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Discussion in 'Nikon' started by ilkka_nissila, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. I finally got my hands on the 28mm f/2 Ai-S in a mint but pricey copy at Grays
    of Westmister in London.

    It seems to work beautifully on my F100 and I'm looking forward to using it on
    a D3 as a fast wide for indoor photography in the near future. I'm wondering if
    anyone has used it on a Canon or a Kodak FF DSLR, and if the image quality in
    the corners was okay? I'm happy using it as a normal on D200 and wide on 35mm
    film, but still it would be nice to know about the FX/35mm DSLR situation.

    I have to say that the manual focusing is so much easier on this lens than the
    AF primes which I have. Long smooth movement and the wide open image is crisp
    and easy to focus using.

    The shop also had lots of other mint manual focus stuff which I unfortunately
    am not equipped to buy at this time. Hopefully the D3 will work well with PC
    Nikkors and some of these nice wide angle primes Nikon has made over the years.

    I barely missed the Noct-Nikkor they had sold on Thursday. Pity ;-)
  2. Hi,

    I live in the West Midlands in the UK and when I used to use Nikon MF gear, I used to visit London and pop into Grays. A fantastic place for any Nikon user...truly marvelous.

    cheers Steve.M.
  3. One should not extrapolate findings on "FF" Canon/Kodak cameras to the D3. Sensor technology is very different although the format is virtually the same. We might be in for some surprises, but time will show.

    I have used my 28/2 AI for decades. Always being one of my favourite Nikkors, it continues to produce excellent results on my D2x and hopefully on the D3 as well. I'll make sure this lens is amongst the first I run on the D3 later this autumn.

    (by the way, I paid less than $100 for my 28/2 in mint condition many moons ago, less than $150 for my Noct AI. Times (and prices) have certainly changed since then).
  4. Congrats! It is a great lens. I purchased mine after reading Bjorns review. Mine is the non-ai K style. I don't use it as much as I would 24 2.8 and 35 1.4 are usually the ones that get packed in my bag.
  5. Gratulations Ilkka. One of my best lenses. I used it from the time when the first copies came to California way back when I used to live there. Took it to the desert on the F body many times. Nice to shoot into the sun. Also excellent including close up objects into a larger scene. Now I got the newer AIS copy with a late serial number. If I ever run across one for 100$ in mint condition I get a backup :)Here in Germany these run more like 150EU on ebay. Cheers Walter OO - even the scan must be old - I can see the striping marks of my first scanner. The image must be taken about 30+ years ago.
  6. I bought mine in 2006 for $240 after reading Bjorn's review, a great call.
  7. I bought mine in 2006 for $150 after reading Bjorn's review, a great call.

    Sorry, couldn't resist!
  8. One more Bjorn-influenced purchase here. I am buying it mainly to supplement by 24/2.8 AI for those "in the sun" shots, of which I seem to do quite a few. I just bought one off FleaBay for $140, cosmetically rough, but is supposed to be optically good. We shall see. With all those MFs I have been getting after purchasing a D200 I should probably invest in a KatzEye
  9. Boyan, do get the Katz Eye screen! I can't thank that company enough.

    All my 35mm format wide angles are now manual focus.

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