XP & OS 10.X on same CPU?

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  1. If Intel-based Macs can run XP software through the Boot Camp utility, it seems
    equally possible for OS 10.X to run on a Wintel box. Anyone done this? That
    might be the perfect way to take advantage of the best features of both. I'm
    sure Apple would prefer to sell the CPU and not just the OS, but if it works to
    double up on one platform, why not the reverse?
  2. http://www.osx86project.org/

    Its very possible.
    Apple doesn't want people doing it in the reverse because they make far less money. Nativly, if OSX doesn't detect apple hardware, it won't boot.
  3. ray


    Apart from the fact that that would be a violation of the license, OS X is designed to run on Apple hardware only. I'm not entirely certain how the latter is accomplished (combination of hardware and software ?), but suffice it to say that it is difficult enough not to be a widespread practice.

    Right now, the only way to easily and legally run OS X and Windows on the same machine is to purchase a Intel powered Apple hardware.
  4. it's old news, google it. it was done couple of months ago I believe?
  5. There is/was a hacked OSX install floating around the internet that Apple quickly goes after any site offering it for download because it ran on pretty much any x386 machine. Apple tries to spin it that OSX requires some magic Apple certified machine, but it's not true, and Mac users need to seriously stop being so sensitive about it. It's a business decision as per what Steve S made mention to, and not a technological one.

    I've, um, seen OSX running inside a VMware session on AMD based machines a few times. That's really the ideal way to get two OS's on the same box (virtualization) without breaking Apple or Microsoft license agreements provided you are using Apple hardware. I hate dual booting, but yes, you can do it on the Intel Macs.
  6. AMD - does that mean OSX can run on a dual Opteron machine? Just curious...
  7. I'm not entirely certain how the latter is accomplished (combination of hardware and software ?)
    Ray, that is exactly how it's done. The TPM chip is the key (pun fully intended).
  8. While it is true that "technically" it is possible to run OS X on non Apple hardware...doing so by hacking the install does not guarantee that it will continue to run on a generic PC as software updates are released by Apple.

    Apple is well known for disabling these sorts of hacks with each software update that they release...Security Updates, OS Point Releases, etc. So, while you may get it to run, to keep it running you would have to forgoe most of the Software improvements that Apple puts out for their OS on a regular basis or WAIT a long time for someone to illegally hack the OS X kernal to run on non-Apple branded hardware.

    Let's put aside the fact that running a cracked version of OS X on non-Apple and unsupported hardware is illegal. Frankly, doing what is being proposed here is more trouble than its worth.
  9. I'd be quite happy to pay for a legitimate Apple-endorsed and supported version of their OS on a dual-boot Win/OSX AMD machine:)


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