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Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by kris-bochenek, Jun 22, 2016.

  1. I missed you guys and this forum. I lurk sometimes, but not much time to post. I have been busy with photography, moving to new place and all other hobbies. Here I have a clean, good lookin' Yashica camera. I used it once and it seems to work, but it has trouble in low light situations- pictures come out very underexposed, where in outdoor light, they are just fine. Anyways to whomever posts first with indicated interest in it, it ships free to lower 48. If anyone from our international friends want it, it will be $20.00 to ship.
    Thank you,
  2. That's my favorite street shooter, and the one I grab off my shelf most often. I hope it finds a good home with someone who will make use of it.
  3. Kris,
    I'd love one. I have been wanting one for some time. My friend from way back had one before he went Leica and we always admired its results.
    Thanks for the generous offer!
  4. Kris,
    glad to find that you are at least lurking.
    Power to you!
  5. Hello,
    The camera is gone. It's going to Spencer Lange who PM'ed me about the camera. Enjoy!
  6. I absolutely loved that model as a retailer in the seventies, and shot lots of Kodachrome from a number of them I owned myself.
  7. A generous gesture, Kris. Glad to see it going to a good home. When my family had a camera shop we sold a fair number of GSN's as well as the MG-1 (in kit with small flash). The GSN lens is a conventional design that is a good performer.
    As the number of working classics decreases over time, it makes giving them away even more generous. And extra kudos to those who revive inoperative cameras and then give them away.
  8. Robin Smith, how handy are you? I have a GSN needing some tender loving care. Cosmetics are nice but film door release is sticky.Shutter works,lens clear. Yours if you want it.
  9. Again... this is the best FORUM .. We are all so generous with gear.. The Animal Shelter for Claissic
    cameras... "To a Good Home" .. I'll drink to that!!

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