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  1. Thank you for your thoughts.

  2. Well, i like being asked why i took a photo. Even when i may not have a clear idea why. And especially if i present it to others for consideration by hanging it for review. So... what is it that draws you to this. In some (maybe all?) of your past posts for critique my take is that you favor a message. Is it a message? irony, time, abandonment.. ? The technical characteristics don't direct my attention in any particular direction. A lot of white drawing me away from content.
    I just don't know what's up here. And so you know and have some context... i hear that often about my photos.
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  3. I remember those!
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  4. Pavel, firstly, I wonder why you shot this photo, since the subject matter isn't particularly interesting. To me, there's at least one approach that may save it. First, crop about halfway from the left border to the phone. Secondly, burn that area. Thirdly dodge the phone per se, but not the surrounding enclosure. Finally, sharpen to your taste.

  5. Thank you for response.
    It's not easy to strike the balance between of hints of ideas and leaving the space for viewers.
    This photo is about the treachery of words.
    I should point out that the abstract art and surrealism are my favorite streams of fine art, so I try to move my photography in the similar directions.
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  6. phone2f.jpg

    I know, I have to pay more attention to PP. I agree, Michael, this looks much better.
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  7. Are you thinking of the fact that we see the word phone but the actual phone is gone?

    If that’s it, I’d say maybe it’s at the very beginnings of Surrealism but comes across to me as more of a pun. Even some of the more simple surrealist images have some kind of nuance and, at best, a depth to their message, often something almost secretive even in the most obvious images.

    As important is a refinement in their visual aspects. I recently saw an exhibition of Magritte and, in person, was struck by what a much more sophisticated painter he was than I’d realized before. In books, I was concentrating more on his ideas, but at the show his textures and patterns really played so masterfully with those ideas.
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  8. Sam, I didn't pick up on this aspect of the image until you mentioned it. Once again, I am learning from you.
  9. You are all missing the point. The letter “e” has been struck out by the branch so the word is “phon” which is Swahili for “rubbish”

    It’s a transliteration of a biliteration.
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  10. At last, a nothing is allowed to become nothing again.
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  11. selfie
  12. Careful, Sam’s got the hots for someone.
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  13. Yes, constructive critique.
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  14. Hahahaha hahahaha
  15. I hope the biliteration never is obliterated.
  16. I hope the biliteration never is obliterated.
  17. I hope the biliteration never is obliterated.
  18. “Nothingness lies coiled in the heart of being - like a worm. Nothingness is at the heart of being.”

    —Jean-Paul Sartre
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  19. I see Sammy’s been on QuotesRUs again.
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  20. You, probably, can't call this a pun. I was trying to play around the notion that words are not the objects.

    Some genre of photography have very limited tools, in compare to painting, to tell the story. That why, Sam, you can look on this as a minimalistic phrase.


    Absolutely, You can look on this as you want.


    Yes, many saw these movements of the beginning of 20th century as you described.

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