Yashinon tele/wide on rolleiflex T

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by darko|1, Dec 30, 2009.

  1. Does anybody has experience using yashinon tele/wide converters on Rolleiflex T. Is there any problems with focusing ? Somewhere I have read that yashica convetrers will not focus on any other bodies properly. Please help.
  2. Darko, I have got a set of these Yashica converters and although they are Bay 1 fitting they will not physically fit on to a Rolleiflex Automat I've got, the problem being that the front lens on the camera is too far forward in the mount and clashes with the rear lens on the converter. This may not be a problem with other Rollei's like the "T", but you need to check.
  3. Thank you John. I have tried this converters but I am not satesfied. They are fitting (Bay 1) but I have infinity focusing problem.
  4. Hi Darko! Happy new year!
    I have both, the tele and the wide angle. I looked for them for a long time, even If I read that they were not good. And believe me, they aren't ... In fact they're so bad that I kept it in a box somewhere, with all the useless stuff I bought over the years, and I never carry them with me when I decide to use my loyal Yashica Mat 124G, just in case I have the bad idea to give them another try!
    They vignette a lot and also made some sort of blur that ruined every picture I took with them. And they looks in perfect shape!!!
    I don't know what happen when you try to use them on a Rollei, I don't have a Bay 1 Rollei, but, at least for me, it doesn't matter, they're just two pieces of optical junk. Strange that Yashica made them since the regular Yashinor is a reasonably good lens.
    If you need a TLR with a Tele and a Wide Angle and you can't afford the Mutar, better get yourself a Mamiya TLR.
    Good luck!
  5. Hi Juan,
    Happy New Year and thank you a lot for this advice.
    I just was curious about. I do have Hasselblad 500 C/M with 50, 80 and 150 for serious work.
    I wanted to use it with rolleiflex for my street shots where I need wide. It seemed to me perfect combination rollei+roleikin 16 (55x45) and wide converter.
  6. Hi Darko.
    I understand now why you were thinking on those Yashinon tele/wide lens.
    Some time ago I found myself in your position. Finally I decided to left MF to other stuff, not to take photos on the street. You know, I live in Buenos Aires (Argentina) and around here, when you take a MF camera on the street (whatever, TLR's Rolleis, Hasselblads, Mamiya 7, etc.) people stop to watch you and to ask this or that about the camera. Sometimes is funny, sometimes not. There's a lot of street robbering around here and I begun to feel unsafe when I took them out. Same happens when I go out with my old Leica or another "strange" old toy I collected over the years.
    The guy who service my cameras suggested me a Rollei 35, you know, very small, very good lenses, a classic. It's so small ans so quiet that it's perfect to take photos incognito. But it hasn't interchangeable lenses, and it's wasn't cheap, so I passed it.
    One day I found on a local shop an excellent Agfa Ambi Silette, with their three lenses (35, 50 & 90) for cents and I though: these could be an excellent camera for street shooting. It's only big problem is it hadn't a light meter but, hey, most of my old toys hadn't!!
    So, I bought it, and, after a C L A begun to shoot with it. And I was surprised to saw how good pictures it can take! For people in the street, is just an old ugly camera, nobody ask nothing, nobody stops, nobody cares. If some thief want it, hey, take it!! I can buy another for few bucks.
    I know, it's not MF, not even a Leica. But it do it's job properly. It have a nice, big and bright viewfinder, a clever bayonet system and a silent shutter. The only thing I dislike is that is a little heavy, but nothing compared to a Rolleiflex!
    Probably you are looking something different. 35mm is not the same. Once you tasted MF 35mm feels... I don't know how to say, not so good. But I print basically in 8x10in so 35mm works pretty fine.
    Well Darko, I only want to told you my own experience.
    Good luck!
  7. Hi Juan,
    Thank you a lot for your experiences, I am very glad to hear what and how it works for you. I had and also have a lot of equipment that I love to use for my shots. (I had also rollei 35 and I know what kind of fine pictures it takes). For my street photography I used to have Leica`s (M&R), Contax G1, Minolta (7IIs), Yashica`s (Lynx and GSN), also small digital cameras (Nikon 5000 & 5700). MF format is exciting for street also and sometimes I carry Hasselblad to. My Rolleiflex T is light camera and with rolleikin 16 it produces images 55x40 mm that is exciting for me. It is also very quiet and you can come so close. So I need something wide for shots with rollei. That was idea. For my other photos I am using large format (Sinar 4x5 and 5x7) , and digital Canon 40 which I can combine with Leica R lenses.
    Thank you Juan for your words and sharing your experience. Warm regards from Croatia. :))

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