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Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by gib, Mar 9, 2007.

  1. gib


    I just ordered a battery adapter from the Yashica Guy to revive fully a Yashica
    Electro 35 rangefinder camera which I bought new way back when I was a mere yute
    (youth, I always like the movie My Cousin Vinnie). Two years or so ago I tested
    the Yashica by relying on the default battery-less shutter speed of 1/500 and
    show a roll and adjuste the aperture according to light and shade. The test roll
    came out real well and I never got around to hunting down a battery solution.
    The lens is a sharp Yashinon-DX 45mm f1.7 taking 55mm filters.

    So my question is has anyone revived one of these with a battery adapter to
    circumvent the non-availability of the old mercury batteries that were the
    original power source for these cameras. Any tips, tricks or pitfalls that you
    can advise me of?


  2. gib


    The camera in question is a black finish GT model and strictly speaking may fall just outside of the scope of this forum, sorry about that but my thirst for knowledge is unquenchable. Forgive me for bending the rules.
  3. The Yashica Electro 35 is not dependant on the original 5.6v it is happy with anything from 4.5v - 6.5v, A suitable battery, PX32, has never been out of production just a change from mercury to alkaline. Have a look here http://www.photobattery.com/PX32.html

  4. The black GT model I believe is from the late 60s so should be in the scope of this forum.

    I also acquired an adapter from tbe Yashica Guy and works perfectly.

    I have also a black GT and it had to be repaired of the "pad of death" issue and now is an excelent shooter, only complaint is a faint sencond image in the rangefinder.

    Read all the Yashica Guy site, has a lot of valuable information.

    Enjoy yor camera.
  5. A 4lr44 6volts battery works very well on my 35 gsn, there's however a problem of size. That camera would take anything between 5.5 and 6volts I think; too bad the 124 G lightmeter wasn't built like that. I love my 35gsn too, it's really an amazing camera.
  6. I have an Electro 35, and I use a PX32A-type battery (it's a little thicker and shorter than a double-AA), and it seems to work fine. The manufacturer's name on the battery is Exell (and the battery number is 32/A164), and I got it at a local "battery" store.

    I've taken some very sharp pictures with this camera, although the shutter is now kind of sticky, and sometimes produces screwed-up half-frame pictures. I wonder if it just needs some servicing, because I also like the camera very much.
  7. All you need is a short bolt, a trimmed business card and 2 batteries off the shelf from Walgreens. Trim the business card to fill the battery hole bore (keeps the batteries from rattling around. Push in the trimmed card. drop in the batteries. Install the bolt (get it at ACE). The bolt acts as a spacer. All of this takes about 3 minutes. Done.
  8. BTW I have 3 of these cameras. Lens is good but nothing to write home about. A nice camera, but somewhat overrated. Mine are going on Ebay soon. 1 parts, 2 functioning.
  9. Bill, I also use a black Electro GT with the Yashica Guy's battery adapter. It works perfectly and the exposure is dead-on accurate. For the price including the battery it is best buy around and I think the Electros are highly underrated. This is a sample.
  10. I considered buying the adapter, but realized that I don't use my Electro enough to justify the expense.

    I use an off-the-shelf 6v battery (sorry, I'd have to go dig out the camera to check the size), and it works fine: I built up its circumference by winding a strip of paper around it; and built up the length by shimming it with a small wad of aluminum foil.

    Mission accomplished.
  11. I use the PX28A battery (same one that goes in the Canon A-series cameras) with my Electro GT, and it gives perfect exposures in all lighting conditions (I don't know how it does it, but it's awesome!). I used a spring and some paper wadding to make my own adapter, and it's worked fine for several years now. The lens is very, very sharp - just a little flare prone...but that's probably because my example was fungus-damaged at one point. Overall, I love the Electro.
  12. gib


    I bought mine after I had to sell my university days camera, a Pentax SP1000, to settle a debt. Looking at the information on the yashica guy pages, Yashica sold a lot of these cameras back then. Millions of them.

    I remember getting some decent shots with it. I like the size in my hands. Perhaps the nostalgia factor is clouding my judgement but I am looking forward to putting this one back into action.

    If I was 100 per cent sensible I would stick with my Bessa R and two CV lenses a 50mm Nokton and a Classic f2.5 35mm and make use of its bright viewfinder.

    The viewfinder on the GT 35 is pretty good but the R is better.

    What the heck a little nostalgia never hurt.

    Thanks for all the advice and information, I appreciate it.

  13. Hi, Gibson. See the Yashica Guy web site, for solve your problem with their battery adapter. Anyway, all the Yashica Electro 35 models can woark with the silver oxide PX 28. The proper adapter is simply to hand made. To take the correct exposure values, adjust the ISO setting.
  14. You are absolutely correct that nostalgia won't hurt. All of my cameras came from thrift stores or junk boxes. I think my total investment for all three is around $15.00
  15. My first "real" camera was an Electro 35 in 1969. Bought it new at the PX at Camp Zama in Japan while there on R&R from my lovely all expenses paid vacation in VietNam. I carried that camera with me in the field for the rest of my tour. Right now it is sitting on a shelf with a newer GSN. Both still work. I have batteries made at Batteries Plus - I believe they are 4 1.5 volt buttons. A little expensive but a working solution.

  16. gib


    My adapter and battery arrived today in the mail. I loaded it in my Yashica Electro 35 GT and the over and under lights did their thing. I will try to shoot a roll over the next day or three and post some results.

    Thanks for all the information and advice posted to my question.
  17. I own a GX. These lenses takes great low light pictures. Add a sunshade, and they will excel in daylight also. Good luck and show us the pictures.
  18. takes = take

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