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  1. Hi all. I got a manual flash that is built fairly well and has a very reasonable cost: the Yongnuo YN-560. I did a search but didn't find a substantive discussion about it, hence this post.<P>

    My favorite features:<P>
    1. The "real" guide number based on flashmeter tests by users is about the same as a Nikon SB-900: around 33 meters for 35mm zoom at 100 ISO.<P>

    2. Very fast recycle times: below 2 seconds at full power using rechargeable batteries.<P>

    3. User-friendly interface with dedicated controls for most functions, making adjustments quick and easy.<P>

    4. Optical sync (both normal and "digital") detects infrared light, and works well even in daylight (unlike its predecessors).
    Power is adjustable in 1/8 stop increments.<P>

    There's a detailed review of the YN-560 at speedlights.net:<P>

    http://speedlights.net/2010/05/25/yongnuo-yn-560-discovered/ <P>


    My first impressions: http://betterfamilyphotos.blogspot.com/2010/07/yong-nuo-yn-560-first-impressions-and.html <P>

    Drop test here (sad but true): http://betterfamilyphotos.blogspot.com/2010/07/yongnuo-yn-560-drop-test.html <P>


    The YN-560 has some unusual sync properties:<P>

    1. On-camera, my camera is unaware that a flash is attached, allowing the use of a shutter speed that exceeds the sync speed.<P>

    2. Somehow, it's able to sync with my D300 (whether on-camera or in optical slave mode) at up to 1/320 (vs. D300's 1/250 natural sync speed), with only a very slight reduction in intensity.<P>

    3. Although the published specs state that the flash duration at full power is 1/200, I've shot at up to 1/640 with no noticeable decrease in power, and up to 1/800 with only a very slight decrease in power. I used a point-and-shoot with an electronic shutter, and I didn't test shutter speeds above 1/800. <P>

    4. The YN-560 can sync with Nikon CLS but only with particular combinations of settings. The settings are described here in detail: http://betterfamilyphotos.blogspot.com/2010/07/how-to-sync-yn-560-with-nikon-cls.html <P>


    I think the YN-560 is a good option for those who are also considering the Lumopro LP160 given the price difference between the two. For reference, the LP160 was discussed here:

    I had asked some questions about the LP160 that may be of interest here: <P>

    1. Can the digital slave mode sync at a shutter speed of 1/250? <P>

    Answer: yes if the popup flash is on TTL or manual mode (in fact, it can sync to 1/320). <P>

    2. If I use CLS advanced wireless lighting, does the [YN-560's] digital slave mode still sync correctly? <P>

    Answer: yes but only if certain settings are used, and the shutter speed is 1/125 or slower. <P>

    3. Assuming the [YN-560] syncs correctly, does it make the flash exposure inaccurate in TTL mode? <P>

    Answer: TTL does not take into account the contribution from the YN-560 and therefore TTL accuracy may be compromised.<P>
  2. Your links proved that flash is not appropriate for Nikon DSLR cameras with CLS, and perhaps not for Canon ETTL II.
    You say: " didn't find a substantive discussion about it," - why would anyone waste time on this junk?
    You asked, and answered your own questions.
  3. Whoa, relax, Frank. Why the hostility? I posted info about this flash because it may be useful to hotshoe flash users. I'm not sure why you consider this a piece of junk. This flash has been well received. Is the LP160 a piece of junk as well? Many people use manual flashes for various reasons.

    Peace be with you.

    P.s. I don't sell this flash and I'm not affiliated with any seller.
  4. There is no hostility, just clear, short and abjective observation of your flash, based on your own words and links.
    You are trying to portray this flash as possibly usable with Nikon CLS on D300, but it is not, as your own links and words proved it. For use with CLS system the flash sounds like all troubles.
    "This flash has been well received." - where ? by whom ? it does not matter, as it will not change the flash.
    Since you say: "I don't sell this flash and I'm not affiliated with any seller." - If you were a saleperson, I would understand your text and intention. Apparently you wrote quite a few blogs about this flash for whatever reason, it does not matter.
  5. I'm a guy who likes value. When I find a good value I like to tell others about it because in my view it improves the efficient allocation of limited resources however slightly. For you to accuse me of dishonestly hiding my intentions is incredibly outrageous.. Think about that in the context of the golden rule. Since you are such a staunch advoxate of using first-party products would you appreciate it if I accused you of being a nikon or canon shareholder and giving misinformation about 3rd party products for your personal benefit? Wow. Cut down on whatever substance you are abusing, will you?
    Due to your disrespectful tone, I choose not to communicate with you further. In any case the info is out there.
  6. How much does it cost ?
  7. Harry, it's currently around $80 on "that certain auction site."

    Best regards,
  8. the yongnuo flashes are actually quite good, I have the YN465
  9. I have purchased this one from Tomtop thru their Ebay store.

    The flash worked fine for a few months, then it died, completely - no sign of life whatsoever. I wrote to Tomtop a few times asking for a replacement. When they finally answered, they said that I have to send the broken unit back to them at my cost. I have send it with a note attached. I didn't hear back for several months. After few more emails they ancknowledged that they have received my unit. They said they would send me the replacement flash and email me with the package tracking number. That was SIX MONTH AGO. Since then they do not reply to my emails (I have sent a few).
    Unless you are willing to consider it a short term, disposable item, DO NOT BUY THIS FLASH.
    If you decide to buy it, pick the reputable seller and get extended warranty if available!
  10. @ Michael Ty : Thank you for the info and the pointer to speedlights.net. Yongnuo Guide Numbers and Flash Comparison is quite informative.
    @ Slawek Jacek : Your post speaks of the reseller Tomtop, not about YougNuo. All manufacturers have some defective products, that's why there are warranties. Next time use the YongUno manufacturer store on Fleabay. ;-)
  11. I've also been using YN 560 for my manual flash for quite some time. Very happy with my purchase and highly recommend to those who have tight budget but are after a good quality flash.
    By the way I got them from Amazon.com. Quick delivery..
    Here is the link if you are interested: http://amzn.to/yGQki6

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