Young musicians

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  1. Post your photos of young musicians (or those young at heart)...
  2. Lost his head SHOULD have been this photo ....
  3. OK, this is getting a little embarassing ...
  4. Here is a portrait I made of a young pianist, Bonnie Wagner. She is also my colleague. We just recorded a CD of the Brahms d minor Sonata + a group of short pieces. She is also my niece! We have played music together, from time to time, since she was a little girl. She turned out to be a wonderful young artist, so I'm proud and happy to have her as my collaborator in my violin recitals since the 2004-2005 season. (If I may be permitted, our first CD together has just become available on ) Rolleiflex 2.8F Planar, 320TX in HC-110B, Single studio strobe.
  5. M2, 50mm Elmar, Tri-X, Vivitar 285 [​IMG]
  6. Ollie , I have listened to your CD and both you, and your niece play beautiful. Here is my son Brian
  7. Thanks Michael. Brian looks like he's really into the joy of music. Great shot.
  8. My student in a masterclass with violinist Nai-Yuan Hu. She was playing the first movement of Mozart's 4th violin concerto.
  9. All are excellent...Ollie, what a beautiful shot!
  10. Great shots everybody! My favorite is Michael Ging's.

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