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  1. I have this page bookmarked from years back, and just now when I went to investigate it, I discovered it's not
    online anymore:

    I know I found some good info under before, so I'm curious what made me bookmark this
    panorama page.
    I don't suppose anyone has the page saved by any chance?

  2. Did you try the Way Way back machine?
  3. Unfortunately, the Internet Archive doesn't have the page archived (or won't display it at least) because of the site's robots.txt file.

    Also, none of the pages under are online anymore as seen by following the links in Tom's post.
  4. My memory is coming back: I frequented the site when I was looking for a fisheye lens. had a lot of informtaion about the Peleng fisheye. I lost sight of it after I bought one (Peleng).
    It's quite strange that I can't find any reference, bookmarks or links on my harddisk about the site - or about the Peleng. Thanks for the question, now I'm wondering what more information I have lost :)

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