Yet another Cuba thread gone wild?

Discussion in ' Site Help' started by socke, Feb 16, 2006.

  1. I just checked in to see if we'd got some more informtion about
    photography in Cuba and the thread is gone.

    So it seems it doesn't make much sense to write anything in the Leica
    forum which is not related to the red dot and far from anything which
    can be turned into politics. The question is, why did I bother to
    write about my experience photographing in Cuba? I knew it won't last :-(
  2. Why didn't you write an article rather than posting in a forum?

    The Leica forum doesn't necessarily seem like the optimum place for an article about photography in Cuba anyway, whatever camera you used.

    Anything posted to a forum can be removed at any time if a moderator thinks it's causing a problem for the forum.

    If it's appropriate for (which means it's mostly about travel and photography rather than being overtly political in nature) then there's no reason we can't publish it in the travel section of the site.

    Contact me if you have an article you'd like me to look over and format for
  3. Hi Bob,

    I was curious about that. Work over the past two years has me mostly in Nigeria and Angola. I would have liked to post some stories about these places, realizing that the interest would be ultra low, I didn't bother to ask. But, if I put together a decent travelogoue with photos of more signifance then dead and dying people, I know who to ask and review it. Man, these places suck.
  4. welcomes any contributions to the travel section (or any other section of the site). Just take a look at what's already there to get some sort of flavor of what might make an appropriate article. Obviously it should include photography but it doesn't have to be exclusively ABOUT photography, just a travel article written from a photographer's viewpoint with information that other travel photographers might find useful.

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