Year In Review - Ten Favorites

Discussion in 'Nature' started by fgorga, Dec 29, 2017.

  1. Here are ten of my favorite wildlife photos from the past year.

    I initially tried to choose only five, but this exercise is like trying to choose your favorite child!

    Clapper Rail (St. George Island, Florida, March 2017)

    Willet with Prey (St. George Island, Florida, March 2017)

    Alligator Reflected (Okefenokee NWR, Georgia, March 2017)

    Green Anole (Okefenokee NWR, Georgia, March 2017)

    Juvenile Green Herons (New Hampshire, July 2017)

    American Rubyspot (New Hampshire, August 2017)

    Canada Darner with Prey (New Hampshire, August 2017)

    Bison (Yellowstone NP, September 2017)

    Mountain Bluebird (Yellowstone, NP, September 2017)

    Bull Elk Bugling (Yellowstone NP, September 2017)

    Anyone else game to post their favorites from the year?

    Happy New Years!

    --- Frank
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  2. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    Nice images, Frank. I especially like the willet image.

    Thanks for sharing. Happy 2018.
  3. 1 vote for the herons.....
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  4. Great stuff, Frank. I'll stick to five; otherwise, this thread could get incredibly long. Mine are my highest "Interestingness" per Flickr:

    [​IMG]Diamond Ring (Explored) by David Stephens, on Flickr

    [​IMG]Bringing Home Dinner (Explored) by David Stephens, on Flickr

    [​IMG]Pappa Makes Room For Mamma by David Stephens, on Flickr

    [​IMG]Coyote Hunts In Snow (Explored) by David Stephens, on Flickr

    [​IMG]Welcome To My Studio Mr. Finch... by David Stephens, on Flickr

    Here's a Flickr Album, with my top 100 Interestingness, for 2017:

    Interestingness 2017
  5. Wow.
    I'm gonna sell all my camera stuff......
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  6. No no, don't do that.......just take a class at the D Stephens school of freaking amazing nature photography. There's a session every Monday.:)
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  7. Thank you Laura and Mark. People in Colorado, near Denver, passing through or permanent, are welcome to tag along. I've been privileged to help a few people advance their wildlife photography results. Usually, it's only a few techniques and small alterations in field craft. Luck comes with persistence, is my number one rule. Monday evenings is, indeed, a day that I'm usually open for business. I'm out, every chance that I get. (Another secret to success).
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  8. Nice thread Frank, thanks for starting it. I like your juvenile herons also. I like David's puffin, but the flickers are my favorite. I don't include the coyote because I can't get enough of those shots as it is.

    I haven't spent much time with my camera this year because of my other commitments. It's been a difficult trade off, but necessary for now. Hope it's ok to take the liberty of using images from other times.. I had some good ones this year, but I choose a few from past years that have remained my favorites for a total of 5. All but one are fungi, as one might expect from me. I enjoy photographing many subjects in nature, but none capture my imagination like fungi. The first 2 are from this year, and the remainder are from the favorites file.

    Monday nature 7-17.jpg

    A stacked image of the slime mold Metatrichia vesparium. While it has flaws, it was taken in the woods with ambient light and I liked the result.

    nature best photos2.JPG

    What's not to love about a creepy hand of Xylaria?

    nature best photos3.JPG
    The underwater looking image is a cropped 1:1 of tiny Chromelosporium coerulescens with little grubs grazing away. This is an anamorph of the genus Peziza.

    nature best photos4.JPG
    This is Microstoma floccosum. This is one of my favorite fungal images.

    mayfly ghost.jpg
    The mayfly apparition is one of my favorite non fungal images.
  9. Laura, impressive views of a mostly ignored aspect of our world. For some inexplicable reason, the slime mold is my favorite.
  10. Tony Parsons

    Tony Parsons Norfolk and Good

    As ever, beautiful images. The Microstoma reminds me of birds in a nest waiting to be fed.
  11. David, Tony, thanks for the kind words.
    David, I love slime molds. Like most folks interested in fungi, I passed them by for many years. Then, about 5 years ago I started to look at them and was smitten immediately. WOW, I'd been missing out all this time! They are very, very small and look like something from planet elsewhere. Maybe their otherworldly appearance is drawing you in.
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  12. I always enjoy seeing things I've passed over in Nature.
    You present them well Laura.
    Thanks for sharing your work.
  13. Thanks Mark, I opened Monday in Nature every week for almost 4 years. The vast majority of images were fungi. There are many excellent fungal photographers in the nature forum. I hope they show up here to share.
  14. I guess my amusement with this particular corner of photography goes back to the old second hand microscope my mother picked up for me all those years ago.
    Looking at wing and leg structures of any insect I could fit under the lens opened up a whole new fascinating world for that 9 year old back then.
    Makes me want to revisit an old hobby.
  15. Happy New Year!

    Come on everyone, join in, even if it's just one shot.
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  16. My favorite shot of 2017...A Great Horned Owlet fledged from the nest on May 1, 2017. The same mother owl has made a nest above entrance to Lady Bird Wildflower Center in Austin, Texas for 10 consecutive years. DSC_3261.jpg
  17. This is a great thread--there are some amazing photos here! I'll be coming back regularly to admire them over the next few months. Here are my contributions (which ones I select have a lot to do with what mood I'm in):
    First, for just plain strangeness, a photo of the zygomatic arch of a porcupine skull:

    Then, a few that don't need explanation:




    And finally, one of those magnificent fungi--a Hydnellum peckii, known for its bright red exudate:
  18. Love the wasp.....
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  19. Thanks, Mark! She led to a few moments of high drama. I found her walking across my living room floor, and I popped her in the refrigerator to slow her down a bit so I could make the photos. To make a long story short, it turns out that they warm up and reactivate a lot more quickly than I expected...
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  20. David,

    Thanks for participating. I am having trouble choosing a favorite as all are spectacular!

    --- Frank
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