Yashica T4 crooked frame in viewfinder

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  1. Hi guys!
    I just got a fairly well used T4, which works perfectly as far as I can see but the frame in the viewfinder has slid down somewhat, so the upper left corner of the frame is closer to the center, and the lower right corner is completely gone outside the viewfinder.
    The center-circle in the middle of the vf is where it's supposed to be though.
    Now I haven't finished the first roll of film in it yet, but wondering, which consequences would the vf problem bring? Dows the frame in the vf have anything to do with light metering or focusing? Or is it simply to shot how much of the vf view will be on the film?
    Also, how much do these cameras usually go for these days? I mostly found T4 Super on ebay, and the t4s that are there were with box etc.
    thanks in advance!
  2. The viewfinder is just a viewfinder. It had nothing to do with the lens and the light meter is typically external on these kinds of cameras as well.
  3. I'm not sure what the T4 goes for today .. but I would pick up a used/broken T4 from one of the auction sites, take it apart and see how the viewfinder was constructed .. really can't be too complicated and probably something to be repaired with either placing the small part back in place or adding a drop of glue ..besides, a neat little feature of the T4 is that "superscope" that allows you to frame a shot without the viewfinder .. it takes a little practice but really does work well. Instead of the viewfinder circle, just use the superscope cross-hairs to finish your roll of film.
  4. Hi Alex,
    I have a T4 super and the only time I need the viewfinder frame is when I'm composing shots in the 'macro' focus zone of 0.7 to 0.3 metres for close ups, using the inner on the two frame line sets. The viewfinder is detached from the lens and meter mechanism but the two lights to the right of the finder eyelet give you focus and exposure confirm.

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