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  1. It is Fantastic! it is Plastic! It has a Moter drive and automatic
    rewinder! What $20.00 too much then Wait We will throw in a Potato
    masher Electronic flash that will also work on your SLR and other
    cameras with a hot shoe OR a PC connection. Not happy yet? OK a
    Universal Flash mount bracket a Color corrected lens and it will also
    shoot B&W. Still too much OK we will knock off the price 10 bucks
    then charge you less than that for shipping. Total cost to U.S.A. via
    Ground transportation UNDER $20.00!!!!!! Yesss it can all be yours
    for less than a case of Budweiser!
    OK I figured a camera like this needed a great write up and a Flea
    market sales pitch so here it is.

    I ordered one just for fun heck it was cheaper than the Lomo Fisheye.

  2. Not findin' it.
  3. Don't knock cheapo cameras until you try them out. Over in the Leica forum, there's a guy who bought a camera for 50p ($0.80) in a charity shop and who has posted some fine photos with it. He bought the camera because he was afraid to take his Leica skiing - and I guess after spending so much on the Leica, I guess all he could afford in the way of an occasional camera was this little box from the charity shop. It must be hard to have such an expensive yet fragile camera. Oh dear.... ;-)
  4. Jay, in case you still haven't found it and you're still interested, once you get to the website, perform an advanced search and plug in just the item number, 010500. For $10, plus the inevitable P&H, it IS a sweet little deal and might make a nice gift for the right person.
  5. RML

    I got the camera it says to use 200-400 speed film well I had some B&W 100 speed on hand so I am going to use it in Diafine that should give me 200-250. I am going to a cematary with it today and I have low hopes for this camera as I always do with these things but I keep trying and who knows I may find a sweet spot for it like I did my Time Magazine 50 cent camera.

  6. WOW!
    I just ran a roll of ultra through souped it in Diafine and they are drying now. They look sharp and contrasty. I will scan them tomorrow and we shall see.


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