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  1. First was an Imperial Delta that I "won" in a camera store contest, when I was about 8, that I didn't enter. Uses 127 film.
    I only remember one roll, which I developed with my father in the darkroom at his work.

    About the next year, I started using a Yashica TLR that my parents had from before I was born.
    That was the one I first learned darkroom work with, developing and contact printing in the bathroom.

    Also, when visiting my grandparents I found a Kodak Autographic Jr. 1A that uses 116 film.
    That was 1968, when it wasn't so hard to find 116 film, so I had a roll to use with it.
    I still have that one, and have had more film in it in recent years.

    About a year later, my dad bought a Canon Pellix, and I got to use (borrow) the Canon VI rangefinder
    that took all the pictures since I was about one. (The Yashica might have taking my baby pictures earlier.)
    I took a lot of pictures with that one, and also some other 35mm cameras I inherited from my grandfather,
    along with his darkroom supplies. I shot many pictures with the Canon VI for 7th and 8th grade
    yearbook photography. I still have all the negatives from those years, and even back to 5th grade.
    I had 35mm, 50mm, and 135mm lenses for it. (Well, still have them, and the camera.)

    Just before the end of third year college, not so long after they came out, I bought my first camera,
    a Nikon FM with AI 35/2.0 lens. So that is the first one I bought myself. I still have that one.

    I got an Imperial Delta on eBay for $1, which is about how much they are worth.
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  2. It looks like most of us got our start with roll-film cameras at quite a tender age. Then we graduated to 35mm. My next camera was an old folding Retina my grandfather gave me. I followed that with a camera I bought with my own money on a layaway plan at the local camera store, a Kodak Signet 80. I saved enough to buy the 35mm and 90mm lenses, plus every conceivable accessory Kodak offered for it. I still have the kit and occasionally run a roll or two through it every year or so. I dabbled a little with medium format and then bought the Canon F-1 when it was first introduced. Afterwards I inherited my grandfather’s Leica M3 with all three Summicrons, and haven’t looked back since.
  3. My very own first camera would be an Olympus XA, purchased at Labelle's department store in Tempe, Arizona after graduating from motorcycle mechanics school in Phoenix. I still have it. It's been to top of Pike's Peak, bottom of Grand Canyon, above the Arctic Circle. Works well; taught me a lot.
  4. First camera I used was my father Petri 7s fixed lens rangefinder. First camera I own was the Nikon F2AS. I don't have the first pictures taken with either camera.
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  5. I do not remember my first camera but do remember a boxy Ansco. I did not start thinking cameras until I was 35 and that camera was a plastic Minolta (7000 Si )?AF something or other.
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  6. RB 67 bought in 1973.
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  7. I remember borrowing a camera in 3rd grade for a classs trip. Seemed like the thing to have ..can't remember if the film was ever developed etc. My brother got a 124 Instamatic for his birthday . I was very proud for him. Seemed liked big boy present. many years later, I'm 18 . on a whim. I ask to borrow a camera from Dad for a "road trip" to Harrisburg. It was a music gig for the band but it was 2-3 hours away etc. Rather than let me use his camera, he let me use what he called his cheap back-up.

    Tower 55.jpg

    His regular was also a Tower mdel ..but made in Germany an Iloca ?? I did manage a roll of slides most of the daylight pics were ok . One shot . no flash at night has the Fender Amp light. Another 5 years pass and my Dad, a high school science teacher, changed jobs and there was a need for a phtography teacher. I benfitted from this too, and I bought my first real camera a Yashica FX2 second hand in three 25,00 dollar payments from the local camera store where I soon became a regular customer. The rest , as they say is history.... Some few years later I left this in my car for a weekend and well, I forgot about it until a week later .. when I remembered, it had been stolen .

    20210124_212224 (1).jpg

    I certainly cut my teeth on this model and therer are many like it from a similar mold. You can pound nails with them!
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  8. AGFA agfamatic 2000 pocket
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  9. m42dave

    m42dave Dave E.

    The first camera I had was a Kodak 110 as a boy. Later got an old Kodak Pony II, which had a good 4-element lens and taught the EV system.
    My first serious camera was an Olympus OM-1 (1982).
    First digital used was a Sony Mavica (1997).
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  10. I was given my first camera, a FED-2 (type D), by my father who bought it in Arkhangelsk FSU in early 1960s. Stil have it, of course :)


    Then I bought my first system camera, an Olympus OM-2n in 1980. First time I fell for an advertisement (it could read the light during exposure, you see...). Still have that one too.
  11. My first camera was a fixed focus Brownie. It did nothing to interest me in photography. The first decent camera I ever used was a Mamiya 35mm SLR that I got issued by the govt. And trained on. I later bought a Minolta 110 SLR Mk II to use instead of my issued Nikon Fm2 that took up too much space in a backpack for work trips in outback Alaska.
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  12. My first proper camera was a Zorki 4 with the F2 Jupiter lens.Superb introduction, no light meter but guesswork on exposure was very successful and I had minimal wasted shots.I had it for five years ,during which I shared a house with journalists and would be dragged out at odd hours when no staff photographer was available.My reward was 2 Guineas per shot used ! A lot in these days as good wage was about £15 per week. A lot of cameras came afterwards but I regret parting with the Zorki.
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  13. When I was a child, the family camera was a Kodak Brownie Starmite 127-film model. I snapped my first photo with it when I was about 7 years old, and the picture is still in my mom’s photo album.
    Fast forward (through a 110-film insta-matic) to my 16th birthday in September 1982. I had developed an interest in “serious photography” and my parents bought me a kit from the local catalogue showroom. It was a Nikon FG with a Series E 50mm f:1.8 lens. I still have the first pictures I took, as well as the negatives which I recently scanned.
    I don’t have the camera any longer. In fact, I returned it when it failed twice under warranty. But I still stuck with Nikon for 12 years until my interest in photography was reduced to using a good point-and-shoot 35mm film camera (Rollei Prego 90 which I recently discovered in a storage box).
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  14. First camera, a Vredeborch box 6x9 with the yellow filter if needed, at about 8 years old. Then a Brownie Hawkeye, and eventually a used Retina II which I consider my first serious camera; I was 10. First camera I bought myself, a Pentax K-1000 that is still with me, along a lot of lenses obtained through many years.
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  15. My first camera was some kind of 17.5mm Hit-type camera back in the 50's. I developed the film in my closet. My first "real" camera was a Kodak Duoflex IV (maybe the start of a love affair with TLRs) whose film was also developed and printed in my closet with a Kodak Tri-Chem pack with Velox paper. The first camera I bought for myself was a brand new Nikon F Photomic T with 58 Micro-Nikor, 50 f/1.4, 100 f/2.5, and a 250 f/4 all wrangled through a friend from a PX in Japan for the lordly sum total of $267.
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  16. Kodak baby Brownie 127 film camera
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  17. Yes my first were with a Tri-chem pack and Velox paper. I had a contact printer from Goodwill.

    I think after not so long, D-76 for film, and Dektol for paper. That was summer, and I think I got my first enlarger as a Christmas present in the same year.
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  18. As did many people, I started with a Brownie. A Brownie Hawkeye I received as a gift when I was ten. I didnt buy one myself until I was 34. That was a Minolta XG7, which I actually wore out. Then on to the truckload of cameras, mostly film, that I have now. My current favorite is a Minolta XD11, so I didnt move far from the beginning. Digital? A Nikon D7000.
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  19. My first camera was a Kodak Brownie Target Six-20, a gift from the parents circa 1950. Eight shots on a roll of 620 film.

    I still have it -- it even still works!
    _E5613_Brownie_Target_Six_20.jpg _BT01_4_Lederach_Tearoom.jpg
  20. My very first toy camera was a Mycro (14x14mm) which taught me photography (choose speed, aperture, guess distance - develop films - make BW slides on "safety film" by contact under red light etc.)
    Then, my first serious camera was a Yashica Electro35 bought in 1967, because of its revolutionnary (analog) electronic shutter.

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