Yongnuo 622 C tx

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  1. I purchased a tongnuo 622c TX and the 622c. I can't get them to work in HSS.
    Does anyone know what cameras and flash units are compatible?
    I just purchased a Flashpoint rovelight 600B from Adorama for the HSS feature. I read a review of the rovelight at http://flashhavoc.com/flashpoint-rovelight-rl-600-review/ and set up the 622c tx and 622c the way they instructed and the HSS doesn't work.
    I also tried with my godox speedlight and it still didn't work.
    Need some help.
  2. There's a better manual than the one supplied with the triggers here: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B77OmmGIg0gMVFpqNkpBYXBHajA/edit?pli=1
    According to that PDF, HSS should be useable. Have a read. There may be some camera or trigger menu setting that you've overlooked.
  3. Thanks, I read the read the manual and my camera's are suppose to be compatible but I still can't get the HSS to work.
  4. I think HSS is spoofed in those triggers by delaying the trigger-signal based on the pre-flash timing. In other words the camera calls for a metering pre-flash, and a fixed time later the shutter opens. Firing the flash as soon as the shutter starts to open is the key to HSS (or Focal-Plane) synch.
    Do you have E-TTL auto flash enabled on the camera? I don't think it'll work if the camera is in manual exposure mode.
    What results are you getting? Totally blank frames? A small slit of the frame exposed? Or what?

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