Yashica-A Shutter Issues- Please help!

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  1. Hi there,
    I acquired one of my grandfather's camera's - a Yashica-A TLR. Awesome, right? It is great and I just purchased a ridiculous amount of film for a new series (super exciting!), however tonight as I was cleaning the body, I went to test the shutter release and...nothing. The shutter is closed, and I can move the lever back and forth, however it seems as though it is not catching. I read to never leave the shutter cocked and well...a friend of mine was examining the camera and that may have happened and then hit got jostled??? Ahhh I just don't know.
    With that being said- couple of questions...is this something I may be able to fix on my own? I've noticed I may be able to lift the front of the camera off to investigate but I'm not willing to destroy this camera based on a hunch. If that isn't a feasible option, does anyone know how much it might cost to get this repaired? I'm hoping it would be a simple fix but who knows...Any help would be very much appreciated!
  2. Do Not Disassemble. There's a lot more to it than meets the eye.
    The instruction manual, http://www.butkus.org/chinon/yashica/yashica_a/yashica_a.pdf on page 6 shows a cable release that is attached by unscrewing the ring around the shutter release and attaching it there so, Is the shutter release fully extended? Unscrew the trim ring 1 to 2 turns and see if it makes any difference. Operate the shutter release a few times. Turn the speed dial to each speed from the slowest to the fastest trying the setting/cocking lever and release on each speed.
    I speculate it has sat for years and the lubrication in the shutter has dried out causing the shutter to stick or the shutter speed dial was turned with the shutter cocked causing the components to go out of sync and it might go back to operating if your lucky working with the speed ring otherwise send it out for servicing or use it for a decoration.
  3. A handful of years ago I bought a Yashica-C for $10, "not in working condition," and the shutter appeared to be frozen. I got it taken apart (had to unscrew the taking lens's mount, brushed it lightly with naptha and a soft brush, and got it working pretty well. Unfortunately, I also appear to have removed all the coating from the taking lens, turning it into something of a soft-focus camera. I'd advise trying NOT to paint off the lens coatings. :) Still, it takes photos and it has given me much more than $10 worth of fun since then. :) GL!
  4. This sounds exactly like what has happened to my Yashica 635 - the shutter cocking/release lever just moves back and forth. Since I have other cameras and this is a $30 yard sale camera, I have yet to do anything with it. If mine were a family camera like yours, I'd likely send it off for a proper repair job. Or if you want an adventure, you probably could clean it yourself, but if it becomes a "box of pieces" not all repair folks will want to take on the job.
    Here is a recent thread on Yashica TLR shutters:
    I also had this in my Bookmarks:
    http://www.photo.net/medium-format-photography-forum/008KSL with a link to Mark Hama. The 2004 price quoted in that post is probably somewhat higher 10 years later.

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