Yashica 24 lensmount tilts when focussing

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by sprouty, Feb 23, 2006.

  1. Sorry if this has been asked and answered before but I couldn't find
    anything when searching.

    Anyway I just got my first TLR, a Yashica 24 in very nice condition,
    but noticed something when moving the focusing wheel: the entire
    lens-mount(lens-plate, lens-board?) tilts left or right (depending on
    whether or not I'm focusing closer or farther away). The tilt is quite
    noticeable, maybe a degree or more each way.

    Now obviously this has me concerned, but the strange thing is that the
    first roll of film I ran through it looked fine. No noticeable light
    fall off or focus issues at the edges of the print.

    So my questions are: is this normal? Can this be repaired (is it worth
    it?) Or should I even worry about it?
  2. cpj


    It is not normal and is typical of a camera that has been dropped from a pretty good
    height--4 feet or so. The gears that move the lens standard (board, mount, etc) are out of
    sync. This can be just a matter of a one-tooth jump in some cases but it sounds like it is
    more serious. When the whole board shifts as you go from infinity to 3-feet over the
    focus range you've got a real problem.

    I'd take a guess and say that there is one or more broken or bent teeth on the main gear
    attached to the focus knob or the whole track-rack is bent. I'd estimate the cost to just
    "take a look" is probably $75 and perhaps $100 to fix if it is only a "jumped out of
    alignment" problem but is sounds worse.

    You might want to run a test roll at a wide aperature--f 3.5--and look at the results, but
    don't be surprised if it just confirms the worst.

    Get your money back !
  3. "When the whole board shifts as you go from infinity to 3-feet over the focus range you've got a real problem."
    Thanks for the response CPeter.
    Just to be clear it only shifts as you start to move the focusing wheel (in either direction and no matter where the focus position is initally), then it sort of evens out and continues to move. It also doesn't seem to bind during the movement. Finally, I can't get the lens standard tilt when I press (lightly) on it by hand.
    I'll shoot another roll tonight wide-open on something that might be easier to determine focus errors, like a brick wall.
    Thanks again.
  4. SP, This isn't as bad a problem as the previous poster made it to be. First of all, There are NO gears in the focus mechanism in any Yashica Mat, or Yashica 24, so that pretty much negates what has been posted. Also, if your camera had been dropped from four feet, you would most likely see evidence on the exterior of the camera.
    However, there are slack adjusters and adjustable rails that the lens mount and support arms run on. Over time things can get out of adjustment in this area. It's not uncommon for a Yashica to be slightly out of adjustment on the slack adjusters but still take good pictures. When you can see it as you describe it needs service, but it won't hurt to keep using it if you are happy with your photos.
  5. No broken gears? Well that is encouraging. I did inspect it fairly well when I got it and again this morning and I found no signs of dmage from a drop. I have to say the camera is remarkable well kept for an almost 30 year old piece of equipment. In fact it's absolutle scratch-free where it looks like the case might have covered. Which is kind of why I hate to send it back.

    Any way thanks for chiming in, I plan on running through a roll tonight just to see what happens wide open.

    I also called my local camera repair shop, they'll take a look at if I want. They do free estimates and are very reasonable in price.
  6. It's common problem on Yashicas and your local camera service should resolve that easy. I experienced noticeable tilt lensboard problem on few Yashicas I had in my hands. My lovely Y-Mat 124G tilts to the right focusing between 60-ty feet and infinity (no drop at all), but at f/11 it delivers so sharp, marvelous images I'm not bothering in any adjustment.

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