Yongnuo II survives fall

Discussion in 'Lighting Equipment' started by qalam, May 13, 2012.

  1. Recently, I was using a Yongnuo 360 II mounted on a Bronica SQ Ai motor grip. The speedlight was not firmly attached to the hotshoe
    and fell off. It dropped about 5 feet onto a brick sidewalk. I expected the worst. In fact, there was no damage at all; the unit still works
    perfectly. Good luck? Probably, but I'm still impressed.
  2. Congrats on the good fortune. I bought a Yongnuo 468 II for my EOS cameras a couple months ago and have felt like it was a good purchase.
  3. I dropped my Yongnuo YN-565EX twice and so far so good. It still works just fine.

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