if as many people didn't switch to digital as I think have. The fact that the F3 has held on as strongly as it has is pretty impressive under the withering sun of digital and in the face of bargain AF bodies like the N90s, N8008s, and even F100 to a lesser extent.
  9. I've never seen "official" production numbers but the F3 was in the catalog for nearly 22 years--that's a lot of cameras, Bob.The specialty models(see command higher prices, especially in mint shape.Clean garden variety F3 and F3HP examples aren't rarities, despite their high original prices relative to '80s MF Nikon bodies. They're obviously much loved, since their prices haven't hit free fall as other manual Nikon bodies have. Use it and enjoy it but don't kick yourself for making a "bad" investment.It's just a mass-produced item, albeit a very nice one.

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