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  1. The day after Christmas my nieces and nephews and I went to Yosemite for the day. This is some of what we saw. On Christmas two feet of snow dropped on the Valley. Please be kind, this is my first post. The shot is with a K10 with the 50-135.
  2. This is the photo.[​IMG]
  3. Nice, indeed. Can almost smell the fresh air.
  4. All I can say is WOW! I'm too cought up in the content to even tell if the composition is
    right-but I think it's right on.
    Great job!
  5. Beautiful shot Dan.. Awesome colors and the contrast is gorgeous.. It's time you started posting more of your photos in the forum!!
  6. You are one lucky guy, I was there last Jan and the only snow left was in the valley, had to settle on photos of deer, birds and a coyote.
  7. Very nice!! As someone said, can practically smell it, feel the bite in my nose and wind on my face. Very nice composition (the very left edge foreground tree branches could go, but that's quite minor). For a first post, you've set the bar pretty high for yourself :) More!
  8. Absolutely beautiful. I was there in the May 2008. This is a very special place in my heart. You've captured it well.
  9. Great photo, Dan. Glad to see that our planet hasn't been destroyed yet!
  10. Wow--terrific shot!
  11. Dan, there's nothing to there to be unkind about! That is a really great shot!
  12. Dan,
    Other than this shot being taken many many times (as are many landscapes of famous natural landmarks) it's quite excellent!
    I'm looking at this on a non calibrated work computer, but my only complaint would be the sky looks a little too polarized. This is of course a subjective critique as the over polarized sky seems to be in vogue these days.
    I'd crop out the left edge too.
    overall, nice work on a beautiful scene
  13. Ansel, you've returned!
    I love it, very rich feeling.
  14. Thanks to each of you for your thoughtful remarks.

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