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  1. Greetings,
    Just wondering what the general consensus is on this lens? Any user experiences would be appreciated.
  2. I have been using this lens for 27 years, it was the kit lens with my FX-7, my first SLR. Optically it is very nice, never had any reason to complain about it. It is well made and tolerates unspeakable abuse. The zoom range obviously is modest, it really is just a normal lens that saves you the trouble of taking a few steps forward or back. And considering this, it is slow. But I liked the image quality better than any of the 28-80 type zooms that I've tried.
  3. Sometimes referred to as a "framing lens" because they were very useful in fine tuning the composition of a photo rather than making major changes. We sold a few of 'em as well as the Fuji equivalent. Sometimes they got a bad rep, but it was mainly because being slow it was sometimes hard to focus. At the time these lenses were made this range and maybe a few of the better 35-70's were as much range as one dared to go for unless prepared to spend major bucks or settle for a mediocre performing 28-80 or so. I tested one once and thought it was pretty good. Why? At this time it was relatively easy to make a good performing zoom at a economical price if the zoom range was kept to 2:1 or less.
    The verdict: definitely a keeper. You may want to add a fast normal prime later for low light situations. Should make a good "walking around" lens.
  4. August certainly has it right in comparison with 28-80 zooms. The Yashica 28-80 ML is not my favourite in the range, and it is outclassed by the excellent 28-85 ML, though it's not a lightweight. I like the 35-70 ML as a walkabout lens.
  5. I have had one of those for years. I carry a Yashica FX-7 often as a toss-in-car walk-around camera, and that's what is usually on it. I had another on my now-defunct FX-1, and it's one of the reasons I grabbed the FX-7 at a yard sale. It is slow, but with its short zoom range obviously not entailing a lot of optical compromise, it's pretty sharp.
  6. Didn't Fuji also make an oddball zoom with a similar range?
  7. Used 42-75's really are a bargain. I noticed KEH has one in BGN condition for only 13 USD. Really attractive now, considering the manual focus 28-80's offered mostly are f3.5-5.6 instead of 3.5-4.5 like the 42-75. I agree that the 28-85 ML was a good lens, but it is heavy compared to the 42-75. If you get the lens, Brian, be sure and post some pictures.
    Jeff, Fuji offered a 43-75. My family's camera shop sold quite a few of them as well. This one is 7 elements in 7 groups.
  8. Flare control with this lens is pretty good, too:
  9. Thanks so much for the answers. I own the lens but have never used it. I am behind on a final for school and my normal lens broke and really didn't have time to test this lens. I really liked how things were framed at around 70mm on this lens. Anyway the shots will be souped in the morning and I feel a lot more confident thanks to you all.
  10. Above, Mike Gammill mentioned the "Fuji equivalent" lens. More on that:
    Fuji made a fine M42 mount Fujinon-Z 43-75mm/3.5-4.5 zoom that shows up occasionally on eBay and elsewhere. This was standard equipment on their Fujica AZ-1 SLR.
    I have no problem focusing my Fuji zoom outdoors under most conditions. I use it with a Vivitar XC-2 camera (made by Cosina) that has a bright focusing screen.
  11. My first impressions of the 42-75 were not positive, but I've acquired another (it was too cheap to overlook) and will take it for a spin and see if my first impressions are changed by this copy, and if it supplants my normal short zoom, the 35-70.
    I agree with Mike about the weight of the 28-85ML ; it's not a pocket lens, and it needs a wide lens hood in my experience, but I can forgive all that for the versatility and the optical quality. In fact, I so didn't want to be without this lens that I bought a second as a spare.
    I'm also looking forward now to seeing how my experience with the 42-75 compares with August's.

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