Yashica Samurai follow-up

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  1. Some time back I did a report/review of the Yashica Samurai 3.0X.( http://www.photo.net/modern-film-cameras-forum/00YvJm )
    At the time, we couldn't find any image evidence for the undoubted existence of the "left-handed" Samurai.
    I have finally found it and added pictures and ads at the end of the post referred to above (link).
    For those of little concern for all the details, here are the Yashica advertisement photos of the right- and left-handed versions:
  2. I wasn't sceptical at the time, but I'd never heard of such an obliging consumer awareness on the part of a photographic manufacturer. Now we know it really happened; I wonder how many left-handed units were sold? Can you think of any other examples of this choice being offered for photographic equipment?
  3. I can't think of any other example myself.
    That's one reason I thought it was worth the trouble to post and intrude it into other people's browsing.
    Of course, some people think the original Exaktas were ONLY left-handed. Some of the very last of the marque had both left and right shutter releases, but most people don't count those as Exaktas anyway.
  4. It was listed in our Kyocera dealer catalog at one time. Later, when the series was discontinued, the less popular left-
    handed version was heavily discounted to dealers. We never stocked them, though.

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