Yashicamat 124G Tripod Mounting

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by weldon_bonnell, Oct 2, 1998.

  1. I have decided to purchase a Yashicamat 124G as my first medium format
    camera. My current tripod has the small screw size for 35mm cameras (I
    have a Canon AE-1). Is this the same screw size on the Yashicamat 124G
    or does it have the larger screw size as found on my Manfroto
    Professional Monopod (with a sleve for the smaller screw size)? If the
    Yashicamat 124G has this larger screw size, is there any way to adapt
    my tripod (or the Yashicamat 124G)?


    Weldon Bonnell
  2. It's a standard 1/4" thread. Where you will have fun is that the
    YashicaMat camera back incorporates the base too, so you can't change
    film on a tripod. That's the price of the 'L' shaped film path and the
    camera compactness.
    You can get 3/8" inserts to shift down to 1/4". It's going the
    other way that is awkward.
  3. s_p


    I had a hexagonal quick release plate to mount my Rollieflex on
    my tripod. The plate was just big enough that it covered the
    film door latch on the camera --- I had to remove the QR plate
    to open the camera and load and unload film --- a real pain. I
    used a hacksaw to cut a notch in the qr plate at the point it
    overlapped the film door latch, being careful not to cut away so
    much that it no longer was gripped by the jaws of the quick
    release tripod head. There was just enough room to get my
    finger in there to open up the film door latch. The Yashicamat
    has a similar film door.
    <p>If you find unloading and loading your Yashicamat to be
    inconvenient when it is on the tripod, you may want to consider
    getting a QR system. I adapted my existing system for which I
    had extra QR plates; one could also obtain a QR system with
    smaller plates that would not cover up the film door latch.
    <p>best of luck
  4. Hello. Consider using a dedicated tripod for the Mat's!!! For a number of years I have been using an Ambico 553 tripod for my EM's. They are lite enough to "drag" all over the country, relativly cheap so your retirement pension does not go Enron if you break it (I'm at 2 now) and when you put your camera bag (or the wifes purse) on the bottom hook, it will support movement free negs even at 30mph+ winds and 1/4 second exposures. I purchased two extra release shoes with the first one, so now have 5 shoes to put on any 35mm gear that comes along for the ride. Enjoy, Bill
  5. Once you get the thread issue figured out Weldon, another option for the 'Mat is the TiltAll tripod. I've been using them (I have one older version, which is heavier, and a new one too, still very nice) for years. The built-in tilt and pan feature is very handy for use with the 6x6 size. Make composing your subject a snap.

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