Yahoo Photos shutting down

Discussion in 'News' started by bobatkins, May 4, 2007.

  1. News from Yahoo:

    "Yahoo Inc. is shutting down Yahoo Photos, an online photo storage site, and
    asking users to move instead to its Web 2.0 photo sharing site, Flickr.

    In June, tens of millions of registered users of Yahoo Photos will be notified
    of various options including upgrading to Yahoo's Flickr service or various
    outside-photo storage sites, according to Flickr co-founder Stewart

    Outside sites include PhotoBucket -- the most popular online photo sharing
    service among users of social network sites like News Corp.'s MySpace -- or
    more conventional photo printing and storage site such as Kodak Gallery
    Shutterfly Inc. or Snapfish, he said.

    "Flickr will get top-billing, of course," Butterfield said in an interview
    late on Thursday about the plan to give users multiple alternatives.

    Butterfield and co-founder Caterina Fake, his wife, sold Flickr to Yahoo in
    2005. Butterfield is now a director of product management at Yahoo."
  2. Good riddance. It was ****
  3. it won't be missed.
  4. It was only a metter of time.

    The scary part is what Microsoft will do to Flickr if today's market rumors are true about them buying Yahoo.
  5. Yahoo rebuffed the offer:
  6. That's not quite what that article says.
  7. It did last night!
  8. Previous purchase talks ended inconclusively, but they are apparently (sporadic and) ongoing. Google's got everyone else scared.
  9. That is not what I received in a message to my address in Yahoo. They announced that they were expanding their site, and all current users would get almost double the space they have had...
  10. Robert, how precisely does that preclude a merger or partnership?
  11. Old joke (actually not so funny):

    Q: How do you know when a corporate spokesman is lying?

    A: You see his lips moving.

    In the corporate would, everything is rosy, nobody is stealing funds, nobody is ever going to be laid off, there's no possibility of a merger or a buyout and profits will likely be up next quarter.

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