You have a camera from Lomography? Please read.

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  1. Hi- Please read this part, I need your help.

    I'm a student in Communication from Europe and as part of my final paper, I have set up a small survey for people who bought and/or use a camera from the Lomography company. I want to see what kind of people buy a new Lomo film camera in this rather digital age and what they do with it.

    It's a small survey, takes 5 minutes max. If you have a Lomo-camera (Holga, Diana, L-CA, Lubitel, Fisheye, etc..), it would be a GREAT help if you filled it in for me, so please don't just ignore this message.

    It's completely anonymous and NOT for commercial reasons whatsoever.
    My intent is not to spam, but there are not many options to attract friendly contributors if you are not a big market researcher. In the end it's just helping someone out with a small effort.

    Here's the link to my survey:
    I can only offer my gratitude and hope I can help others out on this forum in the future.
    If requested, I will of course show the results of this survey.
    If this topic is in the wrong forum, I apologize sincerely. I was unsure whether this would fit in the Off-Topic forum or not, because it is about photography, not something else.

    Many thanks!


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