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  1. Fess up, what do you own? I'm interested to see just how much gear is
    on this forum. We haven't had this question for awhile, and I think it
    might be particularly appropos right now.

    I've got an M7 with 4 lenses and a Hexar AF. A cheap digi, Olympus
    Stylus and Poloroid Sun 600 sit in the closet, with only the digicam
    getting occaisional use for non-artsy stuff.

    What's your story?
  2. ... 'apropos' that is.
  3. awahlster

    awahlster Moderator

    ROFLMAO Ray where do you wnat me to send the book I have over 50 cameras and 100 lenses. Canon FD 14 bodies 45+ lenses LTM 3 bodies 12 lenses OLY 1/2 frame system Braun Paxette system MF folders 35mm range and viefinder stuff up the waszo.

    Are you planning on stopping by in the middle of the night if so remember

    The dogs job is to flush corner and point what I shoot so don't worry about the dog she wouldn't be your main problem.
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  4. Leica M:
    body - M6 TTL (.85 finder) without battery
    90mm Tele-Elmarit
    90mm Jupiter 11 (f/2)
    50mm Jupiter 8 (f/2)
    40mm Summicron

    Leica R:
    body - R4
    50mm Summicron

    Contax SLR:
    body - 139q
    90mm Tamron macro f/2.5 (old manual-focus version)
    50mm f/2
    28mm f/2.8

    Minolta Autocord
    Zorki 4k
  5. M6ttl 0.85 chrome, M6ttl 0.85 black, M6ttl 0.58 chrome, M7 0.72, MP 0.58, 35mm summilux, 75mm summilux, 50mm summilux, 28mm summicron, 90mm summicron, 50mm noctilux, Nikon f100, Nikon 28mm f1.4, Nikon 85mm f1.4, Nikon 17-35mm f2.8, Contax G2 with 28mm,45mm and 90mm, Contax T3, Canon G3.
  6. R-6, R-7, M-6, M4P, 4 Rolleiflex TLRs, 2 Minoxes, Minolta 16, Contax T, Canon
    Elph, Poloroid SX 70, 11 Leica lenses, Pradovit projector, 5 enlargers, 4 tripods, lots of
    filters, lots of
    camera bags and other stuff, and no diggies.
  7. Right now I have only one Leica. It is a leica Ic with a 25mm voigt VC lens. My other cameras are:

    1. Calumet 4x5 field camera.
    2. Nikon F90 (N90)
    3. Nikon N8008
    4. Nikkor 35-70mm f/3.3-4.5
    5. Sigma 28-105D
    6. Tamron 70-300D
    7. Olympus Epic
    8. Olympus C-5050 digital
    9. Yashica 635 TLR
    10. Minolta SRT101
    11. Minolta SRT101b black
    12. EXA
    13. Kodak Tourist folder
    14. Holga (Holgamod with waist level finder)
    15. PinHolga

    And a bunch of flashes and meters and tripods and other accessories.
  8. I tried to make a list but it was tranformed into a paragraph. I wonder why?

    Also, trying to get connected to is still a problem. I keep getting a "Page cannot be found" message.
  9. '70 Les Paul Custom; '77 Travis Bean standard; '98 Stratocaster Am. Standard; '80 Martin D28.... oh wait, looking under wrong bed...
  10. Just click on my name. My inventory is all listed on
  11. Ray, I asked this before and I got whacked pretty badly then. Looks like times have changed. You are doing ok ;>

    I have a 3 Ms and see...5 M lenses (3 50s, 2 35s). The rest are just for fun...
  12. Leica: M6 TTL, 2.8/21A, 2/35A, 2/40, 2/50 current, 2/50 penultimate, 2.8/90 current.

    Olympus: C-750 UZ

    Nikon: F3, F70 or F80, Nikonos III, diverse lenses etc... I forget right now...
  13. Lemmee see...

    I have an M4-2, in case batteries are no longer available, and a Hexar RF in case they are; A Canon G5, in case film is no longer available; a shelf full of film, because I'm a Luddite, and a well-stocked fallout shelter for permanent 'Threat Level Red,' or another 4 years of the Bush/Cheney junta, whichever comes first. Plus I jump every time the phone rings fearing terrorist attack or digital takeover.
  14. M6 .72, M3, IIIc,Summitar, Summicron 50 twice, Summilux 50, 90 f/4 c,

    Canon 7, 50/1.4, 50/0.95, 35/2, 135/3.5

    EOS 3, D30, 50/1.4, 70-200 2.8L, 28-80 2.8-4.0L, 100/2, 50 macro

    Rolleiflex 2.8C

    gave all my little digitals to the kids
  15. Couple of bodies, couple of lenses, half-dozen rolls of color film, dozen rolls of B&W, tripod, couple light meters. Film scanner. Stuff like that.
  16. 2 M7s (0.72,0.85) & M5; 28/2, 35/1.4A, 50/1.4, 50 Nocti, 75/1.4, 90AA, 135/2.8

    Hasselblad 503CW & 555ELD; 30, 40, 50, 65, 80, 100, 120 Macro, 180, 1.4X, 2X, 3
    Extension tubes, 2 PME 45 finders, Chimney finder; Shift adapter, D Flash 40; Multiple
    film backs 120 & 220, Kodak DCS ProBack

    Mamiya RZ Pro II (2 bodies with finders); 37, 50, 75SB , 90, 110, 140 Macro, 180SB,
    180SF, 210APO. Tilt-shift, SB tubes, 1.4X; Extension tubes; Ground glass back;
    Polaroid back; Multiple film backs; Electronic adapter to use Kodak Proback above.

    Contax 645; 24 Mamiya 645 fisheye adapted to Contax mount; Zeiss 35/3.5; 45/2.8;
    80/2; 110/2 Hasselbald F adapted to Contax mount, 120/4 Macro; 140/2.8, 350/4
    APO with 1.4X APO; 500 Mamiya 645 Mirror lens adapted; Sunpack 120J dedicated
    TTL Flash; Polaroid back, Multiple film backs (including 220 vacuum); Kodak 645C
    DCS ProBack. Adapter to use all Hasselblad lenses.

    Contax N1 & ND; Zeiss 17-35/2.8, 24-85/3.5; 50/1.4; 85/1.4, 80-300/4.5; Two 360
    TTL Flashes; NAM-1 adapter to use all above 645 lenses + Hasselblad adapter to use
    all CFE and F Hasselblad glass.

    Canon EOS 1Ds, 10D, 1V (soon 1D Mark-II); 16-35L; 24/1.4L; 24-70/2.8L; 35/1.4L;
    50/1.4; 70-200/2.8L IS, 85/1.2L, 100/2.8L II Macro, 135/2L

    Note: 80% of the above was funded by selling off all my Leica collectables years ago
    when I decided to go commercial.
  17. M7 - 35mm 1.4 ASPH

    Nikon Coolpix 995

    Polaroid SX-70

  18. Hell, I do it the old fashioned way! No negative in the Omega B-22XL. A lot of dodging and burning in through various VC filters, hot undiluted Dektol applied with Q-tips where the image is developing too slowly, finishing up with a bit of potassium ferracyanide to lighten areas or brighten hi-lites as required. Who needs cameras?
  19. M6 TTL w/50mm ‘cron
    K-1000 w/50mm SMC
    Holga w/28mm’ish plastic Coke-bottle bottom
    (and interestingly enough, the K-1000 is the only one without tape blocking a light leak)
  20. Leica M6 TTL .72, 35 lux asph, 75 lux, Noctilux, SF20 flash, 1.25x magnifier, gray card, Leica polarizer, B+W ND filters (3 of them) and UV MRC filters. May sell the Noct though. Assorted bags of course- Billingham 225, Pro Hadley, and Tamrac Zoom 14.
  21. Not unexpectedly Marc wins...

    BTW, Chris et al, equipment list are no longer available by clicking on one's name.
  22. 2 Pentax MX bodies, 1 Pentax pz-1p, 31mm limited, 77mm limited, FA 24mm, M 135mm, M 200mm, M 50 f1.7, 360 fgz flash

    Pentax 645NII with A 45f2.8, FA 75 f2.8, FA 200 f4, film inserts. 645 manual focus as backup with a 80-160 lens.

    Cambo 45NX with 150 f5.6 Rody S lens with assorted film holders and 8 graphmatics.

    Cambo 8x10 sc with 305 G claron.

    1 Crown graphic (to use), 2 Speed Graphics assorted Kiev 35mm rangefinders, Canonet 28, Agus C3 with 3 lenses and flash, Agfa 120 folder (as display in my pub room)

    Mamiya C330f, C22, C330, with three Black lenses

    Omega D2 and Durst M601 enlargers with assorted darkroom equipment.

    Kiev 60 with 30mm Arsat

    Olympus Stylis Epic

    Assorted tripods and accesories.

    Just bought a Leica M3 with collapsible summicron and 135 elmar (seriously cheap) and a Bronica RF645 with 65 and 100mm lens.

    I am keeping the leica, Bronica, Pentax 35mm system, Oly, display pieces and darkroom equipment, but am going to sell the other stuff because of non use. Somebody will probably use them.
  23. R5, 50/2, 60/2.8, 28-70, 400.6.8; IIIc w Summitar 50/2;2 Contax 139, 28/2.8,50/2, 35-135;Contax T2, T3; Minox ML, GT-E; Rollei 35S, 35, A26, E110, 16,16S; Zeiss Contaflex Super B, Contessa, Contina, Goerz Tenax; Great Wall 6x6; Kiev 35, FED 5, Olympus XA2, Edixa 16, 16M, 16MB; MINOX IIIs,B,C,TLX, LX Platin, CLX, 4 ECs, Chadt M1, Canon Elph 370Z,Leica M3 2.1MP. Recent orders: Blue Minox EC, MX, Classic Contax I.
  24. M2 that is mostly retired, M6 that is on reserve duty now, .58 MP and M4. 21 and 28CV lenses, 35 and 50 crons.

    Contax 167MT and 139Q with 28/2.8 and 50/1.4 CZ lenses

    Rollie TLR with 3.5 Schneider lens

    Kodak DX3900 digicam and an Olympus Stylus that has been sitting in a drawer for a long time. I think it wants to see more action.
  25. Thanks, Patrick. I now see that the equipment listings are no longer visible (probably a good thing from a security perspective). In summary, I have 29 cameras in various formats & 68 lenses (incl. non-interchangeable lenses attached to folders, etc.). With the exception of a M6 TTL, Hexar RF, G2, XA, & point & shoots, all the cameras are old, mechanical shooting irons.
  26. MP, 35 Cron ASPH, 50 Elmar M, 75 1.4 (on the way).
    R9, 19/2.8 ROM, 80/1.4, 180/2.8 APO,
    Olympus E-1, 28-108/2.8-3.5, 100-400/2.8-3.5, 100/2 Macro (all 35mm
    Canon S400, Pentax OptioS.

    The R stuff will soon be history. Anyone interested in either the 19/2.8 ROM or the
    180/2.8 APO, both mint?

  27. Leica Minizoom
  28. Leica: 2 M6 TTLs (black for B&W, chrome for color), both 0.72, 1.25x magnifier. Lenses: 24mm, 35mm 'Cron ASPH, 50mm 'Cron (current), 50mm DR 'Cron, 50mm Noctilux, 75mm 'Lux, 90mm Elmarit-M, 135/2.8 Elmarit-M (E55).

    Nikon: F4, F5, D1, with a variety of lenses from 14mm to 2000mm.

    2 Hassies (500 series), 50mm, 80mm, 120mm, 180mm lenses, several 6x6 backs, 2 Polaroid backs, bellows, etc.

    LF: Toyo 45AX field, Toyo 45C monorail, Toyo 810G monorail, Tachihara 2x wood field, various lenses on Toyo field boards with adapters for the others, 65mm to 600mm - mostly current designs, but a couple of oldies. Regular film holders for 4x5 and 8x10, Polaroid holders for both 4x5 and 8x10, Fuji QuickLoad holder for 4x5.

    Darkroom - limited to B&W, up to 4x5. Only do contact prints of the 8x10.

    A large safe, bolted to the floor, to hold it all (except the darkroom).
  29. £5 disposable loaded with 400 ISO film, but I'm thinking of investing in a second disposable with a different film.
    Must say I'm really impressed, the biggest gathering of gear obsessed wankers I've ever seen.
    Keith Laban Photography
  30. I don't own any Leicas, they own me.

  31. Maybe, this thread should be renamed...Thieves, Easy fence goods here!


    Happy snaps, Sal
  32. This is going well, but it's quite apparent there are still some out there with some fessing up to do... and you know who you are. ;)
  33. OK...


    M6TTL0.58 currenlty morphing into an MP0.72 w/ 50mm Summilux; 28mm CV Color

    Nikon D100 w/ 24-86G; 35/2AF-D; 70-210AF-D.

    Yashicamat 124G


    Nikon N65 w/50/1.8AF.

    Nikon CoolPix 880.
  34. geeks
  35. Leica LTM:

    IIIa, IIIfBD, 35/3.5, 50/3.5, 50/2 coll., 90/4, 105/2.5 Nikkor, 135/4.5, hoods and clamp-on UV's for all, 2 VIOOH finders, clamp-on polarizer, etc.

    Leica M: 2 M4's, 21/2.8, 35/2, 35/1.4ASPH, 50/2 11818, 50/2 11817, 90/2.8 T-E fat, 90/2.8 current, 135/3.4APO, Tri-Elmar. 21 CV and 15 CV with adaptors. Hoods and B+W MRC UV's on all.

    Nikon: 3 F Photomic FTn's, FM10, 20/3.5, 28/3.5, 35/2.8, 50/2, 50/1.4, 105/2.5, 200/4, 300/4.5. Shades, Nikon L37c's on all.

    Rolleiflex: MX (Automat-IV)75/3.5 Tessar, 2.8F Planar. Hoods and spec-order B+W MRC UV's on both.

    Pentax: Spotmatic, Spotmatic SPII, 28/3.5SMC, 35/3.5SMC, 55/1.8, 50/1.4SMC, 135/2.5SMC, hoods and B+W MRC UV's on all.

    Hasselblad: 2 503CW's, 40CFE w. 93mm B+W MRC UV, 50CF-FLE, 80CFE, 150CF with shades and Hasselblad multicoated UV/Haze filters, 2x Zeiss Mutar, Vario-Extension tube, 3 mid-90's A12's with Lindahl dark slide holders, PM45, Kiev NC2-type prisms, Winder CW.

    Canon EOS: Rebel 2000, Rebel Ti, D60, 1D, 14/3.5 (Sigma), 28/2.8, 35/2, 50/1.8 MK1, 55/2.8 macro (Sigma), 85/1.8, 90/2.8 Macro (Tamron SP), 20-35/3.5-4.5, 28-135/3.5-5.6-IS, 70-200/2.8L-IS, 300/2.8L-IS, 2 EF2x-II's, EF 1.4x-I, EF extension tubes.

    Misc: Rollei 35S, Speed Graphic, Calumet 4x5 Monorail, Zenit SLR w. 58mm , Fed5C w. 55mm, Yashica 35MC, Olympus D40 digital, Sony DSC-D770 digital, Olympus D600 digital, Kodak Instamatic 804.

    2 dozen Leitz ballheads, 8 full-size tripods, 11 table tripods, 3 monopods, 17 camera bags, 5 camera backpacks, several dozen flashes including a 1968 Honeywell Strobonar.

    That's all I can remember off the top of my head, I'd have to actually look to see what I've forgotten.
  36. Only the true Geek doesn't recognize his own inate Geek-ness. Welcome brother Grant, welcome...
  37. PS: List subject to change without notice.
  38. M6ttl (.72)
    M4 (just acquired: A beauty!)
    35 asph.
    50 Elmar (new version)
    135 Tele-Elmar
    90 Elmarit (c. 1959)
    New Gossen Luna Pro S

    Nikon F3 HP w. MD-4 Motor
    24 1:2.8 ais
    50 1:1.4 ais
    105 1:2.5 ais
    200 1:4 ais

    I'm thinking of selling everything except M4, 35 asph., Gossen
  39. "...11 table tripods, 3 monopods, 17 camera bags..."
    Unless you own a store Jay you are truly the king Geek of all...
  40. Rangefinders: M2, .85 M6 TTL, Nicca 3-F, Fed 5B, CV 15/4.5, CV 35/2.5, Jupiter 35/2.8, Nikkor 50/2.0, CV 50/1.5, Industar 55/2.8, Canon 85/1.9, Jupiter 134/4.0
    SLRs: Nikon F w 50/1.4 & 200/4.0… Minolta XE-7 w 28/2.8, 58/1.4, and 70-210/3.5…Use the Wife’s Canon Rebel 2000 with lenses from 19mm to 300mm when getting quick pix of the daughter
    Medium Format: Gasp! Down to just the Mamiya C330 f and 80/2.8…what happened????
    Large Format: Super Speed Graphic 4x5 w 135/4.5, Agfa/Ansco 5x7 currently no lens :-(
    Digital: 5 plus year old Olympus 1.3 MP point and shoot
  41. I want to work in Jay's camera store!
  42. Leica M3, 50mm Summicron

    Bronica SQ-Ai, 80mm PS, 150mm PS

    Olympus Stylus Epic
  43. I thought we could all use a nice nap...
  44. im refreshed....any pix...???

  45. Left over from six M bodies and a dozen lenses of various vintages: Leica M2R and M6. One 35mm, two 50mm Summicrons and a 90mm Elmarit M.

    Lots of Nikon gear: F, F2, F3 and several FM2s and FE2s. Every prime Nikkor focal length from 20mm to 300mm in manual focus AI / AIS mount.

    A couple of TLR Rolleis, a cord and a flex.
  46. M4, 50/2 Summicrom; R5, 50/2 Summicron, 24/2.8 Elmarit; Sony DSC-S85; Pentax IQ Zoom 115M
    Before all this I had a Nikon FM2, 80-200/2 Nikkor and other assorted crap.
  47. OK, OK, just off the top of my head:

    Olympus XA, Contax IIa + 50 (2.0) Sonnar, Hexar AF, Canon VI-T (sweet), CLE (broken), IG, M6, M7

    12 (4.5) CV, 21 (3.4) SA, 28 Ver. 1 'rit, 35 (2.8) LTM 'cron (rare), 35 (2.0) Ver. 1 8-element 'cron (last lens I'd ever sell), 35 (1.4) pre-ASPH 'lux, 35 (1.4) ASPH 'lux, 35 (1.2) CV, 40 (2.0) CLE, 50 (2.0) DR 'cron (w/eyes), 50 (1.0) Noct'., 75 (2.5) CV, 90 (2.8) T-E, 90 (2.0) 'cron, Canon 135 (3.5) LTM, 200 (4.0) Telyt (came with kit and Viso II).

    All work perfectly on the M's, unlike the now gone, nevermore, Konica RF + lenses.

    Hassie SWC T*

    Nikonos III

    Hmmm...ZERO SLR's

    Gitzo Weekend (?) Performance, I cannot find it, Leitz TT tripod, Large ball head (the revesible 1/4":3/8" mount one) Gitzo monopod with integrated ball head

    Weston Master V meter with invercone

    Assorted filters and hoods
  48. It doesn't matter how many or what type and size of camera's I have. What does count is the film that I have available. I have about 20 plus rolls of assorted film in the freezer. THAT is what counts. Kodachrome, Ektachrome, Tri-x and Kodak Gold. How much is on your shelves or in your freezer. Jay?
  49. Grant: "anybody got any pix"

    ... after one crushing deadline after another in the past month or so: 3 weddings;
    scanning a 1960's wedding for a forum member; studio sessions one on top of
    another: 24 pics for Outdoor Boards; 40 location shots for a Las Vegas trade show use
    (each printed 8 feet high), four TV photomatics for Unilever/Best Foods, NJ (consisting
    of 200 images each)... Yep, I got pix, but can't post most of 'em.
  50. <<How much is on your shelves or in your freezer. Jay?>>

    We've got one of those where the fridge is a wide door and the freezer is a narrow door, well much to my wife's constant irritation the bottom half of the freezer is jam-packed with film...I'm estimating around 200 rolls, medium format and 35mm. Velvia, Provia 400F, Portra 160VC, 400NC (120), Portra 800, 400TCN, B&W+, a smattering of Kirkland 200 and 400 that my son uses.

    BTW, now that I'm doing 99% of my wildlife photography in digital, I've got a bunch of 36-exp rolls of Elite-II ISO 100 (always frozen)I'll happily sell in lots of 10 rolls for $15 shipped anywhere in the lower 48. Ditto for Royal Gold 100 135-36 and also Agfa RSX-50 in 220. I don't have a 220 back for my Hassy anymore and forgot I still had the film.
  51. Jay, I'll take 10 of the Royal Gold (C-41 right?) ... and is it $15 for 10 rolls of the 220?
    If so I'll take that also. e-mail me at
  52. Jay-

    try putting some of that film in some of those cameras and actually taking pictures. It's fun!
  53. Jay takes about 2 rolls of film a day on average.
  54. 1. Nikon Coolpix 800 (dead)

    2. Nikon F (mirror broken)

    3. Nikkormat (used last Thursday in Chinatown)

    4. Olympus P&S (used today on the ferry)

    5. Leica M (to be bought when the price is down to < $500 ;-)

    6. Rollei/Hasselblad (to be bought in my dream when the price < $500 and film is still available;-)

    7. Twelve rolls of Tri-X (in my freezer)

    8. Eighteen frames of Kodachrome 200 (in Olympus P&S)

    9. Some Provia, Velvia, Scala, Real, Portra, **a, ... (in the freezer of Adorama ;-)

    10. A camera-shaped lighter ($5)
  55. Pix? sure.
    still working on the motor drive ;-)
  56. I wish I hadn't sold my IIIc w. 50mm Summicron.

    Film in stock: 20 rolls T-Max 100, 10 rolls Sensia, assorted amounts of Tri-X, Ektachrome, Agfapan, XP-2, Kodak Max 400 and Ilford Pan 100.
  57. Peter A

    On your Ducati how long does it take to get from Sydney to Perth - about a day? What a machine! What's it do , 300/320 KPH ?

    I always get jealous, when I drive to Greece via Germany Switzerland and Italy, and a pack of this type of machine flies by!

    My Merc 500 is good for about 240KPH but these monsters just go !!!


  58. Peter A

    Now I'm really jealous!

    I have done that journey many times in the past, down to Basle then the San Gottardo and on to Como, Milano and on to either Venice or Ancona for the ferry to Greece(Igoumenitsa).

    It's a fantastic journey which I do (sometimes via Germany) every Easter (Orthodox).

    You will enjoy it!


  59. In chronological order:
    1. Zeiss Ikon Contaflex Super (in an attic)
    2. Nikon F3, with 28mm f2.8, 50mm f/1.4, 55mm f/2.8 Micro, 105mm f/2.5 and 500mm f/8 Reflex (all AI-S).
    3. Canon EOS 10D, EOS D30 with 50mm f/1.4, 35mm f/2, 20mm f/2.8, 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM, 135mm f/2.8 Soft-focus, 70-200mm f/4L, 24-85mm f/3.5-4.5, Canon 550EX, magnifier S, and a Novoflex Nikon to EOS mount adapter to use the AI-S lenses above
    4. Leica M6TTL Black 0.72 with a 50mm Summicron, VC 12mm Heliar and I just bought a Konica 90mm f/2.8 M-Hexanon off eB*y. Also the 1.25x magnifier
    5. Olympus Stylus Epic 35
    6. Hasselblad 500C/M with 80mm f/2.8 Planar CF, 50mm f/4 Distagon CF and a Gossen Digisix
    7. Contax T
    8. Contax T3 (ordered)
    • The 'blad (formerly Paul Neuthaler's) and the Leica see the most service, and I carry the Contax T in my pocket everyday (loaded now with Neopan 1600 rated at EI 1000).
  60. Voigtlander Bessa R,
    Leica IIIb,
    Nikkor HC 50 lens
  61. Delta Unisaw table saw, Jet 17" drill press, DeWalt planer, Jet 18" bandsaw, Lion guillotine mitre trimmer (hasn't changed in 90 years), Makita sliding compound miter saw, a few dozen clamps, a bunch of hand tools, rules, etc. Mostly for custom hardwood frames - I've made a couple hundred.
  62. Oh, ...and my tried-&-true 1960's Sekonic Auto Lumi light meter.
  63. One fully functional Johnson. Works with film or digital.
  64. Rangefinders: Two Bessa-R's, 35/2.5 Skopar, 50/1.5 Nokton, 50/2.0 Jupiter-8, 75/2.5 Heliar, 90/3.5 APO Lanthar, 135/4 Komura.

    SLRs: 2 Canon EOS Elan IIe's, EF 28/2.8, EF 50/1.4, EF 85/1.8, EF 20-35/3.5-4.5, EF 28-105/3.5-4.5, EF 100-300/4.5-5.6, and a silly Tokina 35-300 paperweight.

    TLR: 1954 Rolleiflex MX-EVS 3.5 75mm Tessar.

    Digital: Olympus D-460z (1.3MP), Canon G3 (4MP), Panasonic DMC-LC1 (5MP)

    Misc: Gossen Luna-Star F2, Vivitar 283, Sunpak 622, 26R, and 355AF.

    And a bunch of shelf-sitters, dust collectors, and relics.
  65. > No wonder you were putting down Harley riders in a previous thread... ;-) I'm a cruiser person myself, just can't to the sportbike thing. And for the same reason that I own Bessas instead of Leicas, I ride a Suzuki Marauder instead of a Road King.
  66. I've got a 5x7 E.& H.T. Anthony 5x7 View camera. Sometime in the late 19th century the company was absorbed by Ansco. After about 110 years it is getting harder to locate 5x7 sheet film. Also a 3 1/4 x 4 1/4 Speed Graphic. Even harder to find film after only 50 years or so.
  67. jay, MY GOD!!!!!

    and i thought i had overdone it.
    i'm not even in the same universe.

    minolta srt-202 (bought in 1976) and assorted lenses

    nikon f100, 35-70 f2.8, 80-200 f2.8, 105 micro-nikkor, sb-28



    28 'cron, 50 'lux, 75 'lux, 135 tele-elmarit, sf-20.

    hassy 503cw with zeiss 80mm
  68. jay, didn't you forget your m7(s)???
  69. Don't have as much gear as a lot of folks here, but I've got tons of photos . . .
  70. heh, shes strokin ur summilux....(butthead voice)
  71. Canon D30, EF 15/2.8 fish, 28/2.8, 35/2, 50/1.4, 550EX
    Contax RTSIIIx3, Aria, 139Q, CZ FD16 fish, D21, D28/2.8, P50/1.4x2, SP60, P100, S100, VS28-85; Yash 50/2 ML, 200/4 ML C, TLA280, TLA360
    Leica M4 (no lenses yet)
  72. Contax:- 139Q and 137MD bodies. 28mm f2.8 Distagon, 45mm f2.8 Tessar, 50mm f1.4 Planar, 135mm f2.8 Sonnar lenses. (Some MM some AE)

    Rolleicord VB mk2 TLR. (Schneider Xenar f3.5)

    Ricoh GR1-V 28mm compact

    Contax T2 compact

    Nikon F80 and 28-105mm f3.5-4.5 AF-D (bought yesterday)

    Zero image 2000 pinhole camera. (6x6 format)

    Olympus Trip 35 (old 1970s P&S)

    2x Yashica T5 P&S cameras. (Belong to daughters)

    Minolta X-700 and 50mm f1.4 Rokkor (Gave to my eldest daughter as her SLR kit.)

    More Billingham bags than I can keep track of. (Actually 4 in house at last count, I think, belonging to all of us.) Mine are two Hadleys (old one in khaki, new one in Black.)

    Various filters (Contax and B&W and Hoya)

    Manfrotto tripod and monopod.
  73. What? My glasses are dirty again?? Trevor, where's all the Leica stuff???
  74. Brad, nice operation you have there!
  75. Mike, that photo kept me up all night! Not fair. . .
  76. M6TTL 0.72 (thank you Paul Neuthaler)
    <BR>M6TTL 0.58 (thank you Neil Swanson)
    <BR>Mamiya 7 (thank you Marc Williams)
    <BR>Canon G3 (thank you again Marc Williams)
    <P>I take this opportunity to thank these very fine people. Top quality gear at good prices, and no anxiety.
  77. 50mm Summicron (Collapsible) - (thank you David Van Gosen)

    (Sorry to have omitted you earlier!)
  78. I tallied it all up, so in addition to the previously mentioned large format stuff:

    Leica M2-R, M2 button rewind, M2, M3, Bessa L, Leica CL. The Bessa and CL are black, the M's are chrome.

    15/4.5 Voigtlander, 21/3.4 SA, 35/2 6 element 'cron, 40/2 'cron-C, 50/2 '69 model 'cron, 85/2 Nikkor, 90/2.8 "long" Elmarit, 135/2.8 Elmarit. The 15,35,40,50 and 135 are black.

    Visolflex II-S with interchangeable screns, 65/3.5 Elmar, 400/6.3 Spiratone modified for Visoflex, both lenses black.

    Minolta X-700 with 50/1.7, black.

    Rolleiflex T with F hood and 16 exposure adapter, Minolta Autocord, Brooks Plaubel Veriwide 100.
  79. nobody has the Hecktor(sp) 28/6.3?<-----such a lens?
  80. bhk


    Leica M3, 50mm Summicron (latest)
    Leica C1
    Hasselblad 501C, 80mm, 150mm
    Pentax 6x7, 105mm
    Contax T2
    Polaroid 195
    Cambo 8x10 Legend
    Bowens 750ws Strobes (2)
    Sekonic meter
    Misc grip (stands, superclamps, umbrellas etc.)
  81. grg


  82. Ray

    Had some changes recently, now:

    MP 12 C/V - 35 pre-A lux - 50 lux - 90fat T/E

    R8 21/35 - 35/70f/4 - 80lux - 70/210

    Leica/Hasse adaptor

    Hasse 503CW 60 + 120 + PME3

    Fuji Mini- wide date


  83. Spearhead

    Spearhead Moderator

    Brad also has a mat cutter setup that is better than what the frame shops have.

    I have a car with four gears.
  84. mike, i hope you have a filter on that thing...
  85. I'll soon have nothing but my Minolta Dimage Xi, which is all I've been using for the last year. Look out for the FS post soon.
  86. grg


  87. grg


  88. its not digital but still going strong.

    - excellent for cleaning up disturbing backgrounds.

    - leaves terrific colour saturation, especially on carpets.

    - performs flawlessly - corner to corner.

    its hard for me to part with it,......

    .... but I am willing to trade it for Marc Williams 350/4 Apo for C645. Email me when you are interested.

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