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  1. I have been using my Canon Digital Rebel XT for three years now and have been happy with it. But lately I have
    noticed that when ever I change lenses I get dust on the sensor. For the first two years no real problems just
    within the past year it has been a common occurrence, no changes in my lens changing habits. So my Arctic
    Butterfly has been getting a work out.

    Along comes the Canon’s Digital Rebel XSi with Integrated Sensor Cleaning. Does anyone have any comment on how
    good a job it does on keeping the sensor clean? I know making lens changes will always present a challenge for
    keeping things clean just wanting to know if it is worth it.

    A second question is how long is the Bulb setting on the XSi? Some websites and documentation make it sound as
    if it is limited to 30 seconds or some time limit, beside the battery dying. I have had no problems with the XT
    at 15 minutes, with an AC adapter.

    Any info would be deeply appreciated before I jump on the XSi. Thanks.

  2. The sensor cleaning, I am sure does help, but does not take care of it 100%. So you will still need to clean it from time to time. Just maybe a little less often.

    Bulb, as with any EOS camera, it will keep the shutter open until the (shutter)button is released, or the battery dies. There is no time limit. Any Canon DSLR can be set for up to 30 seconds exposure, but that is not "Blulb".

  3. The XSI has clean sensor manually function under the menus. This locks up the mirror to clean. You need to have battery charged up to do this. Not sure if that was what you were after.
  4. The auto sensor cleaning kept my XTi in very nice shape, in spite of very frequent lens changes, for the first year and a half. By then I think I had become complacent to the point that my lens changes went from frequent to careless, and on a trip to the Northwest, doing things like swapping lenses on the beach, for the first time I had pretty serious trouble with dust. I think I've got it cleaned back out now, or at least the great majority of it. Before that silliness, I think I had only had to do the manual cleaning thing once or twice since I'd had it.
  5. I haven't had to clean my XSi sensor yet...and it has been several month of almost daily use (since it came out in the USA).
  6. Joe:

    I have an XTi with that feature and a 30D and 5D that don't. I don't see any real difference in how many times I clean the sensors on any of these. I think this is just a "MARKETING FEATURE" and of limited real world benefit. I wouldn't worry about it if I were you.

    You may be getting more dust on the sensor now because you may have accumulated more static charge in the camera body that needs to be dissapated. I don't know how to do that, but maybe one time pro cleaning will do it then you could go back to cleaning it yourself again until it gets out of hand again.

    As for the B setting I think it's only limited by your available power.
  7. Thanks for all the answers.

    If the funding allows I will probably go for the XSi and hopefully the auto-clean will take care of the annoying dust specs that pop-up. As for the more charge build-up I have never thought if it is more problematic on dry days as compared to humid.


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