Yet 'nother enhancement request

Discussion in ' Site Help' started by charles_webster|1, Jul 20, 2006.

  1. When my e-Card errors out because I forgot to enter one thing, please preserve
    the data that was previously entered, instead of clearing all the fields upon
    presenting the error message. Would be nicer. Still waiting for multiple email
    recipients for a single e-Card.

    I'd like to use e-Cards to announce when I've posted a new series of pictures,
    but can't since I have to type the entire thing each time. Wish you'd move this
    one up on your priority list Brian.


  2. Yes, yes....and as a bonus, throw in an e-mail address book that allows you to check off individual entries who are to receive a given e-card. Just use the Yahoo e-mail model for storing e-mail addresses and selecting recipients. Think of all the traffic your posters will bring you!

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