Yashica FRi film back / film loading

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  1. hi there everyone i need help with my Yashica FRi camera with the
    film back / loading the film in to it, as i have only recevied it
    today. please can u tell me what to do cheers in advance nath
  2. Open the back by pulling up the rewind crank. Put the film cassette in and draw the leader to
    to take-up spool. Insert the leader under one of the "petals" (there's no slot like other
    cameras of that era), advancing the wind-on lever if necesary. Close the back and wind on to
    number 1. Thats it. Alternatively, after opening the back, you could insert the leader first,
    draw the film back across the gate, and then put the cassette into its loading bay.
  3. With regard to the 'petals' or plastic clips on the film advance spindle, I believe these were designed for longer film leaders than are currently provided today. In any event, Yashica abandoned this design in all subsequent models - the film leader has a tendency to pop loose from the clip, resulting in 36 lost photos.

    You may want to LIGHTLY tape the leader to the spindle to ensure it stays affixed - it will still pull off at rewind time - if you haven't gone overboard with the tape.

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