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  1. I want to see if anyone has experience with Ricoh/Pentax water-proof and action camera such as the Pentax WG-M1 and WG-M2. Please share your experience.
    I am currently using a Sony Action Camera HDR-AS100VR that goes with a wireless remote worn as a watch with live display and record/stop-record button while I can mount my camera remotely on helmet or my son's helmet. It has a limited range of wireless remote functionality with 30 feet or so.
    #1 No Diving
    #2 Spring Skiing Selfie
    Both pictures are processed with the free Nik software in Silver Efex b&w conversion
  2. I've used a WG-M1 and I found the images to be so-so and the interface and use frustrating. It's heavy and the helmet mount put it on a little stick which just made it wiggle around if you wore it skiing resulting in very shaky video. My son had a GoPro Hero 2 before that but I lost it skiing Silverton. We eventually settled on a GoPro Hero 3 which has been good. It's mostly used by my son. It's got nice wifi features that seem to work well enough. We also have an Olympus Tough T-2 which is nice for general snaps and video in our out of water but it's heavy and bulky as a wearable.
    Here are a couple of videos we have made. I think these are from the Hero 2 so the 3 is wide and HD. These are a couple of years old now.
    My Silverton video
    My son's Crested Butte video from his first time down the run Rambo which is the steepest cut run in North America. These days he can ski it pretty confidently.
  3. Thank you Matt for your inputs. I love both of your videos. I will love to survive the Rambo run. And I would love to ski like your son in the video. You live in a spectacular place for outdoors in both winters and summers.

    I truly wish the Ricoh follow through on version with WG-M2 to step up with good refinements over the WG-M1. Action camera has a lot of potential but competition is high. I have been thinking of Olympus Tough 860 and so far I have put that thought of another camera into the back burner as I do have way too much in my closet.
  4. Thanks Hin! Well the nice thing about Rambo being a cut run is you can pretty safely fall all the way down if it comes to it! I've taken that fall once and left a trail of gear down it that I had to plead with other skiers to throw my way. :) If you ever come ski Crested Butte when that run is open I'll show it to you.
    I agree it would be nice to see another/better action cam from Pentax but then again maybe they should just stick to what they do well and leave the action cams up to the people who excel at that like GoPro.
  5. Thank you Matt. I am quite happy with my Sony action camera. I could have gotten Hero3 at the time that I considered an action camera. I remembered Hero3 not having stabilization and it is expensive to have add-on that works as a wireless remote. Hence my alternative choice with Sony HDR-100VR. The build is consumer grade at best but it has few qualities that I like such as the stabilization, wireless remote that I wear it on my wrist, and pretty surprisingly good image quality. The worst quality in the action camera to me is the distortion on corners with pictures but I think I am asking too much for an action camera.

    I was trying out Color Efex Pro 4 in Nik, this software was recently released for free by Google in Nik Collection. I love Silver Efex and now this is even more intriguing and amazing.

    My Sony Action Camera HDR-AS100VR was mounted on my younger boy's skiing helmet and reversed while I skied behind him in Mt. Rose. My remote control was worn like a watch with live display. I was using the Interval Shooting mode with 2 second interval and control the start and stop with the remote worn on my wrist.
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