Yogyakarta Sultan's rangefinder

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  1. In the Sultan Palace in Yogyakarta, a rangefinder belonged to the sultan is displayed.
    No idea what Contax model, the big lens is probably a Zeiss Sonnar 1.5 ?
  2. Contax IIIa. The lens it wears is internal-mount, so a 50mm I believe (f/1.5, f/2, or f/3.5 perhaps? They're all pretty compact). Is it sporting a Nippon Kogaku lens cap? It might even be a Nikon S-mount 50mm mounted on this body by mistake.
  3. Looks like it's been used too. Wonder what that huge lens sitting next to it is.
  4. Very pretty. Thanks for sharing.
    Interesting to see it in brown cover. Does anyone know if this was from the factory or a customization?
  5. Uff, this big lens is really a big lens!
    Looks like two solid pounds Zeiss 0.75/5cm.
    The one Kubrick did use for "Barry Lyndon", but with focusing helice? I'm only guessing here...
    Maybe it is even the first Tokina 2.9/38-72mm zoom for Pentax screw... (kiddin'-)
  6. This Yogakarta sultan had fine taste in cameras!
  7. The camera lens has a "flip-out" lens cap, so there's no reason to suspect it isn't a Zeiss 50mm.
    Look how far apart the big one's distance markings are, but at the same time the DOF marks are pretty close together, so it's got to be a long-focus lens, probably a f:1.5/85mm Zeiss Sonnar as Martin hypothesized (that leather lens cap gives it away as German not Japanese).
  8. I can't find any record of an f:1.5/85mm lens in Contax mount except the Nikkor (definitely not this), but there was a Zeiss f:1.5/5mm Biotar.
  9. never mind, sorry.
  10. The big lens looks very much like Zeiss Sonnar 18 cm f/2,8. It's missing its Flektoscope housing, though.

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