Yashica Mat with Luxamar Lens

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  1. One of my coworkers has offered to sell me a Yashica Mat pretty cheap. I have a 124G and love it, but this one is a bit older. I've searched the archives and visited a couple of Yashica Mat sites, but couldn't find any information on this particular model.
    It just says "Yashica Mat" on the front of the camera. The serial number is 75015, and it looks like the older Rollei TLRs. The lens is a Luxamar 80mm 3.5. There is no light meter, but it does have a crank winder, not a knob winder.
    He's going to let me test the camera and decide how much to pay between $50 and $75. BTW, the 124G belongs to my son. I'm looking for a smaller MF camera to take backapcking and shoot chromes.
    I found a lot of information on older Yahsica Mats at http://www.cs.tufts.edu/~jalbro/impact/yashica66.guide.html, but nothing on this particular camera.
    Does anyone out there have any info on this camera? Might this be the three-element version of the first Yashica Mat?
  2. The URL you mentioned in your question does -in fact- have a small section on the Yashicamat.
    Except for a few small trim items (and the meter) my 'Mat is the same basic camera as a 124G. 4 element tessar formula lens, crank wind, Bay 1 mounts, and auto shutter *X&$#**X&$#**X&$#**X&$#*. I must admit I've never seen a Luxamar lens model. I've heard of them though.
    No matter. If the camera's leather is solid, the glass is clean, and the shutter is close (have it checked) it doesn't matter if it's a 3 or 4 element lens. $50-75 would be a steal. As you know, these units take amazing pictures. Amazing! Shame they still don't make it, but there seems to be a millon of 'em out there for sale!
    I'd go for it! But then again I have 8 Yashica TLR's! (And more on the way)
    Nolan Woodbury
  3. I don't have the answer to your question, but I just purchased the same camera. This model has the serial number of 71832, so I'm assuming it's an older model.
    I've shot several rolls, both color and B&W both came out with excellent results. I'm in the process now of trying to find a wide angle lens for it.
    If I find anything else about the camera, I'll give you a shout.
  4. Hi, I have the said model of the 'mat with the luxamar lense. It rocks. I've shot slide (metering with my pentax) and landscapes. Contrast is fair even with no multicoating, and B&W is crisp.
  5. Hey Darron, I have this same camera with the Lumaxar 80mm lense. I bought my camera from a professional wedding photographer and it is in mint condition. I may have paid to much for it $160.00, but it takes beautiful picture in both B&W and color....Better than my Nikon FM which cost twice as much.....Buy if you like the 124. BTW I have the manual for this camera if you need a copy I can probably scan it...
  6. The Lumaxar lens fitted to early Yashicamats is a 4-element lens, the equal of a Yashinon and superior to the 3-element Yashimar or Yashikor.
  7. I just purchased the same 'mat, It came with a polarizing filter, and three zoom lenses(I think they are for a Rollei as they fit loosely). I, as many of you have mentioned, am wondering about this camera. I have two 35mm's, and have just recently been interested in medium, and large format. I do not have a manual for this, so I may be contacting y'all for info! As far as condition goes, I took it mostly apart, and cleaned it thoroughly. It looks like it'll work, so I just loaded film... Oh, I paid $75 US for it, and even if it just sits in my collection, it'll be neat to look at. Cheers!
  8. Are you sure the name of the lens is Luxamar? Some 45 years ago I bought my first TLR which was (and is) a Yashica Mat but my lenses is named Lumaxar 1:3.5 80mm (taking lens) and View-Lumaxar 1:3.2 80mm (viewing lens). It is a 4 lens Tessar type that has proven very sharp and even today I find it very useful and perfectly working after all these years so I believe it to be a good buy you won't regret.
  9. I also just acquired this camera. I think it used to be my Dad's. The ground glass viewing screen is cracked but the taking lens and the focus knob seems to work ok. The leather is in good shape. I just can't figure out how to get the shutter to engage. Also the winding crank doesn't turn. And I can't figure out how to open the aperture. Can anybody help me, or should I just hang this camera up on the wall as a conversation piece?

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