Your Best WEDDING shot of 2005

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  1. This is not a No Words thread. Think of it as an inspiration for 2006.

    Post ONE shot that you feel was your Wow shot for the year. Please
    give some info on camera, exposure and if manipulated as well as the
    circumstances and any other helpful detail.

    PLEASE post it at 511 pixels or less in width (or it will be deleted)
    AND TYPE in a CAPTION (or it will be deleted).
  2. Not my #1 shot but since I've already posted that on another thread and since this is one of my best scanned shots for this year... Shot with 70-200 2.8 IS from steps at Oatland Plantation in Virginia. No flash - probably F5.6 late afternoon light. 100 Fuji Reala film. We had just finished our photo session with the couple. I headed up the stairs for the reception and saw this good spot when I looked back where they were still hanging out.. and shot one quick photo before continuing up the steps.. I should have moved a bit to the left so the greenery wasn't overlapping his hair.. Note to myself for next year.... Slow down and pay attention to details.
  3. Ooh!! Pretty, Mary! (I've made the same mental note. I've also decided I'm going to slow down and take more time with the bride and get some really nice shots of each one.)
  4. I loved this shot in natural winter light. Canon 20D with 50mm and some help from photoshop to enhance the softness. She was so happy and I think it shows.
  5. I would not call this a wow photo but it is one of my favorites from this year. I love the desperate expression- her hair is just not doing what she wants. I love the softness of it and the DOF. I don't recall exactly but I would guess 85mm 1.8 @1.8 and maybe 1/30? tri-x- no flash. I always like getting ready photos best when the bride invites us to her home- all of her own things in her own room- etc. Note to self- shoot more B&W film in 2006...maybe re-learn to develop??? I can't wait to see the rest of this thread- fun!
  6. Ok, sorry mary, I have two. I will post them as one file! I love my outdoor shots much better than my indoor. I love the bottom one, because of the emotion in the laugh. You can do the same shots for different people, and get totally different results. The top image is F8 1/125 with fill flash at -2. I remember squatting down low for this one. The bottom image is at F4.8 1/125 with fill flash at -2. I've tried this indoors, and the lighting just never works the same.
  7. This may not be my best shot from 2005, but it's one of my favorites. The bride happens to be my sister, so it was a very exiting experience for me! Shot with a 300D and Canon 24-70 2.8L. The venue is a very pretty conservatory in Central Ohio.
  8. Considering it was a B&G who wouldn't touch in public for religeous reasons (I get a lot of these) I like how this one came out.
  9. sorry didn't realise it was so small, anyway you get the idea.
  10. Kari - two photos are fine as long as it is one file like you've done.
  11. Here is one of my favorites...Nikon D70, bounced fill flash, sharpened only. I wish all the weddings I shoot could be as ideal as this one. It was an unusually warm day in November, the leaves were at peak color, and the couple was gorgeous and comfortable in front of the camera.
    I will second what was said above about needing to slow down and notice the details. I always feel rushed knowing that everyone wants to get to the reception. Hopefully with more experience, I will gain confidence and not have to worry so much about the technical details. This was my first year on my own, and overall it was a great start! Thank you to all the folks for posting so much helpful information. Happy Holidays!
    Jill Myers
  12. Oh Mary! GREAT idea. I want to post at least two. I really hope that everyone posts something. I predict Marc will post something that shows great timing, Al will post a shot of the B&G with a 15mm on his Leica, and of course, with Al somewhere in the corner. This shot is actually not my #1 favorite shot, because my #1 favorite shot for the entire year was marked as 'private' on the client's Pictge gallery! I feel that I shouldn't post it on a public forum. Hopefully I will get permission to later on. This barely made #2 favorite. Canon 20D w/ 24-70 2.8 L around 70mm, probably 2.8 and 1/250th or so. not like ANY of that really matters.
  13. Stacy - Love the movement of the bride's hands and the expression...Very emotional "real moment" shot. Very PJ ;-)

    Kari - Hope those shots are on at least page one or two of your website.. Fun and full of personality.

    Keep them coming...
  14. One of my favorite for the year. I like how the guest's arms frame the couple across the dance floor. Doesn't seem to have much of an impact at 511 pixels, but it made a great 8x10. D2X, 800, 10.5mm, f/2.8, flash + ambient.
  15. It's hard to just pick one favorite shot- I have favorite formal shots, favorite reception shots, etc. I guess this one I like though. The B&G forgot to tell me that they would be hopping into a canoe after the ceremony so I sprinted around the lake following them with my Canon 70-200 2.8 IS wide open. They were a fun couple.
  16. Doesn't it look like he's lancing her? ;-P
  17. Yes - it looks like he is up to no good.
  18. I knew I should have stayed out of it;)

    Happy Holidays everyone.
  19. Mary, thank you for the compliment! I am still working on my website. I hope to have it up and running sometime in Jan. These two will definately be on there.

    Rob, I love that one. Look at her laughing carefree look, like she doesn't have a care in the world. Look at his determination on his face! He looks so serious. I love expression in photography. That is why I love people photography, more so than landscape or nature.
  20. I still can't believe I captured this one, she was actually doing this, I didn't ask her to!
  21. Just one? We should do this once a month! :eek:) This shot is from a Mackinac Island wedding. There are no automobiles allowed on the island. If transportation is not by foot or bicycle, it's the victorian romance of a horse and buggy. Today we booked our second '06 Mackinac Island wedding! Visually, perhaps this is our favorite wedding of '05 because of the variety of backdrops and shots, and the absolute perfect weather.
  22. Here's a couple of photos I took at a friends wedding. I haven't done any weddings professionally but would like to. Just a bit nervous doing the portraiture/staged shots. I need to find a wedding couple with low expectations to start off with. By the way I'm from Sydney Australia, if anyone is interested in a amatuer side kick. ;)
  23. Thanks Mary!
  24. I have a tie for my favorite. One from my first wedding in 2005, and one from my last wedding of the year. Both are candids. Both are B&W. Both are digital. I select favorites based on how an image furthered my marketing position of "Romantic Photojournalism". The idea is to create a timeless romantic feel that could be here and now, or Paris in 1927. I have many other favorites from 2005. But these further the continuity that I wish to portray to clients. Top image of the Bride bowing her head was shot with a Canon 1DsMKII @ ISO 125; shutter speed of 1250; Lens: 85/1.2 @ f/1.2. Image was converted to B&W using Channel Splitter: Red Channel Bottom image titled "Casual Observer" was shot with a Contax 645 & Kodak Proback 645C @ ISO 400; Lens was a Zeiss 140/2.8 + 1.4X APO converter @ f/4. Image was converted to B&W via Desaturate in PSCS2/Adobe Raw Converter, and tweaked in PS. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all. May you have a glorious and prosperous 2006 !!!!
  25. Wow..I don't know how you can just pick one...there were lots of favorites, but since it's a wedding, I think I have to go for one with a great interaction between the couple...the light was really nice, too...
  26. It's so hard to choose! Taken with a D70, 4.8/60, flash w/lighsphere, blurred slightly in Photoshop. They were a great couple to work with. I had some other shots with her laughing, but decided on this one. I had a great season...thanks to everyone on a great community. Happy Holidays!
  27. Here's one of my favorites, shot with D70, cross- processed in PSCS.
  28. OK, last try.
  29. Sorry! I thought I re-sized it.
  30. Love that one Tim.
  31. Here is one of mine from the Pa. Grand Canyon.
  32. Hard to choose but this might be it :) I also like the getting ready shots and what I like about this is that it was totally unposed and undirected. And I didn't recall having seen a similar shot (but a week later a saw one on here). Shot on D70 with available light and tweaked quite a lot in PSCS. Mostly levels and some dodging the bride's face as it was underexposed (as you would expect!). A good example of a shot that would have been a throw-away before photoshop (maybe some would say it still should be but I like it).
  33. Canon EOS 10D only, shot in Raw, very slight curves adjustment, lens 70-200 f/2.8 at 200mm, 1/500 f/2.8, at sunset. Beautiful November southern California coastal weather.
  34. Canon EOS 20D Shutter speed: 1/60 sec Aperture: 4 Flash:580EX ISO: 400 Focal length: 17mm
  35. Try, try, try, again.
  36. Well, my first wedding wasn't until this past September, so I'm very very green. I think my best shots thus far have actually been detail shots, but for this thread, I'll stick to actual photos of the people getting hitched. :p
  37. Wow! Very nice Stephen!
    Mary, you should do this more often!<br>
  38. I have had to delete 6 or so posts..


    PLEASE post it at 511 pixels or less in width (or it will be deleted) AND TYPE in a CAPTION (or it will be deleted).

    Email me if you don't understand how to post an image!!! We want to see it. But it must show in the forum to qualify. All images posted in the Wedding forum need to follow these guidelines.... Try again!!!
    Or let me know if you need help.

    Also - As I mentioned -- We are looking for INFO



    WHAT F Stop

    Other details..

    I'm loving this thread and I'm very inspired! More later.
  39. bride and daughter.
  40. This was probably my fav....Digital capture, 1 sec. exposure, feathered flash with some help from the vidographer's light and some fine-tuning burn in PS.
  41. This was October 15th 2005, 10pm, 17-55 Nikon F2.5 lens at 17mm, 1/30 @ f4.8, Lumedyne HAHM auto module on Auto powered by 400ws pack in a fanny pack, bounced off the 15ft ceiling on the porch at Rhodes Hall in Atlanta, Ga.
    Cleaned up some cords the DJ had placed over the white table cloth in the background, bumped the levels on the bride and groom in the background, but left garter dude and the ecstatic bouquet catcher as they were (layers and auto mask). No color correction, custom white balance using the WhiBal, Fuji S2... t
  42. Well, I'm not a professional wedding photographer, but I hope I can contribute to this thread. There are some great shots here. Here are two, since Mary said it's OK if they're in one post. The first one I was setting up for another shot altogether and the ringbearer ran screaming down the isle. Pentax *ist D, Tamron 28-75mm lens at f5.6. Manually focused. In the next shot I like the light and colours. Same gear as above, with f6.7. Flash in both, obviously.
  43. Fuji NPH400 scanned. See for details on effect. Merry XMAS to all.
  44. New on the forum here, busy with weddings for a year now. The honours of my favorite picture goes fully to the bride who decided to wear a lovely blue dress... [techspecs: RF camera, Portra film, 90mm, 1/15 @ f2.8, no flash, a bit PS]
  45. jfr


    Mooie Olaf! Not a new one, from april this year. A snapshot of my sisters wedding at the end of the ceremony. I was about to go outside (had already taken my flash of and set my iso to 160).
  46. I like goofy stuff and this wedding provided plenty of that. The garter and bouquet were both caught by kids. Nikon D2H, 18-70/3.5-4.5DX at 44mm, 1/30 sec., f/8, SB-800 flash. NEF tweaked in RawShooter, cropped and resized in Irfanview.
  47. This is one of my favorite shots from last season. Photo taken Canon 1D Mark II Outdoor auto/w a Canon manual 580 flash fill.
  48. it


  49. Shot right before they entered the reception at Yakovilli's in North St Louis, Canon 20d, No flash, F3.2, 1/200, ISO 200, 7:20pm...very soft light the Lord blessed us with..
  50. Ian - Please post info on camera/film/digital/F-stop/shutter speed etc..

    Everyone - I'm thinking it might be fun to vote for the best shot from this grouping. I'm going to wait until the activity stops and then ask that everyone email me with ONE choice. Please leave mine out of the mix as I'm the one that will tally the votes and announce the winner.

    Once a winner is picked - I'll post the image in a new thread and we can discuss it.
  51. it


    Ian - Please post info
  52. This one was taken Nov. 19th ... it was great fun to have the B&G drive around in this 1962 T Bird.
  53. Sorry Mary, my info is:D70 1/200 @f9 ISO 200 24-70mm @60mm
  54. Hello all, here's one of w/ digital manipulation. Removed some distractions, Kubota sepia filter.
  55. My favorites usually come from my latest wedding. Here's two I couldn't choose between. Both taken with the 20D and 24-70 2.8L. The top, I loved the autumn colors and the way the tree branches arched over the couple. 1/60, 25mm, f/9.0, ISO 400, 580EX fill. The bottom one, I loved the lines of the cattails. 1/2000, f/4.5, ISO 200, 24mm. Post work in CS2.
  56. D2X, 80-200 2.8D, 3.5, iso400 Bride peeks out at her ceremony site optimistic about the rain stopping soon. And in 10 minutes, it did with a peak of sunshine.
  57. It is going to be hard to vote for just one! There are SO MANY beautiful ones..... oh the decision...
  58. I'm not sure what my favorite photo is from this past year...... but i'll add one from a batch that i'm working on at the moment that represents my "Favorites". It's always the ones that define a true spontaneous moment....moments that i consider essential.
  59. Shot with my Canon 20D during the reception. (Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8 XR Di AF)
  60. I would vote for Tim Holtes, nice post work and I'm stealing the idea for my next wedding.
  61. As a lurker in this forum I only went to one wedding this year! This was the bride and bridesmaid in a Hackney Carriage on the way to getting hitched. Canon 10D, 28mm f/2.8 @ f/4, 1/30, ISO 400, no flash. BW convert in PS2.
  62. another lurker, shot 1st 3 weddings in 2005. This from the 1st.
  63. Leica M6 and 50 'cron. Delta 400. Xtol 1:1.
  64. Ok--I accounted for three of the six deleted posts. I'll try once more: Canon 20D ISO 1600 1/60s at f1.8 natural lighting.
  65. 1st time trying to post an image here (hoping it works) neighbors' daughter's wedding in october 20d, 85/1.8 @ 2.2 (i think), natural light
  66. Michelle and David. Taken at Ezio Faraone Park in Edmonton, AB. An evening wedding, and a beautiful dress made this one of the standouts of my year.
  67. Not sure if is the best of '05 ~~ just the last. We rarely scan any of the print/negs from our wedding. (Probably why our website looks like the 80's) >> We just send the package to the B&G, the day it is delivered from our lab. 400 NC EOS 3 28-70 L (the only lens I use ) hand held ~ 1/10 @ f 3.5 bounce Quantum strobe @ 6.3 SOftar 1
  68. Chris Uglanica, that's a lovely one. Best, Reina.
  69. Maybe not the best lighting but the right moment...
  70. Taken @3200 ASA. Manipulated only in the conversion to B&W in PS CS2. Camera: Canon EOS 1D Mark II.
  71. Oh, it's so hard to choose....the following was at Drees Pavillion in Northern Kentucky - Cincinnati area. Nikon N90, Fuji NPS160, 35-70mm. Actually there were 10 Bridesmaids total.....of course some selective desat in PS.
  72. I love that photo Chris Uglanica- how about some tech details?

  73. This is a shot from my second wedding ever. I have learned a lot since then, but here ya go!
  74. Chris Uglanica, yes, details. Great shot!
  75. I like Chris U's shot a lot too--it's also the nly one with a red wedding dress. The background looks like heavy PS work, but the overall image is wonderful.
  76. Lex, Super Norman Rockwell shot-eyes, freckles, and garter.
  77. sorry that I broke the rules. here is my repost so that mary can delete my other ones. these two are not my absolute best shots, b/c my absolute best shot is being held hostage by a client who doesn't want to show anyone. it's THAT emotionally powerful. if you see it, all of the happy/sad feelings would come back, you could be crying for a few hours, and productivity would suffer. I don't want to have someone file a lawsuit , so I'm posting my second best images here. :) left side - Canon 20D, probably ISO 400, probably 1/60th at f4. 24-70 L 2.8 at 70mm, probably. I was wearing an off the rack suit at the time of exposure. right side - Canon 20D, probably ISO 200, probably 1/800th at f2.8. 24-70 L 2.8 at 70mm, probably. I was wearing an off the rack suit at the time of exposure, but with my jacket removed. My feet hurt a little bit, if I recall correctly, and I was a touch dehydrated as well ;-)
  78. CINDY S --Great shots!--the post work in PS is fantastic >> except I would be frightened, that every client, would want their work manipulated in this manner > and not have the budget for you to produce every image to this quality. Do you receive much pressured request >> from the B&G ?
  79. There are so many it's gonna be hard to pick. These are not necessarily my best, but one of my favorites.
  80. Web compression is terrible :(
  81. Marcin. double check your browser settings on the graphics compression...looks OK on my monitor. Nice shots......
  82. One of my favorites:
  83. I'm a bit late, but here's mine. I had a great time with this couple, both actors. I believe it was shot 800 ISO, no flash with my 28-135 IS canon lens.
  84. Marcin. double check your browser settings on the graphics compression...looks OK on my monitor. Nice shots......
    Thanks David for kind words :).
    My browser settings are ok. I just compared this to original and they look bad in comparison, because I had to compress them pretty aggresively to meet rules (image cannot exceed 100KB, and in my case each image cannot be bigger than 50KB :(
    Still, DWF has much more strict rules (image no larger than 40KB, unless it's hosted on your website) so I'm not complaining
  85. This was the most fun wedding of '05 for us. It is also one of the few we have permission to post pictures from.
  86. Here's one of my favorites, taken at a wedding I did at Fenway Park. The bride and groom were die-hard Sox fans.
  87. A grab shot awaiting the ceremony. NPH @ 320 with fill-flash. Russ
  88. Steve,
    <br>That wedding looks fun, you must had a blast.

    <br>great shot - I love it.
  89. I don't shoot weddings....well, I shot my daughter's a few years ago. And I felt that I did not do my best with it........until I saw this thread. Thanks Mary for starting this, it changes my opinion of my own (one) wedding efforts for the better.

    This is not meant to slam anyone's work...just a personal note to myself. It's just that what I see above leaves me with the thought.........seems there are two very, VERY distinct levels of wedding photographers.....the extremely good, and the extremely mediocre. I won't mention names, because that is not what I intend this comment to be......I just think some people should strive for a little higher goal.....

    having said that........yeah, Chris Uglanica.......that pic ROCKS!
  90. Conrad:
    <my absolute best shot is being held hostage by a client who doesn't want to show anyone. ..........I don't want to have someone file a lawsuit , so I'm posting my second best images here.>

    What kind of contract are you having your clients sign? Your contract should give you the right to use any picture to advertise your work as a wedding photographer. In fact, you should OWN all rights under the contract, unless you agree to give them up.

    Marv Stasak
  91. Here is one of my favorite shots of 2005. Don't mind the logo, I am just to lazy to dig up the file and resize.
  92. "I just think some people should strive for a little higher goal....."

    Perhaps you could have done the same...

    What purpose does your post serve but to let others know you feel so much better since you're able to compare your work and slam theirs? No one asked for the critique, and certainly no one asked how you feel about the work you did at your daughter's wedding. Why not post an image from that wedding along with the comment...see how long you keep that warm & fuzzy feeling...really, Thomas, your comment was completely uncalled, but, hey, as long as you feel better about your self...that's all that matters. Have a Happy Holiday.

  93. "...see how long you keep that warm & fuzzy feeling..." took my post completely wrong. Let me explain. I've listened to Marc, who is one of the extremely good, btw, talk about how bad some wedding photographers are, the buy a digital and shoot a wedding things he said, and my thoughts were, well at least it doesn't show up here. Turns out, I was wrong............and it was a major surprise to me. Perhaps I shouldn't have said anything.....but, then again, how else do people learn and strive for something better if no one says anything. It was meant to help..........not hurt.

    there aint no warm and fuzzy............i still dont think I did all that well with my one attempt...........besides, I hated the rush, rush rush of it all..........that aint me
  94. Thomas, my apologies if I misread your post, but it did come across as a bit mean-spirited to me. Many of the photogs are new & trying their best and it was disheartening to see such a post amongst their exuberance.

    Again, my apologies, and best wishes for the New Year. Reina.
  95. Thomas, I think you have me confused with someone else. "I've listened to Marc, who is one
    of the extremely good, btw, talk about how bad some wedding photographers are ..." I strive
    to NOT say "bad" things like that about anyone's work. I think you are lumping me in with
    complainers or something. If I did say anything like that in the past, I apologize ... but of
    course would like a link to the statement to make sure it wasn't taken out of context ; -)

    Bad wedding photographers are those who take money and skip town. Any other judgement
    is purely subjective.
  96. ok, Marc....It's been awhile since the thread our craft dumbing down?, and I took a lot of what you said in that and thru my own words onto it...namely I used "bad photographers" and should have used "bad photographs". But, what you said in that thread stuck in my head. And I just think some of the above "photographs" could have been made better had a lot more people heeded what you were talking about in that thread. I also thought of my only attempt and what I would do next time....which will probably be when my son gets married. I really don't have the temperment for that job, and I really do admire anyone....yes, even the bad photographs...that can do that type of work......anyhow....

    "So it's okay to shoot bad photographs and fix them later depending on who you are or who you are shooting for? The point was to shoot them right in the first place. Which actually fulfills all the criteria you outlined. The concerned artist improves their work. The financially motivated have to do less work afterwards (time is money), and those catering to long hours for minimum wage, might be able to move up a notch. "Dumbing down" is in reference to poor basic camera skills or none at all ... which result in images that shouldn't have been taken in the first place, let alone warrant hours in PS to repair. Without SOME standards, even the most basic ones, this is hardly a profession. Instead it becomes something that commands little respect for the experience, craft and art required to provide a professional product." - Marc Williams did know that thread would come back to haunt you...
  97. "...But without mastery of your craft, your art will suffer regardless of what's in your hand as a tool ... and you'd be better off returning to an Oatmeal box with a pin-hole in it...." - Marc Williams I'll shut up.

    Post some more pics people, I promise I won't say a word.

    Happy Holidays to all of you and all of yours......and above all, be safe...
  98. This one is my favorite because their having such fun. Shot at ISO 1600 with a 20D. 1/60 @ F2.8. using a 70-200 IS L lens.
  99. Well, that's hardly claiming how bad some photographers are ... as opposed to how
    someone (including me if you read the post) can come to rely on fixes and tricks after the
    fact ... making them lazy photographers perhaps : -) That is something I do think can and
    does happen more with digital work ... or so it seems.

    But what the heck, it's Christmas weekend and I have a horrible tooth ache, and am being
    tortured by technology with this new camera suddenly not working as it should for no
    reason I can detect.

    So, be blessed with good health this season, and may technology take a holiday from it's
    torturing of humanity : -)
  100. Oops! Wrong pix. This is the corrected one. Still 85mm f2. Kodak Portra 160 VC to B&W in PS.
  101. Marc, you made my day! I am struggling with some technical problems on a back up camera I bought. I was at the camera shop today trying to solve them. Then I read...."and may technology take a holiday from it's torturing of humanity : -)" Thanks for bringing a smile to my frustrated face!
  102. Hello folks, been awhile, but here's my favorite: CANON EF 70-200 L, 100 ISO, f2.8 on a 1D MKII in about 100 degree temperature... Blessedly, I was in the river too! All the best, Andre J
  103. I don't do weddings, but I did one for a friend (she had hired another photographer and asked me to snap some as well).
    D100. a cheap zoom.
  104. (oops, and I just noticed it was 2004! sorry)
  105. Thomas, I think you took Marc's comment out of context. Marc knows that there are a lot of newbies here that don't know much but he has the patience of Job in trying to help them. I still have not figured out why Marc is so helpful to everyone, he is far and way the best wedding shooter here on PN. He knows how to use technology, he has an artistic sense that most do not have and he has the personality and business acumen that make for the perfect person for shooting a wedding and making the clients happy. All of you wedding photogs and wedding photog wanna be's should hope that Marc sticks around to help us in our travails.
  106. Merry Christmas Tim
  107. Same to you Thomas!
  108. I do not know if i have a favorite pre say but i like these two images, the bride wanted this one in Black and white But i really like the flowers vibrant color so I kept them in color and she loved it. Nikon F100,reala Fuji Film, 60 @ 5.6 Fill Flash.
  109. Sorry Guys I clicked on the wrong Image here it is

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