Yashica Electro 35 GX + lithium battery

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by ndnbrunei, May 26, 2008.

  1. I went into some of the better photography shops in Hong Kong yesterday to buy
    the silver oxide batteries recommended for use with the Yashica GX and was
    stunned to hear you can no longer buy them.

    I was, however, shown a lithium battery that is apparently the equivalent of two of
    the silver oxide batteries.

    Has anyone tried the lithium batteries in their GX? and, how do you you use one
    battery to 'fill' the two battery slots in the camera?

    Thanks! Any help greatly appreciated.


  2. I haven't done it myself, but I know others have used springs and various other metals as a contact to either the positive or negative side. You will also need to use something like cardboard (a non-conductor) as a filler to hold both the battery and contact in place. JR
  3. You should be able to get the PX640a alkaline replacement in you country.

    Here's one from the UK


  4. I'm not sure what battery you were shown -- did they give you a number designation?

    Like Roger, I use the PX640A/PC640A's in my GX. Alkalines work just fine; the GX is like the GSN in that it will work over a wide range of voltages.
  5. The lithium battery is a 'Photo Lithium' three volt Sanyo CR-1/3N [on the back of the pack it has the desigation CR-1/3N-1BP(N)]. They make the point that the battery is long life and this is supported by a 2016 use by date!

    The battery seems to neatly fit into one of the two battery 'slots' in the base of the camera (but curiously not into the other - I think the battery compartment has seen some wear and tear over the years). I suppose I can use a spring (as Jeremy suggests) in the second battery slot to complete the circuit. Maybe a spring from a pen will suffice (?).

    I was trying to avoid the alkaline batteries because of their short life and the varying voltage the produce over their lifetime. The advantage with the lithium battery is that it fits with minimal adjustment (it might need a shim so it is a snug fit) plus the spring to complete the circuit. Unfortunately I cannot play with the camera until the weekend ... I'm way too busy with work!

    Thanks Roger and Donnie - it is good to know that the alkaline batteries are an option and that the camera will opperate with batteries of a wide range of voltages.

    Thanks to Jeremy for the advice about the spring or various other metals.


  6. Someone said the battery-shaped plastic dessicant holder im medicine bottles is a good replacement for many batteries ( as a plug) it can be wrapped in foil
    or a spring can be put in the center.

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