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  1. Hello I have a Yashica 635, but there appears to be a problem. The pictures come out something like the linked picture. http://static.flickr.com/91/215400976_088d74eff0_o.jpg Someone on another forum suggested that ther might be a pience of film somewhere in the camera, but I cannot find any, and I gave it a proper inspection prior to the last roll. Still the 'mark' remains. Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this? Help is appreciated. Thanks Paul
  2. Is it on the negative also?
  3. My guess (and it is only a guess) is that one of the shutter leaves is askew or sticking.
  4. Could be one of the blades for the F-stop Iris as well, but with the rounded tip, it does look like a shutter blade (Statement made after I checked out my 635)
  5. No, the star and the arrow do not appear lol.

    The mark is appearing on the film after processing, whether it be C41 or E6. the image I posted is a mock-up in photoshop because I dont have a medium format scanner (yet).

    If it is the shutter, would this be easy to get fixed?
  6. Paul,
    It is hard for me to imagine such a sharp shadow in the film plane being cast by a shutter blade within the shutter/lens assembly. In my opinion, there is something in the upper right corner of (or very near) the film plane. Look in the back of the camera again for some foreign object in that location. Open the shutter on Bulb, and look through the back to see light. Concentrate on the upper right area of the film frame, and you may see a small object. Does it happen on every picture? If so, shouldn't be too hard to find.

    Just my idea.

  7. The 'shadow' is sharp enough for the object to be at the film plane. Open the back of the camera and hold an affected negative upside down with the emulsion facing the lens. The object should be exactly under the 'shadow' on the film.
  8. Ah ah, I think I might have identified the problem. Wait for it..... Well to me, the rewind release button for the 35mm adapter looks very suspicios. I attach a picture for reference. Perhaps I am simply using the camera incorectly. Thanks
  9. I have a stripped 635 body in the junk box. Looking at it, and your picture, I can see that is likely your problem. Pull the knob out, and turn it a little, and it will stay out of the way.

  10. I agree, ignore my previous post.

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