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  1. Hello, I'm new to the forum, and while this is not my first SLR, it is my first DSLR. I did some searches and read some old threads about the XS vs XSi, and decided not to get the XS with the 75-300 lens.
    Basically, I realize the XS has a slightly clearer picture (5.7 pitch vs 5.1), and I want the best body for the dollar at the moment, but I don't have a LOT of money to spend on it.
    So my next question is how do you all feel about refurbished products? I found some on adorama.com - a xsi with 18-55 IS lens for $479, or the XS with the 18-55 IS lens for $399. Is it worth the extra $79, or should I get the xs and put that extra $80 towards the 55-250 lens? Or should I go with a new product? (adorama offers a 1 yr warranty on refurb.)
    Thanks a lot for any suggestions!
  2. For me it would be a no-brainer to get the XSi. Better AF, higher bit depth, more viewfinder magnification, significantly faster RAW burst speed, infrared option for remotes, spot metering, slightly higher resolution... for just $79 more? No contest.
  3. Okay question on spot metering... I noticed that the XS didn't offer that... and only 7 vs 9 focal points... for anyone who has the XS how do you overcome not having spot metering? Just use partial metering? From what I can tell in my readings, spot metering is really only used when you have a very specific and different part of a picture you want to focus on... or am I way off? Couldn't I just use partial metering?
  4. Spot metering is a specialized tool. Some people could probably go their whole lives and not use it. Others probably use it every day.
    Spot metering isn't about focus, it's about determining the exposure (shutter speed/aperture/ISO combination) for your photograph.
    As far as budgets are concerned, that $80 isn't anything to ignore. Putting it toward a 55-250 is a good option, IMHO. Remember to buy a SDHC memory card as neither camera comes with one.
  5. I can't think of any compelling reason to get the XSi over the XS. If you're really concerned about $80, then this is a good place to save the money. In practical use, I'd wager that you could never produce consistent results to prove that either of these cameras is any better than the other. When you look at a 10MP test image next to the same 12MP test image, even at 100%, the difference is startlingly miniscule.

    Save your money, get the XS, and by all means avoid the 75-300! It is a complete junker. Get the 55-250 IS instead. The difference between these two lenses is collossal.
  6. Russell,
    I opted for the XSi over the XS about a year ago. My main considerations were larger LCD, Spot Metering and 3.5 FPS burst in RAW. The Spot Metering has not proven itself as being so important in my own shooting. The 3.5 FPS burst has proven itself for me on several occasions. For me, $80 more for the XSi would be worth it.
    That said, I did buy the EF-S 55-250IS too. I like this lens and think it is a very good buy on a budget. There are times I wish it were faster and times I wish it were better in the AF department. But, I shot remote control car races two days ago with the EF-S 55-250 IS and the XSi in AI Servo mode and was surprised at how well the two worked together. My first attempt at it and I've never done it with any other equipment so I don't know how to compare it. One really enjoyable thing is that I've got a 4-5 frame sequence of one of the cars airborn and tumbling that would not have been possible with the XS.
    You didn't mention what you want to take pictures of, not in the OP, so only you can know if the burst rate will be important to you.
    I bought my XSi new. The refurb from Adorama might not be a bad option. They have a pretty good reputation. The one year warranty is all Canon would give you on a new camera anyway.
    If you're interested, here's a link to my Flickr set with the XSi and the EF-S 55-250.
    I hope this helps.
    DS Meador
  7. I have the XSi, I upgraded to it from an XTi mainly for the ability to use Live View, and the larger LCD. I use my camera for lots of table top shots of my model railroad projects, and Live View makes it a lot better, being to see the scene on the LCD, no squinting down through the viewfinder. I also use Live View with my slide copier, great for framing the shot properly. And the spot metering is great for models and slide copying, making sure I expose for the important parts. A freind saved some money and bought an XS, I was trying to show him how to use my slide copier but without Live View it wasn't the same. It depends upon your needs and uses I guess.
  8. Hey everyone thanks for your responses!
    I was the photo editor for my high school yearbook and did all the sports photography, but I graduated back in 2002. I still have my 35mm Minolta HTsi+; haven't used it in years. I just graduated this weekend and now that I have enough to get a good camera I want to get back into it.
    As far as what I would use it for, well that's unknown to me as of right now. I will probably use it for a mixture of everything; I will take plenty of pics of my birds, probably a good bit of portraits (I have a few female friends who have been asking me to do a photo shoot since I first mentioned this, haha), and then I guess vacations and what have you. I really like the 3.5 FPS burst; one reason I first was drawn to the XSi.
    I actually had found an XSI at Sam's Club for $547, with the 18-55 IS lens. I bought it yesterday, and took it back today (they overcharged me for my membership, ticked me off, then I found it cheaper online, so I canceled my membership got my whole $650 back I spent between the camera, membership, and taxes). I really liked that camera, but I have a LOT to learn.
    However, I found that lens to be rather useless, even in just taking 40 some odd pictures of my birds last night. How much do you all really use that wide angle of a lens? I don't intend to visit the grand canyon any time soon... haha. I ask because I can get the XSi + 55-250 IS lens for about $650, or XSi + 18-50 IS + 55-250 IS for about $675. It's almost worth the extra $25 just for the lens... I could probably eBay it for more than that.
    I just want something that's a good quality that will last for a while no matter what I decide to do with it. I guess versatility is what's most important to me; which is why I am still leaning towards the XSi.
    And here's a picture of my green cheeked conure if anybody's interested. It was shot full auto, and it's probably the 10th picture I took, so I was more enthralled with the bells and whistles than setting up a good picture, haha.
  9. Oh and great album DS! Thanks!
  10. Well, I just took the plunge. Ordered the XSi + 18-55 IS lens, a UV Filter, and cleaning kit for the lens. I'm defiantly going to get that 55-200 lens in the future, but I just decided to go for the nice body now and slowly build on my equipment.
    New question - the guy offered a diffuser for the onboard flash for $50. Didn't go for it; want to research it before I make a purchase... but has anyone ever tried one? I could get a decent flash for not much more than that can't I?
  11. Popup flash diffuser is available on eBay for about $4. It's not worth much more than that. You can get a third-party flash (full-size) for about $50. Canon has a new small attachable flash (the 270EX) for about $150. Their base full-size flash is the 430EX for about $280. The pro model is the 580EX II for about $450.

    The cheapest you can realistically upgrade your flash is with a TTL-only third-party model like a Bower for $50-60, and don't worry (or bother) about diffusion. That will not have as much impact as you think. Not on such a small scale, anyway. On-axis fill is on-axis fill, and a little diffusion doesn't affect it much. You're better off to bounce flash off the ceiling indoors, and use the flash bare-bulb outdoors. Anything more specialized and you'll need off-camera flash to control direction, shadows, etc.
  12. Nice. Found a diffuser on eBay for $3.83.
    I appreciate it. I know a guy back home whose a professional photographer, and I've always seen him bouncing the flash off the ceiling at any chamber of commerce event I go to, so I just figured I'd do the same thing.
    I'm sending adorama my old Minolta HTSi+ camera & lenses to see what they'll give me for it... and hopefully I'll use that to get the 55-200 lens, or at least subsidize it. But the next thing I am getting (not for a few months lol) will be one of those aftermarket flashes.
    Thanks everyone you all have been such a great help!
  13. Just one note, there's a difference between the 55-250 and 55-200 lenses. The one you should probably get is the 55-250. The 55-200 doesn't have an image stabilizer.
  14. You did check the vendor at www.resellerratings.com right?
    Be aware, there's lots of scumbags preying on those looking for the lowest priced deal.
  15. Alan, my bad. I meant the 250. With that amount of zoom, I defiantly want IS. Thank you!
    Arie, I actually was unaware of that website; I do have it bookmarked now though. But an acquaintance whom I had in one class last semester told me to check them out. I did some research on the company, saw pictures of their retail store, they actually have a lot of learning materials for free on their site which I found helpful... and much more technical than anything at Best Buy. All in all they seemed like a completely legit store... yeah I did find the camera about $10 cheaper elsewhere, but I liked the security all that information gave me.
    Funny unrelated story. I just graduated with a degree in marketing research, and one of the courses I took as an undergrad was services marketing. I remember my professor was discussing how much more profitable a company is when they have a retail establishment, even if it's out of state from the consumer. Kinda weird, but having that well documented as he recommended we do as businesspeople, did give me a bit more of a secure feeling when shopping there.
  16. Russell,
    I'm glad you liked the album.
    I did not get the 18-55 IS with my XSI, but a 24 2.8 and an 85 1.8. I'm missing the short end and 24 isn't short enough on an XSI. So, the 18-55 will come in handy. I'm hoping to get either the EF-S 17-85 IS or Tamron 17-50 2.8 as my next lens.
    For flash, I got a slightly used 430 EX. It does everything I need it to do so far.
    DS Meador
  17. Arie : Adorama is a photo.net sponsor; if you click through to order from here you'll actually benefit the site!
    Russell: I'm only an email away if you need any advice or after-sales support - either with a purchase, or a used trade.
    Helen Oster
    Adorama Camera Customer Service Ambassador

  18. Russell,
    Two things. First. I'm not so sure you can really bounce the pop up flash. If you can, I certainly haven't figured out a way to do it yet. If you know a way you can, please share with us. I can bounce the flash on my 430. The Smaller 200 series canon flash is fixed, so that doesn't allow for bouncing either unless you get a leash for it and are using it off camera. I haven't used any of the little attachment diffusers for my Xsi.
    Second. Just because you used this multiple times...
    I defiantly want...​
    I believe the word you are looking for is definitely, not defiantly. Defiantly means in a rebellious manner.
  19. Helen,
    Thanks. I may be in touch with you in the future. It'll be here Friday night! yay!
    I didn't say it bounced it, it's a diffuser. Like the $3 one I found on eBAy. I don't think you can bounce that flash... well maybe if you had a mirror... or a rubber ball... haha. I actually have a winning bid on ebay for a bower flash currently at 99 cents... but it's still got 3 days. I don't think I'm going to go over $10 for it... it's not that great of quality. But better than built in.
    Second... wow. That's an I-d 10-t moment if I've ever had one. (put it all in caps and take away the space and the dash to get the joke.)
  20. Correction: The older Canon 220EX did not have a bounce option, but the new 270ex DOES. It totally swivels up 90° to bounce. I'm not saying it's worth $150, I'm just saying it bounces. You're not going to get a Bower flash for under $10. Sorry. It's just not going to happen. Those really are worth the $50-60 that people pay for them, even used. Other buyers know this, so don't expect your auction to die down at less than $10. They work, and they work well. Even though they are TTL only, they are alot more powerful than the Canon 270EX, which incidently are also TTL only.
  21. I picked up a like-new 1000D kit (same as the XS) on the bay with the 18-55mm IS lens for $355.00 -- Basically, as an experiment to compare with my Nikon gear. I rarely use spot-metering, as the evaluative (matrix in Nikon) metering works very well, and I have rarely used it shooting on any camera that has offered it. The 10 MP image is very good, and the overall controls and ergonomics are not a problem. I put the 50mm 1.8 lens on it, and it makes for a nice portrait lens -- and love it in b&w mode.

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