XPAN processing in Toronto, where?

Discussion in 'Film and Processing' started by zm, May 11, 2005.

  1. zm


    Recently acquired a used XPAN. For the Torontonians on this board.
    Does anyone know of a lab that can process and print XPAN in the
    Toronto area, other than Silvano's? Silvano's is a good lab, but
    their hours and location are not very convenient for me, and
    $1.50cdn a print is a bit high for my liking.

    I've seen the list of labs on the hasselblad website for Xpan labs,
    but Silvano's was the only one on the list for Toronto.

    I'm in North York so something in North York is preferred. Actually
    any lab, XPAN or not, in North York on the caliber of Silvano's or
    Pheonix (Markham) with decent prices would be good to hear about

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  3. Any lab that uses a newer Noritsu digital printer/software has this option of printing Xpans. Basically a machine made in the last 2 years. We can print them at our lab and we're a dept store lab. But frankly I'm the only one that uses it.
  4. Zoran, Have you tried Henry's or what about Eight Elm St.- either should/could advise you. Cheers.
  5. zm


    Thanks guys, I ended up taking it to Silvano's. They're open til 4pm on saturdays now so it's a bit more convenient to get there for me.
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    Colourgenics is the only place I've seen that advertises Xpan proof printing. They have a location out in the west end.
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    I've finally found a great Toronto lab for nice Xpan proofs at a reasonable cost.

    Bayview Photo - 1560 Bayview Avenue - (416)544-9579

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