Year + Views TRP Search = FUN ! :-)

Discussion in ' Site Help' started by mg, Aug 14, 2005.

  1. mg


    Try the Views search with "Year" as time period search criteria... Fun... I'd say
    that 90% or so of the first 200 listed photos are all by... one single

    Please don't get me wrong: this photographer shoots really great nudes, and I
    like his work very much, but...

    Doesn't it defeat the purpose of this - or any other - search, to feature only one
    or a couple of photographers...?

    It would be nice to see some photos by a few other photographers too: those
    photographers who had - maybe just once - one of their pictures noticed by
    many members...
  2. Well, you got to wonder though. This particular photographer also seems to no longer bother to submit anything to the Rate Recent queue, where he may get some honest ratings of his work. It *is* really good stuff, but he'd not get quite as high a score on the RR.<br>
    That is starting to happen more and more, though you may consider it is not a bad thing. When you submit to the RR queue you are likely to get some oddball ratings that are way out of line, and almost always toward the low side. Some folks seem to have given up on the RR and now just have their friends rate their photos.<br>
    I like the suggestion of categories for the gallery views. And yes, "nude" would be a popular category, but so what? I for one would like to filter on "steet", which is a subject that otherwise would not show up on the top views much. The only reason I can see that this is not done is that it would slow down the algorithms that make the top photo views. But maybe it would be worth it and increase traffick to the site.

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