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Discussion in 'Accessories' started by zack_musarsa, Mar 20, 2005.

  1. Hey,

    I've wanted one of these cams for a while now but i just wanted to
    know what a good price would be for one? $250 for excellent condition
    too much?
  2. I sold mine for $300 on ebay, 3 years ago. $200-250 in good shape seems like the going rate these days.

    The question is - Is it worth it compared to other cameras you could get for the same price? You can now buy a used Leica Minilux or a Contax T2 for around the same price. The minilux and T2 are far better cameras in every way - period. The only benefit of the T5 is that it is a little more weather resistant. It also has the Super Scope finder which could be very useful for some applications. However, if I was to get a camera that would be abused by the elements, I'd probably go for the Epic for $79. Picture quality from the Epic (outdoors anyway) is very close to the T5, and it has better weather proofing. If it dies, I'm not going to cry over $80.

    Don't get me wrong, I loved my T5 for $149 new, but its "mythical qualities" (and resulting market value), vastly exceed its actual capabilities.
  3. Have you tried the Agfa Optima 1535?
    This is a plastic p and s camera amde in Germany from the late 70's.
    It has a 4 element 40mm f2.8 Solitar lens which is I believe a Tessar type lens.It also has a rangefinder and can do long exposures upto 15 seconds if I can remember right1
    I had the 535 version which did not have the rangefinder.The lens is superb!
    It is the ideal travelling camera!
  4. I have both T5 and Agfa Optima Sensor 1535. Like them both but for very different reasons. Agfa 1535 is more fun, better looking... but if I need a reliable compact to shoot events or go travelling I'd definitely opt for T5. Auto focus, auto winding/rewinding, and built-in flash, these "modern tech" do make it much easier for such occasions, IMO. I lost a T5 once and just had to buy another T5, even though I still got a dozen other p&s. Not just for its Zeiss T* lens but also for its many other merits.

    Still I wouldn't pay $250 for a T5, though, especially when it's not even new.

    Art ( http://www.silvermoon.idv.tw/ )

    ps: Agfa Optima sensor 535/1535 are not really "plastic p&s". It is metal underneath the black finish.
  5. Thanks for reminding me! I can remember that the film door was definitely metal.

    I think that the Yashica T series are just overhyped!
    Buy an Optima 1535 and used the saved money on better flm and processing.

    Another think is that the motordrives on 35mm compacts is the first thing that usaully breaks!

    Here is a good review of the Optima


    The exposure system is really accurate too!
    The only advantage of the T5 is it's flash and weatherproof body.
    Autofocus is only really useful in situations when a really quick pic is needed.In these situations an SLR is definitely better!

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