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Discussion in 'Nikon' started by Rick Helmke, Mar 8, 2018.

  1. Evening everyone,

    I paid a visit to my local camera store this afternoon to pick up a very well done wedding album. While there I was looking for several items one of which is at least one XQD card for my D4. I have yet to be able to buy one locally and am wondering if they are in short supply. This store keeps very good inventory for anything else I need but so far no luck with this item. I know they are on order and am certain the local demand for them is not so great that they sell out almost immediately so I wonder if there is some kind of shortage? Thanks.

    Rick H.
  2. ShunCheung

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    I have 8 XQD cards; all of which are from B&H. Both Adorama and B&H have Sony XQD cards in stock. Lexar cards are in short supply, but Adorama has 32G ones in stock. Unfortunately it looks like prices have gone up lately.

    XQD is still a niche item. Only a few high-end Nikon DSLRs plus a few Sony camcorders use them. Does your local store have D5 in stock?
  3. The G series 128GB one seems to be in stock at B&H.

    The D850 is popular, and its big files and high fps rates eat XQD cards like there is no tomorrow. ;) Since Lexar temporarily stopped making cards as the ownership changed this may have affected card availability (and increased demand for Sony cards).
  4. No they don't keep the D5 in stock, not a big business and I expect keeping $ tied up with that inventory doesn't work for them. I've bought most of the high end bodies in the Nikon line from them though. They do keep new and used from both Canon and Nikon, bodies through D850 and Canon at the same level as well as all kinds of glass, flashes and anything else I've needed. I thought the XQD cards would be in wider use than they apparently are. I need some for my D4 and like to do business locally if possible and practical. Comes to it though I'll be ordering from B&H probably.

    Rick H.
  5. Lexar are still having supply problems it seems.

    Meanwhile Sony XQD prices have risen.

    It appears the Nikon D850 is the most popular selling camera in a major Japanese store. Shame it can only be fed cards from one supplier!

    Not that it means much, but if I type Lexar XQD into Amazon UK all you get are Sony cards. if you search the rest of the UK, there are NO Lexar cards in stock.

    Seems my Post about such things exactly a month ago is still relevant.....;)

    Lexar XQD dead... Again!
  6. It seems the Sony G series 64GB XQD card has gone up in price by about 20% in the US stores since July when I got two of those in anticipation of getting the D850. In Finland the cards are >2x as expensive as in the US (even though I often buy lenses and cameras from local stores I don't buy memory cards from them because they're robbing the customer on such items, always have been).
  7. ShunCheung

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    Mike, I wish you would stop posting this false information to this forum over and over. Clearly Lexar has some difficulty supplying sufficient XQD cards, but on October 31 last year, Lexar had made it very clear that they would continue to manufacture XQD cards: Lexar responds to rumors: will continue making XQD memory cards

    As I pointed out a couple of weeks ago, Adorama had the 32G Lexar XQD cards in stock, and they still do today:
    Lexar Pro 2933X XQD

    B&H indicates that the 64G version of the Lexar XQD is expected to be available in 7 to 14 days:
    Lexar 64GB 2933x XQD 2.0 Memory Card LXQD64GCRBNA2933 B&H Photo
    That completely contradicts the so called "news" from rumor sites.

    I had asked Rick the OP about whether his local store has the Nikon D5 in stock. If they don't, it sounds like they are not a store that stocks high-end items. In that case I am not that surprised that they don't have XQD cards, which is still a niche item.
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  8. Sony obviously apply the same price policy all over Scandinavia - 128gb is USD 400. The demand of the XQD must be big even it is a niche product, as you can find them 2nd hand on Ebay at B&H prices + 20% !!
  9. Prices have been rising, though not uniformly, for CF cards too. Last September, I bought a Lexar 64GB 1066x CF card for $60. Right now, the same card is $85, but it was $95 a week ago. Seems that supply of NAND chips has been somewhat constrained for a few months.

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