Yongnuo with Bowens 800E

Discussion in 'Lighting Equipment' started by dave_rendall, Apr 21, 2014.

  1. I recently acquired a Bowens 800E for use with my
    large format camera, but I also want to use it with my
    dSLR. I have a yongnuo PT-04TM wireless trigger, but it
    won't trigger the 800E. I've tested with a mechanical
    trigger and it works. I wonder if there is some
    capacitance in the circuit and the yongnuo doesn't
    close the connection for long enough to trigger it.
    Has anyone else tried a yongnuo trigger with an 800E?
    Perhaps there is a different yongnuo model that will
    work with it?
  2. If the strobe uses a "household" trigger input connector, try reversing the polarity of the Yongnuo receiver connector. I have a strobe that is polarity sensitive with a remote trigger.
  3. Thanks Charles! That was the
    solution! Must be a diode or
    something in there somewhere.
  4. Glad to be able to help. It seems that modern trigger devices have a polarity. Luckily you can reverse it on an HH connector. Phone jacks aren't so reversible.

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