Yashica Lynx 1000

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  1. A few words and pictures with the Lynx 1000 here
  2. Well done, Tony - a very nicely researched article. My first serious camera was a Yashica Minister D in 1966, which although not so high-tech as the Lynx shared some of those classic Yashica 35mm CRF features.

    From a collecting viewpoint, I'm always surpised at just how little most Yashicas sell for. Maybe that's an indication of how successful they were back then, with so many still around today in proportion to the number of collectors! (Pete In Perth)
  3. Beautiful photos...
    By the way, what film did you use for these pictures ?
  4. A real classic camera, I have a strong feeling when holding it. Mine is 1.8 still making excellent picture with sunny 16, light meter gave up for a while. You always love these classic cameras, don't you ? Thanks, I like your site, back and forth many times. Minh
  5. Thanks, I also found a few of my cameras on your site. The what looks like a eucalycus (sp) tree image on the Pentax Spotmatic II review is just excellent.
  6. Today's 35mm cameras are so different and often look like toys.
    I still think the classics like the Lynx look like real cameras.
    Back in the 1960's one of the bosses has an old Minolta, it had an odd almost trapaziodal shape but had a 5 element f/2.8 lens, the travel photos he brought back were so sharp. Some of these old "machines" will be taking great photos as long as film is available.
  7. Great job Tony,Lovely photos
  8. Thanks for posting the link, Tony. Aesthetically and functionally this looks like a lovely camera. I've collected a few compact rangefinders already (Oly, Konica, Minolta) but for some reason hadn't noticed the Yashicas before. Now I really want one of these.
  9. Thanks for the comments all. Yann, I used Ilford HP5+ for the ute muster photos, Delta 100 for the other B&W's and Fuji Reala for the colour. Both B&W's were developed in Pyrocat HD.

  10. Tony, I commented on your site, but I'll say again here that I really enjoyed your article, and your pictures were very nice. The Lynx-1000 is a really nice camera that I believe is undervalued in the collector market, but that's okay by me. It's a very nice looking camera, but the features and capabilities are most impressive for any camera of that period, let alone a relatively compact rangefinder. Thanks for spotlighting it.
  11. Great work Tony. I visit your site from time to time and always look forward to your lovely monthly specials.
    Thanks for posting.

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