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  1. Well, it's that time of the year again.... I worked all year long (2 months) and I think I deserve a present.
    According to prices in Japan I decided to get a used 24-70 coz I get over 20% discount on the used one. I also decided to get the AFS 35
    f/1.4 (new, almost no discount between new and used) coz my favorite lens on my D700 is my 35 f/2. So with the 35 f/1.2 I get a 35 on
    my D700 and a 50 on my D300. My dilemma is the 85..... The 85.
    3 choices..... AFS new at XXX Yen, Sigma new at half the price or AF used at the same price of a new Sigma......
    The problem is I can't try them before I buy them and there is no such a thing like if I don't like it I can return it....
    So, I have to relay on you, PN members, to make my decition..... I know Matt or is it Kent will tell me go with the Sigma..... :) what about the rest of
    I'm not a pro, but I can afford what ever it is..... I just don't wanna buy a lens an be unhappy with it.....
    Anyone willing to help me?????
    PS: I don't read lenses reviews but until now I guide myself with people in PN and so far I've been happy. So I'm back again.......
  2. If I remember ?, you have (or had) the expensive 24/1.4 Nikkor ? At that time I wondered why you did not go for the 24-70/2.8, but I figured that you are kind of person that would not settle for a second best, and your quality threshold criteria are very high.
    If you are going to loose some sleep over getting Sigma instead of Nikkor ? ...
  3. Rene' -
    I'm not sure you recall, but I had a similar dilemma when I purchased my 85mm f/1.4 D, (which I chose for various reasons over the G).
    For the aesthetically pleasing effects of shooting the 85mm f/1.4D, I would choose it over any other AF 85mm lens. If I wanted something sharper and with the ability to MF at any time, I'd choose the 85mm f/1.4G. If it were about the money I'd go for the sigma...but as you mentioned, it's not about the money.
  4. Of the 3 85s you mention, I've only used the Nikon G version, and I can only say it is phenomenal. Since I got it 2 months ago it's only been off my camera a couple of times. If money is no object, this has to be the one to get, however people who own the Sigma also seem to rate it very highly.
    PS. It also makes a great team with the 24-70. That's all I take in my bag most days.
  5. I have the 85 AF-D. It's a beautiful "magic" lens for pictures of people. Maybe the AFS is even better—don't know—but I like being able to use the AF-D on older film cameras as well as on the D700.
  6. mmm Missing the Carl Zeiss 85mm ZF2 in your 85mm list, or do you not like Manual Focus ?

    Increasing the chalenge, and put a 100mm Macro planar ZF2 from the same manufacterer next to it.. (i borrowed this one from a friend for a view days, fell in love with it, and this one is the next one on my shortlist now..) .

    If it needs to autofocus though , my choice fell on the Nikkor 85mm 1.4d, which i like better than the newer G-version for the way it renders skin tones .....
  7. I second the idea of the zeiss zf2s. I have the 85, 100 makro, and the 21mm is on its way. There is nothing better than the new zeiss glass.
  8. Hmm, according to dxomark all three lenses are optically on par showing very similar performance. Each lens slightly better than the others in different categories, for instance the Sigma has the least amount of CA.
    But the differences are so minute that they seem to be good choices optically. So your choice probably comes down to other parameters like the weight (AF-D), autofocus speed (Sigma), build quality (Nikon), availability of service (Nikon), price (Sigma?), second hand value (Nikon), most impressive at the camera club (AF-G) etc. Only you knows what is the most important to you.
    The used AF-D is likely the safest buy financially because you could probably sell it for the same price if you don't like it. The AF-G is the most expensive so that will probably be the best buy if you like AF-S lenses, you have the money and AF performance is not paramount.
  9. the sigma is only going to really work for you if you need faster AF. it's maybe slightly better wide open too. but if you already have the nikkor 24G and 35G, i'd go for the 85 G. you're saying money is no object, so might as well go for the nikkor.
  10. erik_christensen|3

    erik_christensen|3 Self-employed

    I have both 24-70mm and 85 G, both of which is used extensively for people and street photos, and I am very happy for their performance.
  11. If you bought the Nikon 85mm f1.4 AFD for portrait use and were disappointed I would be amazed.
    I use both Nikon's and the G has better corner sharpness for landscapes or such. But for people I still use my beloved AFD.
  12. Anthony - You hit the nail on the head..AF-D for people/portraits, AF-S/G for everything else...
    But I use my 85 pretty much for portraits only...hence the reason I bought the AF-D given the choices I had (AF was a must).

  13. For me the decision was financial. Bought a refurbished 85 f/1.4 D for $700 less than the G. I would of gone with the Sigma but when it comes to expensive glass I prefer Nikon.
  14. I find having a 24/1.4, 35/1.4 and 85/1.4 plus the 24-70 to be somewhat redundant - unless you have specific uses for either "set" in mind. But if you where to carry all of them all the time - then I don't see any other reason for the 24-70 than the convenience of a zoom - at 2+pounds. Can't help with your 85mm "dilemma" - except offering the "money is no subject" solution of simply purchasing all three.
  15. The 85/1.4 AF-S autofocuses more consistently than the AF D. While I think both lenses are excellent the D version had to be stopped down to f/1.8 for good image quality whereas the G works very nicely even wide open. Focus issues that I had had e.g. with subjects wearing glasses with the AF D version disappeared with the upgrade (the extra precision really helps in this case).
    The 35/1.4 is also very nice but somehow I don't use it as often as the 24 and 85.
  16. Ilkka -
    When shooting (most, non-infant/child) portraits I have plenty of time to manual focus so AF consistency is not an issue. I'm sorry your copy of the 85 D had to be stopped down, but none of the copies I've ever shot needed stopping down and I prefer the D over the G when wide open for portraiture.
    If the 85 is not going to be used for portraiture, the G is a better performing lens...if you're taking pictures of people, the D is, IMHO, a much better choice due to some of the qualities of the "imperfections" in lens design. (Light falloff, soft corners, less sharp than the G, etc. all make this a superb portrait lens.)
  17. I had the same dilemma. I have a 135 2DC and 70-200 VR II, and like more the way portraits look on my DC lens. Similar comparison applies to the 85 1.4D lens. Newer lenses have better contrast/punch/sharpness but that is not necessarily better when taking portraits. Specially when taking pictures of women over 40+.
    Richard, do you see any decrease on sharpness on your portraits when you use your 85 1.4D and don't have your subject in the middle of the frame?

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