Yosemite Traffic Heads Up!

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  1. Since Yosemite is a popular photo location, those of you heading up
    the hill on 41 from Fresno and points South should be aware that a
    new Native Gaming Casino has opened up near in the
    Oakhurst/Coarsegold area. The current two lane road to Yosemite(and
    the Ansel Adams Wilderness) dosen't handle the increased traffic
    well, and yesterday the traffic was backed up to the outskirts of
    Fresno, plus there is a lack of parking at the casino and the
    overflow is lineing the shoulders of the highway and the casino
    features a lounge, which makes a dangerous situation even more
    dangerous. If you're planning a shoot(or a vacation) in the Park, I
    suggest taking an alternate route if possible. Mammoth Pool Road
    would be a good option for the Ansel Adams Wilderness. Strangely, I
    just got back from Kings Canyon National Park today on a family
    outing. There was hardly any traffic going up or coming down except
    for a little heading to the rodeo in Squaw Valley(I took 180). ---
    -Drive safe!
  2. Thanks, John. Good info.
  3. sorry, this is the "wilderness" ? :)
  4. Goodness. What a hassle.

    Just got back from a week in Montana and Wyoming near Yellowstone and aside from the snow that presented unique off season photographic opportunities, you could go where you wanted at your descretion. I went to Yosemite two years ago and felt completely boxed in by the masses of humanity and did not even take out the camera.

    I guess that if you live in California and Yosemite is reasonably close by, I guess it makes sense. But why not wait until the late fall when the tourists depart? Me? I'd much prefer to be by myself even if I need to carry bear spray and come out from under the dark cloth at regular intervals. Cheers!
  5. Ahhh...to be transported back to Muir's time!
  6. Bear in mind that Yosemite has never been wilderness in recent human memory - The Yosmeite Valley was occupied by miners in the '49 gold rush and the wonderful meadow-floor that Muir supposed was untouched and Edenic was actually that way because the Ahwahneechee cultivated and grazed it, setting regular burns to keep it clear and regenerate at. It never really was a wilderness.
  7. Tim, You're right. The Valley isn't what I'd call 'wilderness' however, the Ansel Adams Wilderness is a Wilderness by Act of Congress. Go figure, like Truth can be determined by a majority vote. But the A.A. is a wild place and the closest you can drive to it from the Western slope is via Beasore Meadows Road or the Mammoth Pools Road. You can link up with the Mammoth Pools Road from 168 and Auberry and avoid 41 entirely---kind of roundabout, though.
  8. Drive up right before dawn, bet it's a bit less busy then.
  9. John

    Be there before dawn and the light is magic. I stayeed at a guest house nearby and was on the scene in Sept as the sun came up. WOW!!!


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