Yashica Lynx-1000

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by andy_collins|1, Dec 8, 2007.

  1. Here's a shot I took with this camera recently. Even though the meter doesn't
    work well (it moves very, very slowly), using an external meter is easy enough,
    and since the camera has such a wide range of shutter speeds (1 sec to 1/1000)
    and a wide aperture range (the same speed and aperture range as many SLRs of the
    time, including my Canon FT), it's easy to shoot in a lot of different
    conditions. The camera is nice to handle too; it's got some heft to it
    weight-wise, but is relatively compact in comparison to later Yashicas, like the
    Electro 35 GSN for instance. The Lynx-1000 is a really nice camera with a very
    nice feel to it.
  2. Yes, they are nice cameras. I actually prefer the 1000 model to the later 5000 model.
  3. I do as well. It's more enjoyable to me to use the 1000 than the 5000/5000e or Minister-series cameras, and I actually like the size and feel of it better than the incredibly popular GSN and other Electro cameras. Nice shot of the camera.
  4. Here's some stuff I did with mine.<p> <a href="http://westfordcomp.com/classics/yashicalynx/index.htm">CLICK <a>
  5. Very nice, Gene. You're right--it would make a good weapon. It's one of those cameras that's just very well thought out, and grows on you the more you use it.
  6. The Yashica Lynx Series is wonderful! Here's a shot I took with my Lynx 14(e)
  7. Hi Andy, one of the best of the Yashicas for sure. I have both the 1000 and the 5000. You would reckon that going by the name, that the latter would have a top speed of 1/5oooth.

    I have just about finished doing my camera-of-the-month thing with the Lynx 1000, should be up in a day or two,

    Cheers, Tony
  8. Hi Andy - cool camera. Your landscape is nice indeed and your Yashinon handled varied lighting pretty well. Congrats and regards.
  9. Tony, I'm looking forward to reading your report. I really enjoy using this camera a lot and am impressed with its capabilities.

    Ralf, l. mar, thanks for the comments.
  10. Agreed. I used to have one of these which I rather regret selling now but you can't keep 'em all. I really liked the very,very quiet shutter too.
  11. Dammit - that's just added another camera to my ever-growing wish list. The Lynx looks gorgeous and the pics are excellent.

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