Yashica 124g Unloading Problem

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by bobby_janes, Jan 25, 2020.

  1. Hello,

    I've returned to photography after a time away and moved up from 35 mm film to medium.
    I bought a Yashica 124 g mat recently and have put three films through.
    All fine. So far.

    However, last time out, after shooting 12 photos I rewound the film correctly.
    Unfortunately, instead of rewinding clean, the mechanism continues past 12 and onto 1, 2...etc
    I stopped here.
    I originally set the film internally correctly for 12 shots.

    I've seen similar problems in the forum but not the same.
    Has anyone any suggestions? Or suffered a similar problem?

    Greatly appreciate any suggestions.
  2. Hello again,

    I'll post in case this may aid somebody else with a similar problem in the future.
    In the end, I rewound twice, firing each time to get onto the next shot.
    Kept lens on. Hopefully no light leaks.
    It popped open when inspected. Film wound.
    It was set for 12 120 originally. I am none the wiser.
    I suspect either I missed something very obvious
    or the old camera has quirks.
    Either way. All good. In the end. Thanks for reading.
  3. Yes, there's no rewind with 120 film. I can only imagine the mess of backing-paper and crinkled film if there was!

    IIRC, the frame-counter of the 124g is only reset to 1 when the back is opened. Therefore I suspect that you may have inadvertently sprung the back open without realising. If not then maybe the counter reset mechanism has become worn and faulty, or the back of the camera may be bent or loose.

    Whatever; there should be no way for the counter to jump back to 1 after 12 without passing through numbers 13 to 24.
  4. Yes, I meant, wind. Still thinking of a 35 mm camera.
    The yashica is a new country to me.

    Thanks for the info. Appreciate it.

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