Yongnuo YN-560 + Yongnuo RF603 triggers + Canon 5D = 1/160 sync speed. Ideas?

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  1. Grateful for pointers to what I may have missed.
    The set-up:
    A single Yongnuo YN-560, set to Manual.
    Yongnuo RF-603 transceivers
    Canon EOS 5D ("Vintage.") (Not the MK2.)
    All batteries are freshly charged.
    The result: sync @ 1/160, 1st curtain. The product specs say (at least) 1/200.
    Again, grateful for ideas, pointers to threads I missed, and links.
  2. ALL RF triggers introduce a delay between the camera trigger and flash trigger units. This was discussed quite lengthily in this thread.
    The delay is typically several hundred microseconds and enough to introduce some trailing curtain cutoff with focal-plane shutters. As you've discovered already, the "cure" is to drop the synch speed on the camera slightly.
    Incidentally I'd be interested to know if anyone's measured, or has the specification for, the delay introduced by top-end triggers like the PWs. Because I suspect they're actually no better than cheaper triggers in this respect.
  3. Thanks RJ, both your take and point to the thread is a terrific help. Best for the week-
  4. Do a test without the radio triggers by mounting the flash directly on the camera. I have a 5D and RF-602 triggers and get 1/200s sync speed. One caveat is that I need to do the half-press first otherwise max sync speed drops to 1/125-1/160s.
  5. Thanks, Michael. Yeah, did this at setup per instructions and tried again while testing. No help. Per MJ's comment, I'll live with the 'cure.'
    Thanks again for the ideas. Appreciate the help-
  6. This blog entry covers the Canon FF camera sync speed inconsistency issue well/

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