Yashica Mat Bay 1 Lens Filter

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by joshua_doss, Jan 28, 2017.

  1. Recently bought a Yashica Mat 124 and was curious if anyone had any advice about the close up filters? Noticed that as much as I love the camera it isn't super clear closer up. Thanks
  2. SCL


    When I had a Yashica Mat I occasionally used it with a close-up filter. You need to meticulously measure distances and stop down the aperture, use it on a tripod, especially helpful if you have a focusing rail. Clarity was never an issue.
  3. You do have an option to get a bay attachment to 49mm (I think) or something like that....and you can screw in any manuf filter/shade of your choice. I have one and it overlaps the taking lens quite nicely.
  4. Get the Rollei bayonet 1 closeup sets with the
    parallel corrector. Then do ad Stephen Lewis
    suggests. Only additional suggestion is to use a
    cable release.
  5. AJG


    Some cheap close up filters are pretty poor in quality, so Brian's advice sounds good to me. In my experience the real Rollei close up lenses are quite sharp and worth the money if you're critical about your work.
  6. Another recommendation for genuine Rollei Rolleinar close-up sets. They're very high quality and a used bay i size shouldn't be that costly.
  7. thanks so much for all the responses! Going to seek out one of those Rollei close up bay 1 lens!

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